: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Championship Ryze!
Nice model. Just a question, why is it 1350 when it reuses most of the assets from SKT Ryze?
: a person knows the date of the next game mode
This is not PBE related. Please only use PBE forums for PBE content. Asking about future gamemodes is not PBE content.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Elderwood Ahri!
Well, it's not good. Elderwood is one of the most wide color-themed skinlines, and that's what makes it great. For Ahri you could chose something ala LeBlanc but you're stuck with purple on the 3 champs. The white tails are also similar to her other skins, you coul've go for a Firefox style with darker colors. Oh and the disjointed elbow... please stop.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Elderwood Nocturne!
Hi Katey. Noc seems like a cool choice, but tbh the purple makes it too much like a dark star skin. Elderwood skins were more colorful but darker at the same time, chosing purple again is just cliché and confusing (already have Dark Star/Cosmic/Purple Star Guardians/Void). An autumn brown-gold with ivory horns should do it.
: Eu sempre uso o Grammarly para escrever e ele não me corrigiu. Eu acho incrível é que sempre tem um professor de inglês a disposição por aqui para ficar corrigindo os outros com ironia.
Well Grammarly is wrong: SHE for woman, HE for man, IT for things. His skin is not a woman or male, is a thing, so you should use IT. And It's not irony, I just pointed out the wrong use of pronouns, which led to someone joking about it, then you replied with a bad attitude finishing it with a "simples". If you speak portuguese, have in mind your tongue has no way of separate male/female/objects by pronouns, so if you use the word "skin" it translates it to "pele", assuming is a female pronoun, because you use "skin/pele". S next time our try to look cool adn wit and speak in english to reply someone's comment, at least use the right pronouns and have some humility because you'll be corrected.
: Eu me referi a skin e não ao Jayce então é ela, a skin. Simples.
Then use "IT", not "he" or "she". "SIMPLE" as that.
: Yes because me having a dissenting opinion about a fucking skin CLEARLY reflects my game knowledge. Just fuck off lol, pulling shit out of thin air is a TERRIBLE way to start an arguement. Oh but I’m sorry, I forget I’m just gonna get downvoted into oblivion because IVERN SKIN BAD
You're getting downvoted in all your comments because you're rude and because you're not giving any valid argument on why this skin is good and why everyone else is wrong thinking it's a bad skin, it's pretty simple.
: Hey TricolorStar! Thanks for the breakdown of the feedback. I've been collecting feedback to give to the team and will be sure to pass this along to them! It might be difficult for us to address the sports-themed champion interactions, but that would be a very cool idea! Keep on being awesome! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} -Riot GrumboJr
I can't believe that attitude, don't you even want to tell about the reason on why this concept was chosen? Why ignore all feedback except the condescending one?
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: DUNKMASTER IVERN
I can't believe not a single Rioter appeared to say "ok we took that decision because..." after all the funded arguments against this skin.
: Wow, you’re quite an angry person for an Ivern main aren’t you :D
I think he plays autofilled jg Ivern because he sucks at Lee and calls himself an Ivern main.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: DUNKMASTER IVERN
Hey what's up? Good to see Ivern gets a skin after so long, but the truth is, is not good. Theme wise: not Ivern at all; Dunkmaster skins should go for champs who can dunk and create the feeling of a true dunkmaster; Illaoi was a candidate for this skinline for the same reasons. All the community was expecting an Ivern the Cruel/Coven/Elderwood Ivern, not this. Colors: you kept the same palette, which could be ok if the design has other features or style, but in this case, even Daisy seems like wearing sport clothes and that's it. If the idea is just dressing them (because originally they have no clothes), then at least you should change the colors. Quality: it's terrible, really, his face looks like the one in the base skin, with a wig on it. Not sure why Daisy has the orange leaves on her shoulders. There's too much going on up there, her head, hair, face, all together and not in a good way, is not clear at all, and it ends up looking like an orange ball attached to a green/brown stick. Have in mind that Sewn Chaos Amumu is the standard for "good enough to go live/bad enough to cancel it". Sewn Chaos Amumu as way better than this and received a positive feedback. This skin, after 2.5 years, it's dissapointing: reddit/IG/Surrender@20, all agree is not worth at all. Since it's not a popular champ, this skin will not sell at all, and you may think that's not worth to make any skins for him for another 2.5 years, when in fact, If you try to do something good, you may become this champ kinda popular, or at least please the small amount of Ivern players out there.
: > [{quoted}](name=sedento por pica,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=HjBB4qZf,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-03-06T13:00:23.119+0000) > > Hello! The skin's model is amazing! The little crown is an nice addition! But there's something I want to talk about his ultimate ability: the flat-faced pug. > > You see, flat faced (brachycephalic) pugs have a lot of health problems like breathing difficulties, weight gain, difficulties to keep the body temperature stable and many others... They are like this cause pet breeders and buyers tried to make this dog breed as cute as possible while not caring for the physical disabilities that would affect the dog. > > One of the campaigns to lower the flat-faced pug demand is to stop promoting them as a trendy and desirable breed. > > I know it would take a lot of work to replace the entire model but you guys should just adjust the pug's face a bit so that he would look like an healthy pug! Search for retro pugs! > > http://imgur.com/a/AQxZQuR > > See? A cool, healthy and happy fella! > > Also if you did read til here, I recommend reading this article too: > https://www.telegraph.co.uk/pets/news-features/pug-bulldog-ban-could-way-stop-suffering/ > > Thank you for making such a cool event with our loved doges! Wow, that's amazing, I didn't know that at all. I'll pass along the information, and see if there's anything we can do about it in the timeline we have left.
Thanks for replying to that comment, not many people could notice what SEDENTO POR PICA did, it contributes to change the need to get some cuteness at the expenses of heath issues.
: On one hand, I think this is good. A way to circumvent the issues caused by mass-providing RP to all PBE users is certainly always useful, especially if it helps test how the system handles purchasing things in the store if that's an issue. On the other hand, I personally find this... troublesome? Assuming that the RP is granted through **matchmade** games, that is. To explain, I don't play matchmade games on the PBE. My higher-than-Live ping can make things somewhat frustrating, so I usually test skins and Champion changes in Custom games or Practice Tool games- not only to see if it's a skin that really appeals to me or feels good, but also to spot potential bugs (should probably mention that there are some skins that still have bugs on Live servers that I've brought up previously- Dragon Trainer Heimerdinger comes to mind). As such, the BE pricing was convenient for me. I didn't have to play a game to get BE due to already having a surplus and I could just buy skins to test them out immediately. It was nice, quick, and efficient on a personal level. I don't imagine others feel the same way, naturally- I might be a fringe case. But I wanted to provide my two cents on the matter. Not that it's a problem. More-so that I'm not sure if I'll really be up for testing skins, since it's not like I always have time to get into a matchmade game in addition to the fact that I have to patch just about every day. Not to be rude of course. Just that it can be time-consuming. And, admittedly, matchmade games aren't always what I'm into- I often get performance anxiety around strangers, and I'm not sure the offer of 3000 RP on the PBE will be enough to really goad me into playing a PVP game. I don't recall if Co-op Vs. AI games are on the PBE or not, but if they are I'll certainly play those. TL;DR - I think this is a good idea, but I'll also probably not wind up testing skins anywhere near as much due to various reasons leading me to avoid PVP games.
It actually makes sense, skins are not to test only visually but in an enviroment, and knowing that the player expending time to play a matchmade game can be potencially more prone to give any feedback, takes out of the ecuation those players who only got an account for owning skins they can't afford or those who don't give any feedback or are not interested in giving a feedback useful enough, and forcing you to commit with the PBE enviroment in case you really want to give feedback about that; also, it helps those who just want to see ONE skin, by giving them the chance to pick that skin after playing a game.
: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: K/DA Prestige Edition!
Well, not trying to offend the designers/art department but... this is the worst Prestige skin by far. [You can check the tweet with the turnarounds](https://twitter.com/KateyAnthony/status/1098289951861436416) and you'll understand why. For a Prestige skin, it feels rushed. - Why the egypcian vibe? Not K-Pop at all, she's not wearing anything to show she's a modern girl, while Kai'sa has a nice jacket and Akali has a cool jacket, a cool cap and cool leggings. - Hair is ok for me, I like it, but yes, It looks like she's about to ask to talk with your manager (it could fit Evelynn). - SFX are not top quality for a Prestige skin that expensive - Tails are a bit too yellow, you need to tone down that a bit, make it more pinky champagne and not look like piss. - Why cubes? Sparks and diamonds are far better. - Tails should be fixed once and for all, but specially for this skin (like with SG Ahri), I mean you're asking a lot of money for this - Elbow/arm looks twisted (in all her skins, but again, this is a Prestige Skin) - Arms look too long, out of proportion with the rest of her model (happens in all skins too) Not gonna buy this, I love Ahri and I bought most of her skins, but this one... it's too much money for something I'm not gonna enjoy watching in-game.
: what you’re not seeing is that pajama guardian and star guardian are the same skins. they’re almost exactly the same except for the model change. so why would pajama guardian not be the same price as star guardian? since it’s basically the same version with the same vfx, sfx, and everything then it shouldn’t be cheaper. variants are only full price if you didn’t already have star guardian. it’s not even that the pajama guardian skin is priced as a “new skin,” it’s full price. its full price because it’s the same skin tier as other epic skins. and since it has been done before and is not necessarily new, it has a discount if you already owned the other version. just because there’s not as much creative effort in the skin, it doesn’t mean it should be cheaper. the new type of skins “variants” were designed like that. it’s a different option if you didn’t like the original model. an upgraded chroma, but instead of a new paint job, it’s a new model, at least for the pajama guardians. that’s why the discount price is more expensive than chromas. that’s why the discount price is 742 RP and that’s why you pay for a model change. full price because it’s the same skin, discounted because it’s the same skin. you don’t understand that you get a discount if you already had the original version. **IF YOU HAD THE ORIGINAL STAR GUARDIAN SKIN, WHICH IS 1350 RP, THEN YOU ONLY PAY 742 RP FOR THE PAJAMA GUARDIAN SKIN. IF YOU DONT HAVE THE ORIGINAL STAR GUARDIAN SKIN THEN YOU PAY 1350 RP FOR THE PAJAMA GUARDIAN SKIN AND THE STAR GUARDIAN SKIN WILL BE 742 RP** YOU GET A DISCOUNT. YOU DONT PAY DOUBLE
If you read my previous reply, you'll understand that, quoting you "pajama guardian and star guardian are the same skins. they’re almost exactly the same except for the model change. so why would pajama guardian not be the same price as star guardian?" = because they're charging as a new skin for an idea that was used already, the value for the creative part (adding pijamas) is not nearly as hard as the one that should be given to the creation of new sfx/vfx and a theme in particular; damn even choosing the right colors is part of the creative part, which is something not present in this skin. Unfortunately, unless you work on design/publicity/marketing, you can't understand the different value of something original and something enchanced or changed and based on something else. You don't need to use caps to expose your notion, I'm sorry if you're used to talk with ignorant people.
: only priced as a new skin if you didn't have the original. if you already had the original version then it was priced as 742 RP which is actually cheaper than a skin that just changes the model. he variant was a different version of a skin that already existed but obviously winter wonder soraka isn't a different version of an already existing skin. the literal definition of variant is "a form or version of something that differs in some respect from other forms of the same thing or from a standard." the definition of new is "not existing before; made, introduced, or discovered recently or now for the first time."
What you're saying is exactly what I'm saying, but you're too focused on how cheap is to buy a variant when you have the original SG. Variants are priced as new skins, as "not existing before, something introduced as new", while it takes the vfx/sfx from an already existing skin. It's not about wheter you buy one or 2 to see the benefit, but on how they assume the creative work is not worth at all, since there's no creative concept on it (it's just a pijama, no need of a full redesing), so they assume that, without creative work, a variant still has to be priced as a new skin but, basically, is an upgraded chroma for that skin. If you tell me that variants can be bought only with the original skin at a 1820-2000-ish rp, I'd understand, since it would work like chromas, you need the original skin for that. But for economi reasons, a variant is priced as a new skin, when It's only a swap model.
: variants and skins are different. soraka got a different version of a skin she got a year ago and is getting a brand new one this year.
> soraka got a different version of a skin she got a year ago Priced as a new skin. So it's only a new skin when it's convenient (aka $$$), but a variant when it comes to how many skins she had last year? Ok...
: rp not return?!?
I think that's the idea. It's a testing enviroment, you can only test the new stuff, because older skins already had this QA process and PBE feedback.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Snow Man Yi!
This is a fun skin, love the "sword", but why Yi? Same with Soraka, except Yi had 3 skins in the last year and a half (counting this one), and 2 sets of chromas.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Ice King Twitch
Hi,. Can I ask why Twitch has 2 snow skins? And If Snowdown ARURF is back, which skin should Twitch show?
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Winter Wonder Soraka!
Hi Katey, I loooove this skin, she looks gorgeous. But asking... why Soraka? I mean, I play her a lot, I own most of her skins and this one I'm buying, but why her? She had the pajama SG this patch, last year too, seems too frecuent. I'm just curious on how you pick a champ for a skin, like for real and not the answer you posted months ago on Ask Riot.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Frozen Prince Mundo!
Not sure if this is the right place for feedbak on this but the splash is kinda creepy and I loved it. I miss the creepy things in league, now everyone are friends and laugh and have beautiful memories from childhood.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Snowdown Chromas!
Golden chromas aren't good tbh, but what bothers me is that the Winter Wonder/Snowday/Ice themes are blue/light-blue/white for a reason: it fits the theme of snow/winter. Why do you want to sell so many stuff like this now? I understand there're ways to sell a different fantasy, but hey, snowday skins are that: SNOW AND ICE, WHITE, BLUE. On the other hand, you did a great job with Soraka, but the Obsidian is pretty confusing, looks like a different line of skins, ala Coven.
: Introducing Variants: Pajama Guardians & Solar and Lunar Eclipse Leona
Why Leona and not Diana too? Why not a dual skin release? Leona looks awesome but these variants are way too expensive.
: Thanks for the feedback. This is an experiment we are trying out, if everyone hates them, we just won't release more. They are a lot more work than Chromas for us, so if everyone is happy with just chromas we'll listen and stick to those.
Well, I don't think this is about being happy with chromas, but more about not buying a skin that is a chroma of a skin. It shows how less you care about the creative part, since it seems that a new skin with no creativity or mental effort invested on it is as expensive as a skin with a cohesive theme.
: RP and BE ??
Did you try using the search bar, or even reading the frontpage for boards? [It's literally RIGHT THERE.](https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/client-new-features-feedback/dM75EUEY-pbe-and-rp) Do that next time.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Program LeBlanc!
I gotta ask, is the hologram a reference on how LeBlanc is not really there and could be anywhere comanding this robotic body? On the other hand, when are you going to announce the cancellation for these skins? If Sewn Chaos Amumu/Blitz didn't receive negative feedback and got cancelled, and these aren't... then why would you put this on live?
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Orianna, Nami, LeBlanc, Graves, and Fiddlesticks Chromas!
Please stop using chromas for skinlines with a distinctive color like Project (each champ one color)/Program (green)/Dragon trainers (orange/reddish), etc. I understand you need to sell an alternate version, since the originals are hideous, but seriously, it's getting boring.
: I was laughing because I was imagining what and Elderwood Nami would look like....So people can't imagine having a program nami skin because that is so not her, but they can imagine her having an elderwood, another, what many would consider "not nami" skin? I have plenty imagination, there is a plethora of gorgeous nami skin concepts and elderwood nami is not among them. Cassiopeia (another footless champ) is more likely to get a elderwood skin than nami
Well, seems like pretty much everybody else thinks it's the other way around. I understand your hype for having a new skin for your main, but wake up: it's a hideous skin, visually confusing and overloaded, and it belongs to one of the worst skinlines for "futuristic/robotic style". Good for Riot you're going to buy it even when it's not pretty at all. Seriously, I understand, I did the same with Sweetheart Rakan/Xayah, but I'm not dumb enough to convince myself that those were cool skins.
: > Elderwood probably Because Elderwood would be so fitting for a fish LOL
Well, seems like you have no imagination or google skills. Please just google it, it's an amazing concept (maybe somewhat similar to Koi Nami, since it fills it's theme of nature spirit). Elderwood has a mobile assasin, a centaur and a mystic balloon. So yeah, it can have a mermaid.
: I don't think skin themes "must" fit their champions. Skins can be for shits and giggles just as much as they can be a step up for their character. It varies from skin to skin, and that's a big part of the fun of designing (and playing with) skins. Besides, it's not like you'd want every Nami skin to be a pretty, cutesy, e-girl skin, right? Look at Lux, she has several varieties of Military-themed skins (although, unfortunately, none of them are recent.) I don't want Nami, or any character really, to be limited to Star Guardian, Sweetheart, etc. skins just because their character thematic is "cute girl." I think a Death Sworn Nami would look very pretty cool for example. Of course a skin should fit the character in *some* way at least. You wouldn't want to give a Project skin to Lulu for example. You just have to use your judgement. I judge that Program is not far off for Nami or Leblanc.
I never mentioned that she should have a cute, pretty, e-girl skin. Even a Blood Moon Nami would've been decent, Elderwood probably, even Infernal, but Project is a terrible skinline, and in visuals, this Nami looks like Predator.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Program Nami!
Hi Katey! I know you're a Nami main. Just curious, why this theme? It does't feel like Nami at all, It doesn't fit. If Chaos Sewn Amumu/Blitz were cancelled by these reasons, why is Nami (and LeBlanc) picked for this theme?
: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Cosmic Enchantress Lulu
Just a feedback on the whole new set of Cosmic skin line: Ashe/Lulu received too many skins recently. I don't understand why them, again, and specially since Lulu has a SG skin and they're both a similar theme. Effects are awesome, model looks as usual, but the mini-A. Sol seems like insulting A. Sol Mains since he had the disgusting mecha skin the same patch. Kinda tacky. Man you didn't even reply the Pool party skins feedback. Are you really that focused on creating quantity instead of quality? If you cancelled the Amumu/Blitz skins and you can't do something about these ones, it's pointless to give any feedback.
: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Mafia Braum!
Hi, nice skin btw. He looks hot, protective and lovely as our usual Braum but, why so much gold? I mean, mafia members didn't rob banks, and the rest of the mafia/Ganster line is more about MF/Graves/Jinx against Twitch than stealing gold, in fact, Jinx and MF splashes show the ways they are trying to catch Twitch (MF in a shooting in what appears to be the docks, Jinx dresses as a dancer to attack from the inside), while Braum is just having so much gold and cracking a safe? I understand the safe is the shield and you're balancing the skin around it, still, is not thematically cohesive with the rest of the skin, and you may want to tone down the gold effects. Seems like a cultural mistake, and this is what I complain when you do so much skins: sooner or later, quality get lower and lower, not in effects, but in an intelectual plane; seems likethis is a skin to show you're doing amazing effects for it (and you do), but honestly, it shows how less time you're dedicating into doing a quality product without investigating the theme/line.
: Pool Party Caitlyn
Hi, nice job, I really like the skin. Still some stuff I just can't ignore: Her passive is nearly imposible to see, It’s not clear at all. We need to know when we can trade with the passive. Her W should be something different. If your fantasy is a party at the beach, then a seashell+coloured pearl for clarity should do it, or even a jellyfish. Her ulti is plain boring, along with W. Someone mentioned a swordfish (I think is too much still). And lastly, the recall... She can't kick the crab, please. It doesn't make any sense, he's fanning her, he wants her to be comfortable, and she just kicks it. Maybe she sould just pet it. Please, why is no-one replying to these comments? They're really good ideas. And to be honest, I'd like some cool PP Skins after ignoring the event last year.
: I noticed she has a run to idle animation. That's an unusual thing for an epic skin. I loved it! Will this be a trend now for future skins on older champs?
I think it's partly to update the model for older champs until an eventually VU and I love it too.
: I really enjoy playing the new Akali, but I feel like her 975 skins deserve some more love. I’m talking about custom recalls, maybe some more particles, possibly some recolors for example. Overall a great rework though!
Man, I don't want to be a bi&tch but getting Infernal Akali instead of Crimson Akali is a pretty good deal,a nd If you already owned it, you won The only issue I found was that Bloodmon Akali looks way too similar to Sweetheart/Heartseeker's skin line so yes, she needs more particles or some changes on those. ANd as it was mentioned before, Silverfang will have better VFXs, otherwise seems like a female Soulstealer Kayn.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Pool Party and Headhunter Akali Chromas!
Please stop with the Cromas... It takes away the champion personality and the intention of the original skin And I certainly don't want to fulfill the "sniper cop in bikini suit... with pink hair", I' playing Caitlyn and I find the skin fun, and I agree that changes for hair color and so are ok IF and only IF they match the fantasy for that skin, example: Star Guardian skins. Doing textures for cromas takes away some time you could invest into making Akali's hair different for her different skins... or even to apply new technology when you rework a champ (yes, I remember Aviator Irelia with the blue wig, instead of a floating hair like Zoe's/Kayn's ponytail).
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: SSG Skins
Hi, a couple of things here: Xayah: The root resembles Ryze's runic prision, still, feels off with the other elements around; the feathers glow, the smoke effects (also present in Ezreal's SSG skin) are all so epic but the root is just so narrow and straight, it breaks the whole concept of this mythic themed skin. Taliyah: she needs more SSG stuff around. Also, her W seems like such a worked piece of rock, but then the E seems so poor and the ulti has this white roots; if the theme is a Robin Hood-like Taliyah, from the woods but still armored and elegant, then use the same theme in the W than the ult, so the W can seem a little more rough.
: ARAM Updates on PBE
Why not adding a new dice to reroll? It's been 2 dices and we have plenty of champs, whenever we want to roll a dice, we get the same champ we got a couple of matches ago.
"lol XD bullshit rework." god, you are awful. Swain is not supposed to burst you, is a DPS mage. Syndra is getting her amplified damage on Q. Kindred is a champ who needs skill. Irelia is new and you need to learn to play her. Regarding killing tanks: They're reverting/reworking AD items, including armor pen items. Regarding your response to another comment... "are you from the technical stuff or something ?" WHY DO YOU POST ON A PUBLIC FORUM IF YOU'RE NOT WILLING TO RECEIVE FEEDBACK? You don't provide any reasons for your "point of view". And lastly, this is not the place for your complain, go and post it on live boards. I'm reporting this thread since you're not adding anything to the table.
: Pulsefire skins/BM Eve
Hey, why crying over a champ who got reworked not so long ago, and received a whole bunch of "new" skins? I do agree that BM Eve is trash, but let's be honest, Tango Eve is really cool. And I do believe that Project Eve may be a thing someday (that skinline is mostly used on duelist champs), but It's not really cool to complain using as an argument "Shen got a new skin, I'm ok with that BUT"... As you mentioned, Shen mains waited years before a new skin, Riot argument was "he got a rework recently", so yeah, even Eve had more luck than Shen on getting a skin so close to the rework. It's more than ok to wait for another year (I'm still waiting for a new Bard skin, a serious one, not a meme one).
: Re-Adding Damage Amplification for Ahri's Kiss is a Bad Idea
??? They're adding the damage amp in exchange for the Q Movement Speed boost. In fact, it seems you're not understanding why the changes are taking place: Ahri is too safe, but can't carry. Even fed, playing with Ahri is just a "hold my lane and wait for being carried", so when ahead, you can't take advantage as an assasing-mage champ, but when behind, you don't get punished that hard. So they're adding damage and taking away the MS, that provided so much safety for her. Still, they're not aware that the real issue is her W.
: say what now?!
That's because the gold for killing a cannon minion has been increased. That way you force the adc to leave those to the supp and don't take the caster minions, for example.
: Potentially we can see what we can do about the hair, no promises as of now but we will look into it.
Yes please, I mean you have great hair styles and movement like Kayn's, Zoe's, Taric's. Irelia's seems like a rag doll hair attached. Don't see the point of a VGU when the Visual aspect is not taken into account to use the new tech.
: no me aparecen las nuevas habilidade de irelia
Tratá de preguntar en inglés que el PBE se maneja mayormente así. Y no se actualizan las habilidades en el cliente aún, lo hacen en su lanzamiento oficial (también tienen Orden de Loto no habilitada).
: Sweetheart Xayah and Rakan splash art loading screen
I tried to check the thread for Sweetheart Xayah but comments are disabled now... But the splashart is nowhere near of the skin, her chest piece is white, her dress looks light and soft and has boots (or some leggings), but the skin doesn't. Regarding Rakan's, his skin has no turtleneck but in the splash art he does.
: Hi! The hair color is something we can absolutely discuss! Rakan not being shirtless was a conscious choice we've made because in this set of skins, Xayah and Rakan are meant to be the princess/prince. It wouldn't make too much sense to have a shirtless guy at a ball, would it? ;)
Yeah I was afraid of the shirtless topic, I understand Heartseeker may be a little but more provocative skin line and Sweetheart a little bit more naive? Still, you may wanna show some meat, the shoulders in the suit are a little bit too much? And yes please change the hair color, I know you'd had to change the emote/icons too but that'd be worth. Thanks for the reply and feedback from you!
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Sweetheart Rakan!
Hi, regarding this skin, here's some feedback you may use: * - His face and hair color, they're like a frozen version from the base skin. You need to do him blonde or at least copy the Orianna/Quinn style (white and purple shadows) and a more natural skin tone. * - He needs to be shirtless. Like, really. It's kind of silly but he's pretty much known for his body, it's like you giving us a chest-covered Taric skin, we can't have that. * Check the style used for Varus, he's like a greek god, Rakan can't be less sexy than that. Shirtless, a pinky-white wing/cape and pink/purple pair of pants matching with Xayah, same style for boots or armor on his legs. * - Visual effects are pretty, the rose-theme is really nice and soft, other skins from this line are overcharged with those tiny hearts on the skin and on the effects. Thanks for the time!
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Sweetheart Xayah!
Hello there. Just my feedback on this: * - There's a tweak really weird on Xayah's head while recalling. It's not visually attractive at all, her shoulder touching her chin like she has a dislocated shoulder * - Her hair is really dark and she's just like Ahri, it's like Debonair Ezreal red chroma with Tango TF. Maybe with red hair? If you're taking her cape off, give her some nice red hair at least. * - Her visual effects are quite similar to the base skin. One less reason to buy this. * - The suit's pallette seems nice, but for a Bloodmon skin as someone else pointed out. It's supposed to evoque something cheerful and adorable, or cute and kinda attractive, but It doesn't, she looks like The Evil Queen from Once Upon a Time. Did you try unitards on both Xayah and Rakan, and go for the predominant color on the wing/cape they have, since it's what's visually distinctive in game? With white or purple-ish unitards both of them, a colored red cape with the same style on the accessories (bracelets, boots or armor), and a change of hair-color she would look just awesome, even if the visual effects on abilities are the same.
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