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: Cursor Update on PBE
really hate the new cursor, it looks too bland and bleak and like its from a mobile game. seems like alot of the new visual changes are following in that path and just makes me want to play this game less and less, hoping i can one day find a game to replace league as my "filler" game.
: Why are Riot shitting on enchanter supports so much?
its called punishment. enchanters had their fun now they have to pay for it.
: [In-game] Pressing 'Center Camera on Champion' no longer centers directly
I've noticed something similar to this, where the camera isn't even centered in terms of my monitor, and i have no clue how to fix it.
: Hey guys! Basically, we’re just limiting the champ pool for this special edition of ARURF to make it fit the Snowdown theme better. We’re not planning to limit the champ pool in future versions of ARURF—it’s just to try something a little different this time.
if the pool is going to be limited, can we at least choose? i hate having to dodge because i only play melee champs.
: Snowballs don't stop Backing in Snow ARURF?
why is this a problem? its a feature.
: It's simply not a snowday skin, no Christmas or snow relation at all.
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WHY IS GAREN NOT IN THE ROTATION? he has dreadknight skin, riot. dreadknight garen IS NOT IN AR URF.
: Cyberpop Zoe's E sound effect
i thought windows BSODs don't have sound...
: It's been reported many times, but it was just ignored.
hopefully they will pick up on it this time
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: Nerf Vayne...
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: not a kled health bar bug, but a different kled HP-related bug
: Thanks for reporting the issue!
theres also an issue where kled can't use health potions while mounted on skarrl.
: We are pulling the size and colors to live values and some other small tweaks like coloring the level number and scaling it up a bit. Should go a long way towards making these feel more familiar while still getting the cool new stuff.
can you make the 1000hp marks on the HP bar a bit thicker? when things get kinda clustered, its a bit difficult for me to tell if i should use my darius/(whatever champion with an execute) ult on that tank just yet for the reset or if they have stoneplate up and i should wait.
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: it's not feedback about the current HP bars, it's saying "let us do xyz" feedback noun "a reaction or response to a particular process or activity" suggestions are "a reaction/response" to the process that is being undergone here.
: suggestions belong on live boards / reddit, not on pbe boards. the latter is for feedback @ the new content on pbe. edit: i stand corrected; here's a screenshot of a rioter's response to this (in the PBE discord):
: Honestly, the resources required to do that would just be better used elsewhere. Everyone will get used to the new health bars eventually (and btw, I think you can turn HP bars off in settings) There are things in other areas of the game that would be far more impactful and feel better
you can't just turn the hp bars off, though. you gotta turn the whole hud off. hardcore only mode.
: Health bar (PBE)
riot, please give us a way to resize the healthbar in the hud. it feels too big on my screen, and kind of gets in the way of other champions, particularly during teamfights.
: Mecha Zero Sion
yes please mecha zero sion chroma.
: jana kata ults too visually similar
wasn't there once a bug where kat's ult animation would not stop spinning after the ability had finished until you made another action? i wanna know
: 10/24 PBE Thread - Current State of PBE & My Learnings
just curious, these reports are reviewed individually, right? in the event people start spam reporting everyone in their game.
: Katarina Moonwalk Bug?
but what if its a feature? what if my champ wants to moonwalk?
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: Game Breaking Udyr Bug
apparently this can make the other team crash just from one person having vision of you. didn't know about this bug, but played him since i wanted to see what playing spirit guard udyr looked like, and i walked up to their toplane darius, and 4 of their team DCed for the rest of the game, while 1 managed to escape that DC.
: i honestly cannot relate one single bit to where you're coming from. when you say "gimmick" the way you're using it, all i can think of is the fact that every single champions kit is based on their "gimmick". you create advantage from your kit vs their kit and now the runes are more of an interactive experience, too. to me they've just made league a little bit of a deeper game. i'm not hating on you, but i honestly don't think you're gonna find too many people that have the same view as you. league is like 50 percent or more a game of matchups. that includes what you take on your runes and if its correct for the situation you're in. asssuming everyone is of equal skill, the rest of it is a game of team work. do you feel "cheesed" when you don't ward your tri in top lane and hte enemy jungler level 2's you from behind and gives your laner first blood? it's what the game is all about.
it more or less feels "cheesed" when im losing fights i should be winning with things like counterpicks. when i say these "gimmicks", alot of them were once simple mechanics that are now made situational, or made to feel like your opponent is now underpowered despite being of equal level and items and such. they aren't things you can rely on, they are things you are forced to play around. you cant use your playstyle with that champion, you have to change to fit the playstyle of that champion. this is the direction i feel league is going, and its a direction that i really dont like seeing, as it makes me worry about how some of the champions i play might get pumped full of mechanics that feel like they don't work half the time or when i need them to.
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