: [6.13 Planned] Adjustments to.. more Stuff! [Part 2 - Teleport / Support Items]
Considering that Chalice and Athene's are being pushed to a support-play item, I expected Spoopy Idol to build into Athene's. Is there a reason you're keeping it the way it is?
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: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: April Fools' Skins!
Do any of these skins include special jokes or animations?
: Artist usually flips splash art while they are drawing so some things end up on the different side. That's intended and it just makes it look more appealing. Just think about it, that side of the body would be completely naked in the splash art and empty. If you are interested more about how splash art are being made, you can check some official LoL youtube videos series "Art Spotlight".
>that side of the body would be completely naked in the splash art aaaaaand that's...bad?
: i played a game where both teams were full ap. The game lasted an hour and ten minutes. You're probably thinking oh wow exciting, no!, nobody could take turrets or inhibs. It was constant mindless killing with no purpose. My team got easily frustrated and threatened to "surrender or I afk" it was a nightmare.
You do realize that AP champions do 40% of their AP as damage to turrets, right? And they have access to Lich Bane...
: So I can play AP Zed now? (Fizz)
I'm beginning to wonder who at Riot is saying "My favorite thing about Fizz is how ridiculous his burst is. I don't care if all of his mobility is nerfed, PLS riot DON'T TAKE MY PRECIOUS BURST AWAY." IMO this is a horrible direction for Fizz, who I wouldn't even want to be an assassin. I'd rather he exist outside the meta as a teamfighter, like Gragas does. Dance around your enemies and wear them down, dealing more and more damage as they get lower and more "tired" while you're still fresh and fabulous.
: so how's sona?
She's good. Don't let the sona mains complain you into thinking otherwise. "Look at her numbers!" "She does no damage and she's squishy!" "Everything about Sona has been nerfed into oblivion!" Naw she's good. She's just a burst support instead of a passive bundle of auras. You do damage in bursts. You heal/shield in bursts. You speed up in bursts. You stun in bursts. Everything about Sona is an exercise in timing your skills.
: Ahri will go down as a midlaner. They killed her as a midlaner. She was the only mage/assassin (Not just assassin)
{{champion:7}} Classic misdirection. {{champion:55}} If you run, you won't see me STAB YOU {{champion:28}} The night is my veil. {{champion:90}} Why am I classified as an assassin? {{champion:127}} Um I kind of understand but at the same time, I do mostly AoE damage, are you SURE {{champion:101}} Hi guys. {{champion:134}} What are you doing here? You don't even have burst. {{champion:101}} I deal lots of damage from a distance. That's like the textbook definition of an assassin! {{champion:17}} Yup!
: What's funny is that Riot officially said that Kha'Zix wouldn't get passive damage that scaled with *how isolated* an enemy champion is because "both Kha'Zix and his target wouldn't know how much damage he'd do", yet several skills exist, like Xerath's Q, which (almost) always deal varying amounts of damage due to their charging system and are controlled by the *user*, not the *target*. Riot logic. Rambling and unrelated Xerath hate aside, I'd have to agree with what Pimbosly said, a charge-up on Ahri's E doesn't fit her kit/theme.
Xerath's Q deals a consistent amount of damage but the range varies based on charging time. It's like Vi's Q. In addition Xerath's skills are a bitch to land and if you had played him for even 1 game you would have much more respect for good Xerath players. The AoEs for all of his skills are TINY and NARROW and FAST but are highly telegraphed. Start boots and you WILL win the lane against him.
: > [{quoted}](name=Pantherpaws13,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=ahnGE22h,comment-id=000200000000,timestamp=2015-01-20T08:06:13.844+0000) > > Idk if it was the wording I used but I wasn't saying Ahri wouldn't be sexy enough. I said "Just because they're female doesn't mean Ahri isn't sexy enough" as in even if they're female it shouldn't matter. Ahri be sexy and not even fellow vagina weilders can fight the power of the sexy haha I see it now, I read it wrong. True, but I never heard of a kumiho that turns females into lesbians xD
{{champion:103}} I'm whatever you want me to be...and you are, too ;o
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: Old legendary skins back in the day weren't all that fancy, Tristana being one of them. The skin was probably turned into legacy because she was a legendary without any major changes or VO. Brolaf, Nunu Bot and probably some other ones I'm forgetting are still on sale because they have a new VO, which I guess classifies it as legendary. It's the same case with Annie and her I believe her Red Riding Hood one. If you are wondering why they don't change the tier is to make sure it's fair for everyone. Meaning that for people that bought the skin when it was released at its 1850 RP price, people will still have to buy it at 1850, even though it doesn't live up to today's standards of "legendary".
I firmly believe Riot has plans for Gentleman Cho'Gath animations.
: Is this what Tristana needed?
jesus christ this discussion is too hard to follow.
: The problem is that manaless ap champions now have no CDR in their build. First the removal of the CDR on the elixir of brilliance and now the DFG removal. I would hope to see some other ap item with CDR on it without mana regen.
Good. If you want CDR on your Akali, you're going to have to give something up.
: Nemensis Draft is not fun. People are dodging every single lobby.
"I'm playing a game mode where I am guaranteed to play a sucky champ. Whatever, it's a cool mode, let's-" "OMG" "WTF" "WE HAVE URGOT" "DODGGGEEEEE"
Oh nothing's wrong with her, she just has the face of Mephistopheles.
: [Lux] Spamming R casts multiple functioning Final Sparks
I'm testing this now. Did you use a skin? Did the bot use a skin? That's probably not important but you really never know. EDIT/UPDATE: I think I was able to replicate this, but I'm not sure - if it did happen like I thought it did, the first one was invisible or just hidden by the second. Either that or the damage happened before the graphics of the ultimate did, but that shouldn't be happening...basically the minions got slaughtered by an ultimate that was just a red beam at the time. I wasn't able to replicate anything crazy though.
: They nerfed her numbers though, and with the new passive, the AP scaling is lower too. She is supposed to be a healer, and she doesn't do that role very well. I'd much rather have a Sona on my team with missing %hp heals, speed, and a multi target stun, which is 1000 times better than Soraka's E, albeit an ult. She honestly doesn't do anything else right now except for heal. No mana return, just an unreliable slow, and a small silence area that snares.
Which would you rather have, 2 pieces of cake at once, or an entire cake over the course of an hour? This is basically what happened to Astral Blessing. Also you can have this cake delivered to you by an ambulance.
: Soraka Feeback
: I was also just accepted, so I'm not entirely sure about this, but from what I gather you have access as long as your are relatively active and contributory (and not toxic or whatnot). So go out there, find bugs, report them, have fun, and you should be fine. So I think it's something along the lines of, unless they have reason to revoke your access, you will always have access. That having been said, I did play with someone earlier who said they hadn't played in about a year on PBE (and thus should have had access revoked) But could still play. If someone who knows what they're talking about could confirm or correct this, that would be great.
Most likely us vets got grandfathered in {{champion:26}} and thus will keep our access. Who knows, though, maybe they'll revoke access if we're not active enough.
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: Unlock Doom Tiers and Unlock Abilities To Use
Just put it on custom and restrict the champions list! Really the abilities aren't that difficult to use; most of them are passive, and others are just changes to the current abilities in easy to recognize patterns. The only difference would be no 5 man TF ult to dragon. But that's okay, I don't like dealing with that anyway.
: Braum would be more awesome
No, that really wouldn't fit with the whole idea of Braum. Braum is supposed to stick by the ADC and defend him/her. How is he going to do that by jumping to enemies?
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: you made fizz jungle viable! :P
It's always been viable thanks to his passive and low mana costs :D
: [xerath]Bug on arcanpulse
This is intended. Xerath can move while charging his Q. I think he gets slowed a little bit though, and while he is charging he cannot use any other skills. Next time you may post in portuguese. Google Translate exists, and what you say is much more clear in your native language.
: Vi's Officer Skin
butbutbut fuzzy cuffs?
: [Xerath V3] - Passive doesn't proc on champs
I was experiencing this "issue" only at full mana. I did not notice any irregularities with the spell while there was mana to regenerate.
: Ahri`s Ultimate have a excessive nerf
I'm sorry, but these are just numbers. I could say "Omg, look at all the damage she does: 71 AP, LVL 11 = 105 (+18)magic damage 158 AP, LVL 11 = 105 (+38) Magic damage 244 AP, LVL 11 = 105 (+61) Magic damage 375 AP, LVL 16 = 140 (+93) Magic Damage"
Heimer used to have an excellent early game. I suspect he's still going to have it by the time he hits live. The "rework" is very little other than an ult change and new turrets - his basic playstyle and strengths are going to work about the same.
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: I am not all that new, I was on during the Lucian testing.
That's fairly new. Nami clogged the servers for HOURS. You'd try to log on at 8:00 am and eventually get on at 2:00 pm. Thresh and Zac were pretty bad as well. Karma rework got hyped up enough for extended wait times as well. I think since then (before the Lucian release, ironically) they've been working on letting more people log on at once, not to mention that slots are limited and sign-ups happen basically never. Toxic players proceed to get banned. Passwords are forgotten. Such is the way of the PBE. Jinx is fun. Try her out!
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: Not really. The moment she swaps weapons, you'd see her place her minigun on her waist and shrink at the same time. Same with the Rocket Launcher. That's the moment I'm referring to. I believe it'd be better if it never shrank to begin with.
Ooooh, that. When I looked at that, I saw a definite mechanical contraction where the barrel actually retreated into the gun. It doesn't just get smaller or whatever. You could easily draw a comparison to Jayce's hammer or cannon which mechanically shifts. If the weapon stayed at its default size when not in use, it would be completely impossible to tell what's about to come towards you. For a better and more relatable reference, close an umbrella, walk around, and complain that the object you're carrying does not resemble an umbrella.
: 2 player min for custom games
: Jinx' Q. I don't think the weapon should grow on size when unused.
I haven't really noticed this. I'll take a look soon and tell ya what I see. EDIT: Upon testing, no change in particles was detected, even at the highest zoom level. In essence, yes, the weapon does stay at the default size at all times.
: Log-in
Hi I think you just might be new here. ...Typically, PBE is boring to most of the people on it until a new champion is released. Everyone else is either testing or tryharding plus free ip and rp until then; at that point, you begin to see EVERYONE on the server. Most times, it's NewChamp or dodge. Syndra's PBE release was absolutely hilarious because of her weird skillcap. She was popular for like a day on the PBE and then minion-grabbing lost its novelty. Quite similar to Live actually.
: No its for people that haven't been placed in a Tier yet, people that haven't played their 10 ranked games
Then why specifically name it "LeagueSystemIron"? They could just as easily call it "LeagueSystemUnranked" or just "UNRANKED."
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: [ingame] NOM not opening
I have managed to work around this issue. While clicking "options" still does nothing, options can be set by pressing "Escape," the hotkey to open the options menu. Hope this helps~
: I think this is intended since AoE DoTs are considered different from DoTs, since other AoE DoTs apply Spirit of the Elder Lizard's unique passive.
: [ingame] NOM not opening
I repaired the client this morning and the issue is still happening.
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: Can't even attempt to load the game
My screen turns black, but then it flashes, returns to black, then returns to the client. I'm pretty fortunate I did this with a custom or i could have ruined somebody's day D: Using mac client, tried it with a great deal of champs before just getting bored (There are a lot of them). None worked. No bugsplat, the window just closes and returns to the client.
: Do you know a thing that would be really cool for those who bought this skin? Well, Spirit Guard Udyr has a splash art for each stance, but when loading the game it only shows his standard splash art at the loading screen. That would be really cool if you guys made it to show the splash art according to the summoner icon that the person who's playing is using (ie. the tiger icon would make appear the tiger stance splash art at the loading screen) and if the person isn't using an Udyr's skin summoner icon then it shows the standard splash art at the loading screen. I don't know if this would be much hard to do, but that it would be very cool.
This actually bothered me today. I'd love to see this happen.
: [Minions -Dominion] Minions are not staying in lane
The first one just got a promotion and now he's looking into retirement options. The second one isn't a happy family, it's actually a set of cops breaking into the first one's house on a drug bust.
: Loading Screen Progress Bar
I personally love it. I don't really mind that the bar is really *missing*, per se. However, an easier visual indicator would be excellent, and the icons just seem a tad unnecessary, however cool they are.
: We must not go deeper!
Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more; Or close the wall up with our English dead.


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