: While I definitely see where you're coming from, they did tell us they were balancing basically for worlds these next few patches. I'm pretty sure it's her clear they're targeting, since the changes to double-edged sword will buff her clear quite a bit.
I'm pretty sure Riot will do some changes to Kindred since this is the first cycle, but I just wanted to put my 2 cents in. I just think strongly shifting the balance/destroying a champion because competitive play is not the way to approach the game balance, worlds or not.
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: Could I have context behind Illaoi's changes please?
IMO her heal feels really non-existent, and she gets kited easily during teamfights. I guess Riot wants to make her more viable since her playrate is pretty low.
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: [BUG] Syndra Sphere block?
This is most likely because the spheres are coded like minions. Sometimes there is a bug where you can see the health bar for the balls. It is indeed a bug but I haven't actually experienced the creep block on her spheres before this patch :|a
: [Buying bug]
One workaround (if you wish to buy champions/skins) for this is to go to your champions page from your profile, and click on the champions in order to buy the skins/champion. Otherwise the shop will refresh every time you buy something, which is quite irritating.
: then, where to paste it ? :l
IIRC it saves into your League folder, under the screenshots folder.
: PBE-only issue, won't be fixed :3
How do you know it's PBE exclusive? I'm pretty positive that some of the bugs from the snowdown shop will transfer to the live client, since the shops on live has been disabled for the 3-4 times since the new patch came out.
: My Start on win10 doesnt work so i cant open any of those programms like paint etc.. It showed me 2000true damage
You could've just pressed F12 to screenshot.
: Lee sin tower bug
Was the tower Azir's tower? Usually Azir towers lazer beam does this.
: bandit mastery granting gold on every minion death
I actually recorded a video for ancient coin and the bug interaction and reported the bug. Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UTCXFYcnZSQ
: New ward select bug
It doesn't have the splash/icon yet. Not a bug.
: Yasuo bug - Yasuo doesn't receive the effects of Warlord's Bloodlust.
The warlords blood lust is limited to champions only, so you have to hit a champion in order to get the heal. You stated "enemy", so it could be any of the minions, monsters and champions.
: POSSIBLE: Bug with Illoai's Q and Quinn's Vault
You could try going to a custom game with another player and test whether Cho Q cancels Illaois Q
: Fiora Q + TP or Flash bug is back
This occurs for all champions who TP's and uses a skillshot. Try with Ezreal for example right after using TP. I'm not sure how it would interact with his E, but I'd assume it would go in the direction from where you TP'd.
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: Did runes always cost the full IP on PBE server?
Yes. Only the champions, skins and some ward skins are 1 IP. You already get the champions and skins for free, so buying 8 rune pages and the tier 3 runes are nothing with the 100000 IP you get.
: Windspeaker's Blessing - which tooltip is correct?
They're both correct. "**and** also target's resistances if it's casted on someone else" = " increased healing and shield AND resistances if it's casted on ally". So you have a 10% bonus when healing/shielding, and your ally will also get the same heal/shield bonus plus the resistances.
: Currently 70/100/130% _Total_ Movement Speed. Total Movement Speed differs from other standard MS bonuses in that it multiplies off all your other MS bonuses. Essentially, Total Movement Speed is more powerful than Bonus Movement Speed because it multiplies off your other buffs and items. A Quinn with Homeguard and Tag Team, for example, can reach the middle of the map from her fountain before Homeguard falls off.
Excuse my bad wording/grammar, but I'm more curious whether she will have bonus attack speed when she returns back to herself from her ult or are you guys just gonna remove the attack speed passive from Valor? I'm both scared and exited for her changes.
: What you mean by ''allowance''? Every new account receives initial amount of 40k RP and 100k IP. You just need to buy something. And that's all you get. You get more IP by playing like on live servers. The amount of RP you have is the only you will ever get so spend it wisely.
I think he meant "allowance" by the old system where everybody got free IP/RP monthly (weekly ??) or so. IIRC they removed it since it felt like a salary to the PBE players.
: New ranked borders { Opinion }
IMO the thing here is that Riot wants to bring the UI and the client up to date before delivering the new client and make the client look less ancient. I think those new borders are OK, but they do need a little bit work on the colors and those division markers look super awkward at where they are placed currently. Maybe they could be placed on the top corners, or on the small little arches as roman numerals, like [this](http://imgur.com/6yiwmcW) (horrible photoshop skills incoming). Also the colors, especially for silver, gold and diamond could be a little bit less grey-ish.


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