: Multiple lobby problems
: Could not get in game after clicking accept and after a while got 15 min ban
Oh forgot to mention that it started after someone dodged game.
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: Well,when I came here I was actually looking forward to test things,I wanted to check out the new skins that are coming,the new champs,since in the live servers it's just chaos,since i'm playing on EUNE.I thought PBE would be a lot more peacefully,and yet it's still the same thing,there are still friendly players,but most of them will flame you for everything you do.I'm a new player on PBE,but I like to keep things cool around here,since it's just a testing server and nobody should care about winning.
Can't agree you more... I really thought that I would enjoy playing on PBE cos ther would not be anyone toxic but I was wrong. I still like to test here finding hilarius bugs and I am enjoying it but toxic players ruin the fun BTW I am from EUNE
: Mastery symbol shows strange symbols
this is inteded to work like that. when you don't have mastery 4/5/6/7, that pops up if you click ctrl+6 (Default). But it sometimes glitches and pops up instead of acctual master you have. this glitch is on live server too.
: Do a sweep of players on PBE
Also there is alot of dodgers in game... I am new on PBE and I was exited to join in but some people join just in case because it is easy. so now they don't care about banns, so please Riot make it so if someone doges too much or is toxic perma ban him from PBE...I know I am new myself and should not be saying this but still had to say it

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