: Without having tried out Azir yet, I can already say I'm not sure I understand how his passive works - maybe an update on the description could be useful, as others I spoke with had the same problem. Also, a lot of people are wondering "What happens to that same passive in Dominion?", which is a legitimate question IMO and deserves an answer. I think the "egyptian deity/ pharaoh" theme has been extremely well carried out in this character, he looks like he fills out a unique role in the already large set of champions in the game. His visuals are amazing and his kit looks so fun, I can't wait to play him! ~~EDIT: After playing him in both SR, SRU (which crashed) and TT, I experienced severe visual bugs - could not see minions or towers; light effects suffered the most.~~ RE-EDIT: the visual bugs were caused by a faulty installation, so no problem there.
I'd guess that his passive just becomes the CD=AS part.
: I think this champ so difficult to play why w + first ?I dont like this. I think why riot dont make sin of jinx? jinx is old champ but she have a skin . so i want riot make skin of junx{{champion:119}}
...What the hell did you even say?
: Gnar is amazing. You really nailed him. As for feedback, although I really like the uncontrollable nature of it, I feel like his transformation is way too broadcasted and a little too hard to manipulate. A good jungler will purposely show up when you're going to transform while you're slow and likely to waste your escape on an engage. People know to back off in lane long before you transform. I feel like he won't be viable in high level play because his transformation is a little too hard to control, too random, and too broadcasted. Ideas to fix this could be: - Give him an ability on his mini-form R with a different cooldown that reduces his rage. It won't be sufficient to delay transforming forever though. - Give him an actual mini-form ult that shares his R cooldown that gives him a large burst of rage, allowing him to transform a little before his bar fills if he doesn't mind wasting his ult. This could be frustrating though if you push his R to use his Mega-form ult right before he has full rage and end up blowing the cooldown. Really though, my only major complaint is with his mini-form Q. It just feels a little too unresponsive, hard to use, and weak/unrewarding. I think it feels frustrating and unresponsive because of a sum of it's parts. - Something feels a little off about its speed. It feels slightly too slow or slow to release or slow to return. - It often goes in an unexpected direction for its return path. I wish its return path was shown a little sooner or naturally curved towards you a little to help you. It feels like a Draven mechanic on a character you want to be fast and maneuverable on, which can be frustrating. - It feels like it barely tickles people sometimes with how little damage it does. I understand this is because it's so spammable, but I think it should either hit harder or feel a little less awkward. Draven's attacks are a little awkward, but they hit hard. - It's animation, speed and sound effects make it feel weak as well from a visual/audio standpoint. It sounds like they're getting lightly slapped with a pool noodle. - It's frustrating how little it travels after hitting its first target, as it makes it impossible to farm with - It's projectile width seems too small. Numerous times I think I should catch it and I don't. This is also true for his Mega-form, where it looks like it should hit but doesn't because the projectile width is smaller than the rock. - I think it has some hitbox bugs at max range as well. I've noticed multiple times with it looks like it should hit, especially when it hit a minion and then doesn't do damage to an enemy champion right behind the minion. The also happens with his Mega-form Q, where it looks like I clearly hit someone with max range. Overall I think his Q needs just a little cleaning up to make more responsive and enjoyable. EDIT: After playing quite a bit more Gnar, I think the number one change needed is his mega-form Q **needs** a bigger hitbox. I can't tell you how many times I've thrown that rock and it looks like it directly hits them without it registering. Maybe it's a bug? Also, if you need to buff Mega Gnar, it would be nice if he had just a smidgen faster movement speed in Mega Form as well. I know slow move speed is purposely his weakness, but it's just a little undertuned in my opinion. That would bring his power in line with Mini-Gnar.
In response to your Mini-Gnar Q problems, I wholeheartedly agree on it being a little weird to control, personally, I think it needs something like Syndra's Q targeting circle, so you can see both range and how far it will go when you click. HOWEVER, I have to raise a fuss when you bring up his Q's damage. Yeah, it's weak, but that's because there's a little thing called his W that makes up for it. See, since he can add a stack on with his q, and also slow the enemy down with it to land two more hits with ease, he can consider the W damage to be added on to his Q. And since more often than not you're a fast and maneuverable champ, catching the 'rang is pretty easy.
: This was something we debated on for a quite a while, and the main reason it took so long to reduce any cooldown. The current thought is that the decreased cooldown of Q is worth more than the unity of spell cooldowns.
But therein lies the problem. Sona's a musician. Her theme in the current environment is keeping time with her spells, and proper management thereof, even if it can be matched at some points with simple spamming. My recommendation for the perseverance of this feel would be to have each cooldown at 9 seconds, so that each aura can be up by the time the previous one wears off(So Q's tag would be three seconds, then W could be cast for three seconds of shields, E for a movespeed buff, and then IMMEDIATELY back to Q once you're caught up for another tag, so she can continue to be about keeping time and building up to a mighty Crescendo of power. I hope I've provided enough Celerity on my thoughts, but I will defend Sona with all the valor I have when it comes to keeping her playstyle as unaffected as possible.
: it's not really a shift in direction or anything—we look at items on a case-by-case basis when it comes to what you get for paying the combine cost for items. in the case of athene's, we wanted to keep the 'aggro' flavor of the item so your 900g will still double the ability power and cdr you had from codex as well as give you a new mana regeneration passive based on killing champions. the item was never really supposed to read as an 'anti-mage' item, so a significant magic resist increase (while very, very useful) just makes athene's adoption a bit ubiquitous. it somewhat naturally follows that if athene's is crowding out other mp5+cdr items we should chip away at the stats that aren't core to the item's original identity. all that said, there will likely always be a mix of item combine costs that are purely functional (*i.e.*, it just frees up an item slot) and some that are significant power spikes (*i.e.*, zhonya's, youmuu's, etc).
Hate to break to you all, but it IS a shift. A lot of the changes are a case of people using things, these things working perfectly well, and then Riot coming along and saying that since it isn't what you wanted it to be, or you are trying to make a new thing relevant, you're forcing it into that role. There's a reason people enjoy LoL so much, it allows for meta-breaking outside of "build this tank for pure damage" or "build this guy with nothing but ms/as". Since I'm drifting away from the topic, I'll get back to it. Item upgrades shouldn't just free up a slot, there should be improvement in at least a middle-area sort of way. If you ARE going to nerf Athene's MR, do it so it still has growth on it's MR, if only by five more points. I don't want to look at Morellonomicon and feel like it got a major improvement and then see Athene's fall behind it in power.
: [Lissandra] Ult CD bugged
I can also verify this, I had been displaced by Trundle's pillar during my casting, so perhaps that might have done something?
: It's sad because we're losing something unique in LoL. DFG and Lich Bane both scaled off AP meaning that it was possible to deal Magic damage without having the kit for it. You could go full AP Garen and if you had DFG and Lich Bane you could still deal damage. It's a shame to see the ratio removed on one and the other severely reduced. Removes a lot of freedom if you ask me. Riot have never seemed to like burst AP damage in this game though so I understand the change. I wouldn't add base attack damage though, in my opinion that simply muddies the items core focus. I'd rather see it nerfed to 0.65 and have the base damage component removed. Or maybe some compensation buffs. It's getting harder and harder to build glass cannon effectively while tanky champs roam free, whatever happened to high risk high reward?
One of the main reasons they're trying to nerf the AP bursters I've noticed is due to the fact that it's incredibly difficult for melee champs without gap closers like Mordekaiser to get in and do their thing without being decimated six ways to Sunday. And the high risk, high reward part of nukers comes from the fact that they can end a game pre-30, pre-40. After that, it's tank time.
: Suggestion for Xerath's ulti
I think it's perfect. It'd be unique to Xerath, give him the feel of an omnipotent being viewing the flies beneath him, and make that ult a HELL of a lot easier to aim. Plus, half the time I use the one or two leftover shots to seek out champs hidden in the fog of war, this'd make that easier.
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