: Champ Select Bug Found
Kindred wouldn't even show up for me in champ select. Edit: restarting the client and receiving a small patch fixed the problem, but now I'm having the same problem as everyone else. Can't get into game.
: Fiora Feedback Thread
_**TL;DR - My biggest issue is addressed in point number 8. If you have to read any part of this post, read that one.**_ After playing her for a few games, here is my compiled feedback: 1. **Low base damage, but high scaling AD ratio on Lunge:** I understand that her Lunge's damage works in this manner mainly to prevent her from being a overpowering beast in the early game, but the skill only does meaningful damage if she builds attack damage primarily. Toward the late game, if she's been suppressed enough by the enemy team, she feels incredibly useless and can't contribute much to a fight. Maybe this is where her utility comes in, but I feel shaky about it. 2. **50% cooldown refund on hitting enemy with Lunge:** I really like this mechanic on the skill, especially because it makes it useful once it gets to max rank. My only qualm about it is that early rank cooldowns are so long. 3. **Fiora finally has CC, albeit unreliable:** Getting a stun on your enemy when you'd be hammered with immobilizing CC is pretty awesome. 4. **Given her reliance on attack damage items, the AP ratio on Riposte seems useless:** No one in their right mind would build any sort of ability power on Fiora. Maybe Trinity Force, but it seems like a niche item compared to how much Ravenous Hydra and Bloodthirster buff her damage. Changing it to a small AD ratio (maybe 0.2-0.4*Bonus AD) would make more sense. 5. **The crit mechanic on Bladework is wonderful:** I especially enjoy how it interacts with Infinity Edge! It gives her a lot of damage that's actually reliable. 6. **Lack of a meaningful attack speed steroid, coupled with a need to buy high damage items, makes for a tricky situation:** What happens once Fiora burns through her Bladework active? Unless she's blown up her target, which is something this rework is aimed against, it puts her in a sticky situation where she's likely to die. She relies so heavily on damage items to be impactful that attack speed at any early point in the game makes her feel less potent than she should be. 7. **Ultimate feels clunky:** The idea of hitting all the weak points for a ton of true damage seems great in theory, but it's very difficult in practice. Given that, the potential damage from the spell is very misleading to its actual strength. Additionally, the cast range for the spell is incredibly short. I don't think I should have to blow my Lunge to get within range of a fleeing enemy to activate it, then subsequently have no opportunity to hit a lot of the weak points before it wears off. It seems like the only way to take advantage of it is to use it when you can get close during the laning phase or if someone is out of position. It feels useless otherwise. Finally, the healing zone doesn't fit with the kind of champion she is. She's a duelist, not an I'm-going-to-mark-someone-for-death-so-my-teammate-who-aren't-grand-duelists-get-a-healing-buff champion. This mechanic doesn't fit and it needs to be addressed. 8. **If there were one improvement I could make:** I would give Lunge an additional cooldown when a weak point is hit during the ultimate. An instant refresh seems too strong, so maybe 50% of its current cooldown timer (net increase to 75% of its maximum cooldown). This would make the damage that she could do with the ultimate more meaningful because hitting the weak points would be easier. Okay... so there are actually two improvements... I could live if the healing zone were gone, but maybe adding a healing buff against the target for Fiora only would solidify her as a true duelist. Give her an additional 10%/15%/20% healing from all damage she deals to the target.
: [MFW Stashu is reworking another champion.](http://33.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m6v6rmr24z1rafdwyo1_500.gif) Still haven't forgiven you for the {{champion:69}} rework, but you'll may redeem yourself here. Don't leave us with nothing but silence and [sadness nachos](http://i.imgur.com/XZK3u7Y.gif). The kit looks... interesting. I know a ton of people are saying how awesome it's gonna be, and I agree that it's unique. Directional attacking in League is certainly an untapped field—{{champion:201}} and {{champion:35}} have one ability each involved with it, and there's not a lot of thinking involved in the latter. An entire kit based around directional attacking is gonna be tricky getting used to playing against, but hey, at least it's not just raw numbers this time (Aspect of the Duelist amarite). The main thing I'm worried about is tanky {{champion:114}} becoming a thing. League has enough beefcakes that build one or two damage items then stack resists and still one-shot you. With so much true damage in her kit, make sure she still has to _build_ damage to _do_ damage. Too often the "#LC$BIGPLAYS" champions get away with being able to take out the back line on base damages alone.
Tanky Fiora probably won't be a thing. She relies so much on AD items for her damage that equipping her with tanky stuff will make her useless. Her base damage is very low, but her AD ratios are high. Maybe getting her ult completely proc'd for the healing would be the only good thing.
: Fiora Feedback Thread
I understand that Fiora gets 50% attack speed on Bladework when it's active, then falls off in a few seconds if she doesn't land the second attack (more specifically the crit), but was it intentional to let the attack speed stay for multiple attacks if she's attacking an inhibitor? I just did this and I got 50% attack speed while making at least 6-7 attacks on the inhibitor.
: I've only played new gangplank mostly in bot games due to not being able to pick him fast enough. The few time I have played gangplank in a pvp I found it EXTREMELY frustrating with his E that it is SO EASILY countered. I find myself 90% of the time it being cleared from a ranged champ before I can even auto or parrrrley it. Either I auto it too soon trying to beat their ranged auto to the barrel or I auto to late in which they receive 10g both ways. I'm just wondering, since I'm not a game developer, if there is some way it could be more useful of an ability instead of one that can help wave clear but only about 10% of the time against ranged champions
I've had this experience too, but it's not all that different from when Gangplank had his E be a stat booster. I think that's just some of the planned weakness for him. Don't like going against GP in your lane? Then, take a ranged champion to shut his waveclear down. Gangplank has a lot of success against melee champions because he can zone with the barrel. There needs to be a weakness somewhere.
: Does anybody else have a hard time getting to 500 serpents? Especially fast enough to where everybody isn't already full build and your ult upgrade isnt making any bit of a diffence.
You get 1 serpent per gold you plunder with Parrrley. You should be setting up barrels and attacking minions to get them low enough for the barrel to kill them when you Parrrley it. Building on-hit items, like hydra or anything sheen-based, will make it more effective.
: Gangplank Balance
Gangplank's barrels don't exceed the range that any ranged champion has. If you're getting blown up by them as Sona, you're doing something horribly wrong. The barrels are also easily avoidable. If you don't want to take damage, then don't go near them. You can also compete with Gangplank to get the last hit on the keg. Or force him out of Parrrley range. I think the damage is well-balanced. He can't throw the barrel a long distance and it explode on impact. He has no method to pull enemies toward it. He can't even move it once it's placed. He actually needs to basic attack it or use Parrrley to set it off once it has one health remaining. There are so many constraints to his keg that hitting an enemy with it is impossible unless he has help or the enemy stupidly walks up to it. Given all of that, the spell **should** deal a lot of damage if you can even manage to damage a champion with it. I think of the high damage on the spell as being similar to the situation with Jayce. His Acceleration-Gated Shock Blast deals way more damage than a standard spell would, skill shot or otherwise. Why? Because it costs him another spell to empower it. And it's not on a short cooldown either. Gankplank's ultimate is lackluster to begin with. It doesn't deal a huge amount of damage (90 per hit at rank 3, if that's still accurate) and slows for a small amount. Nothing special there. But, it's this lack of power that permits the upgrading of his ultimate. The Death's Daughter cannonball firing at the center is only 1/2 the total diameter of the area. It doesn't fall instantly. And the true damage is three times a single drop of the cannonballs. That's only about 300 true damage. An Ahri with 400 ability power can do similar true damage with her Orb of Deception, which is a **basic spell**. And if you want to talk about champions that aren't friendly to squishy targets, let's take Nidalee, Katarina, Talon, Veigar, and Pantheon as some examples. They all can suck to play against for several reasons. A well-placed Nidalee spear can chunk you for 3/4 of your health. Ouch. Katarina can effectively kill someone with a single combo if she's far enough ahead. If not, then she chunks you pretty hard anyway. Talon destroys squishies with his ultimate and Hydra. Veigar points and clicks his ultimate and you'll pretty much die. Pantheon can stun you, chunk you, and then finish you off with a point-and-click spear that can crit. But are all of these champions so OP that they **need** a nerf? There is a certain amount of risk and reward that comes from playing a particular champion. Gankplank doesn't even get scary until way later on while most of the champions that I just mentioned can potentially one-shot you once they get their ultimate. The fact of the matter is that Gangplank's spells are balanced by their constraints and restrictions. High damage comes from an inherent risk or level of counter-play associated with those spells. Rather than complaining that his spells are OP and he needs a nerf, maybe try learning to play around the spell. Even better, actually give some alternative that you think would bring his kit more in line power-wise. Simply complaining about a champion needing a nerf is not helpful to the developers or the community.
: Talons E
The question, in my mind, is if Talon even needs that kind of buff in the first place. Having the channel interrupt would put him up as a possible counter to Katarina (who needs to be toned down considerably). However, a good Talon can assassinate a target without the channel interrupt aspect to it. He's plenty strong already.
: > [{quoted}](name=Ticking Death,realm=PBE,application-id=cMKtzQHY,discussion-id=aNMyv4VH,comment-id=0012,timestamp=2015-07-11T17:26:58.972+0000) > > I have some feedback on Captain Fortune. > > 1. I **_LOVE_** her splash art! Whoever did the art for that did an amazing job. I'd really like to know, honestly, so I can admire their other work. Did they do the Dragonslayer Pantheon and Classic Shyvana art as well? :) > 2. Her movements all seem very fluid. The model moves well and I think there is a lot of clarity that comes from that. You can easily read what you're doing with her, so it makes it easy to learn how to do more advanced things (orb walking, auto canceling with spells, etc). > 3. There is only one thing that I don't like about this skin. Now, I haven't tried Miss Fortune without the skin since her kit has had a minor update, and my qualm could just be with updated particles that I'm not aware of. However, I feel like her ultimate is rather muted in appearance. What I mean is that Bullet Time, as I remember it, had a very obvious visual to go with it. Giant bullets flying at you in a cone was pretty hard to miss. Now, it just looks like a bunch of sparks. Again, I don't know if this is because of some texture/particle update that I'm unaware of, but I think having more visual clarity on her ultimate would be good to have. There have been moments were I didn't realize that the enemy Miss Fortune had ulted because the visual was so toned down/muted. > > P.S. I really want to know who did the splash for that and what their other work is. They did a great job, seriously. I enjoyed the attention to detail very much. http://www.jasonchanart.com/#/lol/
Thank you! Yeah, he does pretty well with LoL art. :)
I've noticed this trend as well. There always at least one person in each game (sometimes more) who rage at teammates. I've even had enemy players call me "fat c**t" for no reason other than the fact I played well and killed them. I've also seen people blatantly request a role or lane, and then someone else just drops in, picks a champ for that lane/role, says nothing, and leaves people hanging. This kind of behavior is completely unacceptable. If I wanted to have people speak to me in this kind of way, rage all game, and not be a team player, even in the testing realm, I'd just go play ranked on the live server. I come to PBE to check out the new content and provide feedback on the things I try out. I find it a great honor and privilege to be able to test out Riot's new content. If people aren't coming to provide feedback and legitimately help the developers, then they need to just not log into the PBE.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Captain Fortune!
I have some feedback on Captain Fortune. 1. I **_LOVE_** her splash art! Whoever did the art for that did an amazing job. I'd really like to know, honestly, so I can admire their other work. Did they do the Dragonslayer Pantheon and Classic Shyvana art as well? :) 2. Her movements all seem very fluid. The model moves well and I think there is a lot of clarity that comes from that. You can easily read what you're doing with her, so it makes it easy to learn how to do more advanced things (orb walking, auto canceling with spells, etc). 3. There is only one thing that I don't like about this skin. Now, I haven't tried Miss Fortune without the skin since her kit has had a minor update, and my qualm could just be with updated particles that I'm not aware of. However, I feel like her ultimate is rather muted in appearance. What I mean is that Bullet Time, as I remember it, had a very obvious visual to go with it. Giant bullets flying at you in a cone was pretty hard to miss. Now, it just looks like a bunch of sparks. Again, I don't know if this is because of some texture/particle update that I'm unaware of, but I think having more visual clarity on her ultimate would be good to have. There have been moments were I didn't realize that the enemy Miss Fortune had ulted because the visual was so toned down/muted. P.S. I really want to know who did the splash for that and what their other work is. They did a great job, seriously. I enjoyed the attention to detail very much.
: All games seem to lag out permanently around 15 minutes in on the new gamemode.
Same for me. Made a post here: http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/gVGOTJM7-client-game-crash-approximately-1440-into-game-on-black-market-brawlers
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: Runeglaive Hotfix
Maybe have it build out of Needlessly Large Rod and give it a named unique passive like Luden's? Maybe keep the mana restore passive on it? Runeglaive - Needlessly Large Rod + Jungle Item + Combine Cost 70 Ability Power 7% Movement Speed Unique Passive - (Insert Unique Name) - Gains charges upon moving or casting. At 100 charges, the next instance of ability damage you deal will expend all charges to deal 50 (+ 10% AP) bonus magic damage to the first enemy hit and summon up to 3 lesser bolts that target nearby enemies, prioritizing enemies damaged by the ability and champions over minions. Damage is doubled against monsters. Also restores 8% of your missing mana on each spell that damages monsters.
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: Neglected Champions
I commented below, but I wanted to comment on your list specifically. Zac - I kinda agree that his early damage is poor, to say the least. But his late game, if you build toward AP items, is so bursty that it should be illegal. Elise - what do you mean no damage mixed with tank stats? There are SO MANY reasons to play her right now. Her initial clear in the jungle is pretty awesome. As a mid laner, although it's never seen, she has some decent wave clear, initiate, and the ability to stop a gank in its tracks with her stun. What may or may not stand out about her is the fact that she deals a ton of percentile damage. That, combined with magic penetration, means that building health and MR doesn't mean much against her. Her penetration items will destroy whatever MR you build and the percentile damage chunks your health hard. Azir - he is one of the strongest mid laners right now because of his burst and ability to clear well. His ultimate basically stops any gank in its tracks. On top of that, his right click-centric play style and range affords him a lot of auto attacking opportunities while his soldiers are down. The attack speed that he builds (with Nashor's and other CDR items) gives you more grace in timing his attacks because you don't have to guess when his attack animation will set the attack off. Shen - I agree that Shen is really not in the best place, given the fact that his damage is minimal and there are other champs that simply do his job way better. The removal of Ionic Spark way back was a tough hit to him as a split pusher. However, there is one thing that keeps him relevant (and maybe people take it for granted) is the fact that his ultimate can teleport him across the map and save his allies. A tanky Shen won't produce a large shield. but building a tanky AP Shen might be the better way to go. With the jungle changes, his on-command shield and his ability to regain health from his Q could make him a decent jungler. His ganks could be a nightmare for the enemy team since he can taunt multiple enemies. Additionally, if top lane, for example, needs help, but you've just finished helping bottom with a gank, you can teleport to your ally and make a play all the way across the map. There are a lot of ways for Shen to make an impact, but, again, there are champs that just do his job better right now. As for champions that I think need a little love: Mordekaiser - this guy has no mobility whatsoever. His damage is great and his game really evens out once you get {{item:3145}} Hextech Revolver, but he lacks a certain amount of threat in the early game that makes him intimidating. I would love to see an addition to his passive giving him movement speed when he damages an enemy with a skill or has his Q active. Even if the change was just on his Q, I think it would be a good quality of life change. Nautilus - his kit is great, but the mana costs on his skills are so high that you can't even play with presence unless you have blue buff for most of the game. Maybe Depth Charge could use a slightly larger range to activate on an enemy. Swain - now, when I say that Swain is on the "neglected" list, I really mean more that Riot has done nothing to curb is stupid amount of damage AND tankiness while in his ultimate. Yes, his ultimate is limited by his mana pool, but the fact that he deals a ton of damage, cannot be killed, and also has his team to jump on yours just makes playing against him super oppressive and not fun at all. Even in ARAM, if I see a Swain, I just get irritated because it's next to impossible to mount any kind of good strategy against him. All of that is to say is that he does damage and tankiness far too well and something needs to give.
: I think some other champs should be listed here like Evelynn as she needs some re-work. (Not sure what exactly as I'm still new to these things, but there are many jungles who play much better than her even though she has some moments). Although I agree on Elise as she is very squishy, and could use some buffs.
Eve is fine as she is. Her stealth makes her exceptional at planning ganks and she has a lot of mobility to catch her targets. Elise isn't weak at all, in my opinion. I don't play her all that often, but when I do, I deal a ton of damage and can take people 1v2 or 1v3 with few problems. In my latest match with her in the featured game mode, I went 19/5 with her in the jungle.
: Testing support Azir in ranked, getting flamed
I gotta agree with everyone else here. PBE is NOT about coming in to try whatever you want. It's about working with Riot to test new content and report bugs/issues that come with the new content and patches. If you want to test something like support Azir (which is viable, just not as good as you might think), do it in Co-Op or in a custom game with a friend, not in ranked or just on PBE.
: New friend discovery feature on the way
I think that this is a great idea! I have a suggestion for an expansion of the function that I think would be great: don't just have the "recommended friends" function show a person's name on facebook and summoner name below it be limited to when you add someone. Let us see the same thing for people who are already our friends! I have no qualms with you guys extending LoL to Facebook - social media is a great way to connect people.
: [DJ Sona] Keyboard goes black when taunting or joking
Ah, I gotcha. It just seemed really weird that I couldn't see any details of the board at all. Thanks!
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: DJ Sona's Joke, Taunt, Laugh is not audible
I've seen the same thing. Is it still in development or is it a bug?
: [TEMP] Rek'Sai Feedback + Known Issues Temporary Post
I've gotten to try out Rek'sai a little bit and there are things that I like and dislike about her. What I like: 1. Thematically, she's very intriguing -- She not like anything else in League of Legends (and recent champions have been much the same way, so good job!) and gives me chills when she uses her ult. It's that kind of reaction that makes a champion great thematically, since it can elicit something strong or specific. 2. Passive -- Her passive is really nice for clearing in the jungle because, at later time points, she is capable of going into the jungle and healing back to full health easier than any jungler I've ever seen. 3. The built-in semi-Hydra -- This aspect, in my opinion, works really well with her passive and makes Rek'sai kinda capable of clearing the jungle in a half-decent manner at the beginning. What I don't like: 1. Low damage early on Q -- This ability has the potential to give her good clear speed in the jungle, but it seems to lack a lot of power. Consider the fact that other junglers have similar AoE abilities on similar cooldowns with higher damage at rank 1. * Rek'sai -- total of 45 + (1.2 x Bonus AD) damage, cooldown: 5 seconds (after all attacks have been made) * Amumu's Tantrum -- 75 + (0.5 x AP) damage, 10 second cooldown (closer to 3-5 seconds at wolf or raptor camps) * Skarner's Crystal Slash -- I will calculate his damage over 3 casts (approx. 10 seconds of time) > * [3 x (18 + 0.4 x Bonus AD)] + [2 x (20+0.2*AP)] = > * [54+(1.2 x Bonus AD)] + [40+(0.4 x AP)]= > * 94 + 1.2 x Bonus AD + 0.4 x AP > * Average Damage over ~5 seconds (normalized for Rek'sai) = 47 + (0.6 x Bonus AD) + (0.4 x AP) > * Skarner has similar flat damage and a slightly lower bonus AD ratio, but he can take advantage of an additional damage ratio and has access to an additional ~80 damage (20 + total AD at level 1) to a single target when his passive is applied, giving him significantly more damage overall. * Zac's Unstable Matter -- 40 + 4% of enemy's max HP, 5 second cooldown > * Vs. Crimson Raptor -- 40 + (0.04 x 1200 HP) = 40 + 48 = 88 > * Vs. Greater Wolf -- 40 + (0.04 x 1320 HP) = 40 + 53 = 93 > * Vs. Ancient Krug -- 40 + (0.04 x 1440 HP) = 40 + 58 = 98, not accounting for -10 MR, which would result in more damage > * Vs. Gromp -- 40 + (0.04 x 1600 HP) = 40 + 64 = 104 > * Overall, Zac deals more damage with his spell, but requires his own health as payment. This is counterbalanced, of course, by his percentage healing when he picks up a blob. *Udyr's Phoenix Stance -- taking into account two activations of his cone of flame (on first attack, then every third) and the total area damage he does over 5 seconds, Udyr does 155 + (1.7 x AP) damage. I hope the above examples show that Rek'sai is on the low end for damage, by a large margin. 2. Long cooldown, and lack of any form of CC on burrowed Q -- Not only does this spell have low damage compared with other spells (Ezreal can cast his Q twice for similar base damage, but does 2 x Total AD), but it doesn't slow or anything. On top of Tremor Sense, it seems useless to add a reveal mechanic too. A slow or stun would make the cooldown a bit more justifiable. Maybe only a 1-2 second stun or 2-3 second slow since it's a skill shot. 3. Rek'sai cannot catch people -- The only way she can feasibly catch someone is if she burrows to do it. But once she gets there, then what? She has no other CC than a knock up and her targets can kinda walk away. **To be honest, I did find that Frozen Mallet is good on her to stick to targets, but it's a rally expensive pick-up for her just to stick to someone.** Thematically, she should feel like she can stick to you and you'll never escape without help. That's just not what I feel is happening, unfortunately. ---------------------- As far as Rek'sai's ult is concerned, I understand the long cooldown since it's a global cast, but that's all it is. A global cast to one of her tunnels. It would be nice to see something a little extra with it. Twisted Fate gets to see enemies on the map. Shen gets to shield an ally. I feel like a temporary buff to her defenses or damage (for popping up by surprise) would be fitting. It would certainly help when you use it to return to the jungle and keep going with your clear. You guys also mention that she's supposed to counter-jungle her counterpart into oblivion, but with low damage, how she capable of doing that quickly and effectively? With as long as it takes for her to clear her camps, she'd get caught during or just after and get killed. All in all, I really like this champion, but it seems like a lot of punches were pulled in relation to her damage and utility. Low damage and low CC typically means that she won't be played because she doesn't really contribute well. A boost to damage and/or CC would be a huge help for disrupting the enemy and justfying long cooldowns on so many of her spells.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Blood Moon Kalista [CHAMP LAUNCH SKIN]
I feel like when she gets a high amount of attack speed, it's nearly impossible to use the passive effectively since you have such a small window to jump around. Maybe rather than an auto-cancel, you could make it a flat time frame from her last attack? I haven't encountered any bugs yet, but I'll keep my {{summoner:2}} open.
: Azir Bug Report Thread
**[Azir - Emperor's Divide and Caitlyn's 90-Caliber Net]** Short Summary: Caitlyn is sometimes able to pass through Emperor's Divide, especially when she casts 90-Caliber Net just as Emperor's Divide is cast. I encountered a bug recently while playing in a custom game as Galactic Azir against {{champion:51}} (set as Intermediate AI). I would cast Emperor's Divide and {{champion:51}} would use 90-Caliber Net to try to get through the wall. Well, on several occasions, she actually DID get through the wall, but on a few others she was blocked. I feel like that has something to do with the timing of the wall and 90-Caliber Net because if {{champion:51}} cast her net almost immediately, she would go through the wall even though it was advancing toward her. If it was not quick enough, she would bounce off of it. I don't know if the wall is made to let Champions like {{champion:51}}, {{champion:103}}, {{champion:84}}, or {{champion:64}} through as they dash right as you cast it, but that's what seems to be happening. I don't know **when** the wall's knockback/prevent-going-through effect actually comes into effect, but I was under the impression (from playing him several times) that the effect was instantaneous. **Reproduction Steps** 1) Set up Azir and {{champion:51}} such that she can use 90-Caliber Net to move at least to Azir's position, if not slightly past. 2) Cast 90-Caliber Net and Emperor's Divide at the same time. 3) Notice that {{champion:51}} passes through the wall, even as wall is coming up and moving toward her. 4) Set up Azir and {{champion:51}} in the same manner, but try to cast 90-Caliber Net just after the wall is summoned. 5) Notice that {{champion:51}} gets knocked back like she is supposed to.
: [Azir] Creating Sand Soldiers on Turret Bug When Azir casts his W on or near an active turret, the Sand Solider spell is cast, mana used, but no soldier appears. His Q or E are unavailable. Repro Steps. 1. Pick Azir 2. Go near an enemy turret and cast W on the turret or directly around it. (I had it on smart cast) 3. Mana is spent on spell, but no sand soldier. Happens 10/10 times on turret, 7/10 times immediately around turret. Thanks! Love the champ!
I get that this is a new feature for the soldiers, but I think it might be better to have an additional button to push to make it work. For example, holding ALT or something of the sort. I suggest this because I tried to tower dive with Azir and would have made it out alive if the soldier hadn't cast on the turret instead of popping up to last hit a fed Yasuo (who incidentally was blocked by the tower itself). Just a suggestion.
: Galactic Azir is a ghost :o (bug)
The same thing has happened to me. I don't know what causes this bug either, but I feel like it happens only on respawn, not when you port back to the base, though I could be wrong about that.
: [Store] "Maximum number of runes reached," but says this even for runes I do not own
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: Issue with Replay Function
Thanks for the info guys. At least its not just me. Hopefully, if it is some kind of bug, they'll get it worked out at some point.
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