: Poppy is now a Tank Support instead of an Assassin. She has the same playstyle of Braum and Janna, keep people off of your carries. Get in that mindset while playing her. Those are her strengths. She thrive's against assassin's and hard engage comps. She is easily one of the most powerful peel tanks in the game atm.
i belive that is exactly the poing i expressed on my feedback, why the hell would they get an assassin and turn into a support? and if they r going to do that to poppy that maybe was op but needed at least a little skill why dont they do the same with shit like tryndamere? yi? nasus? yasuo? lee sin? all broken champs that havent been balanced in a long time
: Evelynn is somewhat similar. It's simply that Evelynn's is weaker so it has a much shorter CD.
but eve's auto aim, you just smash q when near someone
: She was never meant to be an assassin, you can tell just by looking at her, assassin poppy was only possible thanks to the broken ulti she had, and honestly I have played her a couple of times and I do not notice this "lack of damage" or "below average tankyness" you speak of, I can delete people with a well played wall smash together with Q and passive while procing Sheen, I build her like I build a Juggernaut, all the health/ad items I can get and it seems to work just fine, maybe you are stuck in the mentality of old poppy, where you could go 1v5 and not break a sweat
her ult wasnt what made her a great assassin, her w for speed then e for stun then q for a high burst was the heart of her assassin role, the ult was mostly for survivability though it could help you tear some one apart with a single burst ( though you would have to work for it not exactly like but similar to veigar), with her old q mechanic you could burst someone down and keep fighting till you cds are back to burst again, now you either burst and run or you burst and die
: Even without the ulti it was very possible to be an assassin because of your Q's completely stupid scaling (it scaled well with AD, AP, Crit, on-hits as well as enemy max hp). If anything, I'd say that her innate was much more problematic than her ultimate because ultimate gave a clear power/weakness window, whereas the passive just made her much tankier than anyone else in any situations at every states of the game and against (close to) everybody. As for new Poppy, the main issue is that you shouldn't have to land a wall stun to deal damage, and right now your damage is completely ignorable unless you're full damage or you land the wall stun.
that's my point on that new Q, if it had a bigger area or something target based like vi's E i do belive it would completely change my current opinion about the rework, that skillshot mechanic + small aoe + cast delay (feels like it takes half a sec from click to hit) + damage divided in 2 hits is just not like the champ or most champs in the game for that matter, i cant say i know any other champ with an attack mechanic like that most of the similar skillshots are either faster and/or deals the full damage at once (not including mages since a lot of mages have that kind of delay like brand's fire ring thingy, though those are usualy bigger areas and higher casting ranges
: Yep. Live server Poppy's E has weird and sometimes bugged interactions with most other champions' dashes.
old E is functional, today i charged an enemy that was hugging a wall and instead of throwing him into the wall i thew him away from the wall, not to mention the smaller direction changes
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