: Yea he is hard to learn, his passive is his greatest asset and weakness if used correctly or incorrectly. Currently i do not like it, i think Small Gnar is way more powerful, but im still learning him so that might change soon :). What are your thoughts on building him like an ADC, like BoRK IE BT LW Shiv kinda stuff? or do you build him more tanky? Usually i go BoRK, Sunfire, B CLeaver/Ghostblade depending on situation, Warmog, Frozen Mallet and whatever shoes fit. I do not think thats a good build and am still trying stuff out but it works well enough against bots.
I build him with BotRK and a Trinity force as core items. From there I tend to build him tanky with an item of ar pen. As an example, the build that gave me the most pleasant result were rushing BotRK, then trinity, then a brutalizer, and then build on him Randuin's Omen and Spirit Visage (due to the bonus HP and regen when transforming), and then I finish off with Black Cleaver. As per boots, I put mercs or tabi depending of the enmy damage type on the early game. With that build and my combination of runes and masteries I get these stats: -Around 250 of AD, amplified by the passive of the BotRK and the Spellblade passive, (plus W damage every third hit) -Around 1,8 AS per second (up to 2,05 with E's buff) -3000 hp as mini Gnar -Around 130 armor and magic resistance as mini Gnar (up to 200 each when big Gnar) which is tanky enough to be useful in teamfights. -Tons of chasing potential derived from Trinity's passive, W's movement buff and BotRK. You dont really need it if you know how to initiate them, but always comes handy when trying to finish off flashing enemies. The result is a fairly tanky and extremely mobile adc that suddenly turns into a full cc tank with great amount of damage that forces enemy retreat. If you manage your rage, you'll have tons of fun, and you will feel accomplished.
: Gnar feedback
It is intentional, as stated in his feedback thread
: Gnar gameplay and balance feedback
I am thoroughly impressed by the work put to this champion uniqueness and viability despite the current meta restrictions: The mechanics are not only really fun to play, but also challenging as well as high rewarding. I'm not used to say this, but this time you nailed it! The passive-active change is a mechanic that prevents you to go mindlessly berserk against the enemy like you would if it were a simple metamorph like Elise or Shyvanna (People would buy Trinity + BotRK and would simply abuse the extra range and harass as if they were playing Teemo, only to turn into big Gnar when they feel in trouble, and thus becoming something like Shyvanna 2.0) the passive forces you to stay vigilant until the right time comes so you can go for the kill (meanwhile, the mobility provided by E and the poke coming from Q helps you stay in battle fairly well). I find Gnar as a multi- role designed champion: When you are mini Gnar you have to play cautiously, just like an ADC would, until you are ready to take a more safer trade, being a behemoth which will help you stay dominant BUT NOT NECESSARILY EARN A KILL. That's what I find more interesting from it, the time to earn a kill is not when you are Big Gnar, its just BEFORE you have turned. When your rage is at 75%, you can start attacking and chasing your enemy, getting him low enough so when you initiate with "mini Gnar to big Gnar E" he will suffer all of your trade while you remain surprisingly safe thanks to the extra defense, and the fact that you landed on him as big gnar, which ensures you wont have to bother chasing the enemy, as you will have him in your dominion. I'm explaining all this because people are fixed in the fact that you cant use big Gnar in a convenient way of escaping or becoming a safe tank so you can endure a sudden gank. This mechanics are higly rewarding as they are, e.g: You are in lane as mini gnar, you are being harassed by the enemy, so you play defensively, autoing him from some distance, once the bar is almost full you initiate a trade, suddenly you are in the middle of the lane recovering hp and forcing the enemy laner out of position. Once the passive has worn off, you just go back to playing defensively, being the difference that he lost farm and hp while you recovered both just because you controlled your timing and your ROLE CHANGE. I dont pretend to offend anybody with this, but in my opinion, people in LoL seems more used to champs with abilities that provides you convenient and instant safety or burst, rather than learning a high rewarding and challenging champion that can turn out as a beast when used correctly, and I think this champion is the way to go to change that, which I think is good, because these types of heros are REALLY fun to play. As for the balance changes, I find him pretty strong if played correctly, but some mistakes will make you fall behind, so in the end I think that its pretty balanced if you know how to counter him (when his rage meter is up to 75%, get out of his E range, and dont let him get to you. When he has transformed, he will move slowly and will telegraph all of his skills, so poke him if you are able to, and if not, make small trades that will ensure your damage output over his, as in for example, bait the stun, and once he has missed it punish him as hard as you can and retreat before he can land another one. Doing this with Renekton and Pantheon proved to be a very effective counterplay against him.) I'm only afraid of the balance changes he may suffer in the future: If the community learns him well, he might become scary for people who doesnt know how to trade with him, so he would then be nerfed, but since his kit is so special and unique, with almost all of his skills being part of the core mechanic (the passive) it would be almost impossible to nerf him without making him significantly weak.
: Messed around with her W for a bit after today's PBE patch and wasn't able to reproduce it. Is anyone still experiencing this issue? :)
Sorry for the late response, It apparently works as intended now. Thanks for your attention.
: [Lissandra Bug] - Root not working as intended
There's a new thread which gathered more attention than this one, so I'm moving our feedback there. New feedback pertaining this problem should be posted there so none of it passes under the radar. New thread link added to main post
: I'm also getting this problem regarding Lissandra's W. The snare on her W would work on minions and jungle camps, but never on Champions. No root particles were visible on "rooted" champions for me. The root partcles were present on minions and jungle monsters when they were rooted though. I was playing a custom bot game when this happened.
Thanks for your feedback on the matter. I'm genuinely worried about this issue not getting enough attention and feedback. It seems the debonair skins drew all the attention, and the people really caring about getting feedback do it by opening a new thread, which can cause potential lost of feedback and prevent this issue to be noticed (post without regular feedback will fall to the bottom and eventually disappear, so higher the number of threads, the less noticeable they are on the long term). Anyway, it seems the issue still remains after the changes done to Lissandra, so it could mean that they are not aware of the problem yet, and it could be even worse after the incoming storm of nerfs that will surely produce lots of discussion posts. I'll update the post right now in order to reflect that it stills exists after the changes.
: Big Lissandra bug on PBE
STATUS UPDATE: THIS ISSUE SEEMS TO BE SOLVED BY NOW I opened a thread days ago with a compilation of the circumstances pertaining this problem, but it was eclipsed by the countless post about debonair skins, so I'm manually redirecting people towards that thread so we can focus all the feedback, since it will be really hard to reach a solution if there are 10 posts with scattered feedback. I'm sincerely started to worry about this bug not being solved, since apparently the tweaking done to lissandra in last update didn't made them notice the problem, and with the ridiculous amount of nerfs coming, there will be an even greater chaos in the forums, and the problem might be lost and not fixed before live. Original thread: http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/9Fdr6mne-lissandra-bug-root-not-working-as-intended EDIT: Since this has become the new main thread I will be posting here the feedback that we gathered on the old one, so none of it is lost: > I was testing Lissandra's E in the updated Summoner's Rift walls when I noticed I was not freezing enemies in place with her W (not even at max level), so I looked into the problem and came up with some details: -Champions were dealt W's damage -Champions would stop their current animation abruptly, and then proceed to resume their previous activities immediately after, resulting in them stopping for about 0.25 seconds and then keep walking as if nothing had happened. EDIT: It seems like they stopping momentarily was just a reaction of the bots after recieving W's damage. They normally wont stop at all. -Champions didn't present the root particles at their feet like they should do. -Champions didnt have any tenacity items. -W's root were applied both visually and practically on minions the way that it should be. -I was using Blade Queen Lissandra skin (apparently happens with all skins) -This was on an intermediate bots 5v5 custom game in the updated Summoner's Rift. I have confirmed that it happens in other maps too. -Thanks to MagicHour we've managed to confirm it happens in queue matches (PvP) as well. EDIT: Lissandra faced some changes on her numbers in last patch, but this problem still remains. Hoping this problem gets solved
: [Lissandra Bug] W Root
This has been reported in several threads. For a context and details compilation on this issue you can visit the first post in which I had gathered the various circumstances in a list: http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/9Fdr6mne-lissandra-bug-root-not-working-as-intended . Your feedback will be appreciated.
: bug yasuo
Si dejas un comentario con el problema en español yo puedo traducírtelo, porque (no pretendo ofender) asi no he entendido nada de nada XD. Saludos.
: Lissandra Root
Yeah, I opened a thread yesterday about this, but seems like the debonair skins are catching all the attention. For aditional feedback and a detail compilation about this bug ill leave the link to the first thread: http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/9Fdr6mne-lissandra-bug-root-not-working-as-intended
: [Lissandra Bug] - Root not working as intended
Edited the post to update with the new info provided by MagicHour and clarify missing details about map and skins
: I have experienced the same bug in a normal 5v5 game and it was very frustrating. W applies damage, but absolutely no root. My enemies noted that it said 'snared!' on their screens but it did not affect their movement in any way whatsoever. I was also using the Blade Queen Lissandra skin, on Updated Summoners Rift, but it was PvP. The root worked on the wolf camp and minions, but not on champions.
Thanks for your feedback on the matter. It seems it happens regardless the map and skin used. I ran several test on custom games in all maps to confirm this, but never got to play a queue game to confirm it, which you just did. I hope this issue can be noticed and solved, as it would be a fairly disadvantage to Lissandra's players if it went live.
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