: [Not loading] Game not loading
Just tried to play a custom game after downloading the new update and it still wouldn't let me ingame ;_;
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: Match history access denied
I just checked it and I believe it is fixed now.
: [Resolved] PBE Level 30 Auto Level Up Failing!
Thanks! I logged in and I was level 30!
: Turret attacks flash blue rectangular boxes on hit on the New SR Map
Yep, this been addressed already along with how some champion's abilities may also cause the blue squares.
: Manually bumping everyone in this thread atm to level 30. I'll figure out the issue and get it fixed on Monday!
Thanks! I can't wait for it to be fixed! I really want to make my runes and mastery pages ;c.
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: Ezreal ult reveals locations
So you can like see the ult go through the map?
: Bug Splats
I just got a bug splat the other day after i reconnected to a game, because of the "black screen/halloween effect" and i bought some home guard boots and then second i started running i got a bug splat.
: [Map Bug] This would be a pretty cool Halloween-Map
Yep, same thing happened to me after I went in a fight as yasuo v shyv
: Same thing happened to me
Yea, I believe if they relog it fixes it. But its still pretty inconvenient and a bug which is why i reported it ;c
: It happens as Ezreal? That is strange. Only your Q?
well, i didn't throw anything else at the enemy so as far as i know {{champion:81}} 's q does the same.
: Updated Summoners rift - MINOR BUGS
Turrent shots and when I play as {{champion:81}} and I fire my q i get the blue squares as well.
: so mecha malphite ulti'd...
Yep, I got that after I went into a fight with {{champion:102}} as {{champion:157}}. I just reconnected and it fixed itself.
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