: Nexus Blitz PBE - Patch Notes and Feedback
Played a handful of games last night, really enjoyed myself. I'm a marksman main and thought they'd maybe struggle in this mode but I played Ashe, Lucian, and Jinx and all felt great and important to winning, same as on Summoner's Rift. My feedback: * Obvious one: the way the messed up nav mesh affects minion targetting was by FAR the biggest pain point for me. Wave management is a huge part of League and the minions just ran all over the damn place without a care for any sanity in who they targeted. I'd sometimes take a lot of damage early because two casters and a cannon would run past the wave and start beating on me level 1. Thank god for 8% Doran's Blade life steal, but yeah, that would be the most impactful fix to see come through soon IMO. * Another obvious one: more events! I'm sure you're planning for more, but that was easily the main thing about the new gameplay elements that was noticeable to me. They were pretty repetitive even after just 1 or 2 games. I don't expect some huge library of events but I think something like 12 - 15 would feel about right: small enough to get familiar with them all without much difficulty but large enough that you can play two games in a row and not have one repeat. * The map almost felt TOO open at points, particularly past the outer turrets on bot side. I like it being less constricted but I'd almost get lost by the lack of terrain there. Just making the walls a bit longer and/or some halls a bit thinner would feel nice. Maybe even just one extra little "pole" of terrain in that area? Would be nice for terrain interaction abilities too (Poppy E). * I LOVE the base gate up top straight into the jungle. Multiple times where I didn't think I could get somewhere then was like "oh we have a base gate here!" Super awesome though, love it already. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: Draft Pick Champ Select Timing Improvements on PBE
Have you guys considered trying to make champ select scale with the relative level of the players in the game? I feel like part of the issue with this is that champ select being really fast is hard for new players. Something like taking the average level of the accounts in the game, or maybe just the level of the lowest account, and adding (30 - <that value>) seconds to the process. So a totally fresh level 1 player gets an extra 30ish seconds in champ select, and from level 30 on it's the normal time (whatever that ends up as). I'm not sure if that's at all doable, I could see the champ select timings being a super structured thing internally, but figured it was worth asking. It might already be the case and I'm just not aware.


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