: New Exiled Morgana Changes
This is the only thing they've fixed, so it better be good...
: Why aren’t Rioters answering to the boards?
Maybe it's because so many people are unhappy lmao
: They Say They Won't Add Particles to Sinful Succulence or Blade Mistress.
It's also worth noting that there are still skins in the game with a Legendary Price Tag that have no changes at all. Looking at you Annie in Wonderland. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
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: I just want her to have her wings on her back and not her butt, also for Riot to explain what's with the random tail. All the effort seems to have just went into making Kayle looking amazing. :/
Yeah, not going to lie, I hate the buttwings. They were a terrible choice, and the execution of them was even worse. I absolutely agree that the vast majority of the effort went into Kayle's rework, and it genuinely feels like Morgana's changes were just additional. I can't help but shake the feeling that Morgana's skins would have gotten the love they deserved had she been updated alone. In every past visual update, they've gone above and beyond to make skins look sick, regardless of price. Now that it's Morgana we're talking about it's a "price clarity issue" and "we dont want to give effects to cheaper priced skins". Shadow Evelynn is a 520 skin. Got a special charm reticle, shadow form, and particle changes. Northern Front Swain is 750. He has wintery particles AND special lines...and had them from the get-go. People here on the forums have fought tooth-and-nail to get them to recolor particles on Exiled, and to add back details for Blackthorn...things that were given freely and easily to skins in the past regardless of price. Morgana's skins aren't getting that love. Guess Blade Mistress and Sinful Succulence are just going to be....bad skins now.
: Morgana Gameplay Feedback
I wish the black shield was larger. i don't like how the bottom of her dress is outside of the particle. It just looks weird.
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: Kayle and Morgana bug report thread
When using Base Morgana's Haunt chromas, when you walk into a bush, you turn back into the purple base without a chroma. I noticed this specifically when using the Pale Haunt chroma.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Firecracker Sejuani!
This isn't a complaint so much for the skin itself, but for the splash art. The woman in the splash art doesn't look like Sejuni whatsoever. The subject of her lack of muscles has already been brought up in this thread already (A subject I sincerely hope will be fixed, because most female characters in this game keep having same-body/same-face syndrome), so I think whatever work done on her model to give her back the muscles she has in _all of her other skins_ should be done to her splash as well. The most egregious of my issues lies in her face in the splash art. That's**_ not_** Sejuani. Not at all. It could be literally _any_ one of the other female characters. Sejuani has a very distinct, angular face in both her base and traditional skins that have been repeatedly lost over time with each skin she gets. It sucks, because I think that unique shape should be preserved. imo this has been a reoccurring problem as of late with a lot of female character's splash arts, where they look like a different person in each one (ex: all of Nidalee's splashes). With Sejuani being as stern and rough as she is, I don't want a disservice done to her where her face looks more like Lux or LeBlanc. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: Blood Moon Evelynn
I want to start off with the things I like, as per usual: I love the color palette. A lot of people here are comparing it to Jhin/Diana/etc and saying it doesn't match, but I think it's really reminiscent of BM Elise, so I like it. The particles are absolutely beautiful. I LOVE the charm and I love the new sound effects for her entering shade. My only gripe with this skin is that the dress's shape/silhouette is VERY close to tango's shape. I kind of wish the dress looked more unique to this skin. It's the same waist-high slit and off-the-shoulder sleeves that tango has. I would like to maybe see a different shape given to really make this pop.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Pizza Delivery Sivir!
Hey there! I've waited five years for this skin, and I was blessed enough to have it announced on my birthday! This is the community-suggested skin I have ALWAYS wanted, and I'm super relieved that it's finally here. First things first: I love the fact the pizza changes. That's something I didn't expect, and I'm super happy about it! I love that it's not super sexy either, like some of the fan made concepts I've seen over the years. After recent champions and skins, it was a welcome sight. Things I'd really like to see now that I've played her: 1. I'd like her skin to be a little darker in her splash/model, since she IS shuriman after all. Taliyah is dark, so why not Sivir? I also think her eyes look really dark in the splash, and I can't tell what color they are. They're green in some of her concepts and blue in others...so I'd like to see that! 2. This is another gripe about the splash art, but her body looks really janky looking around her waist. I know it might be a matter of perspective regarding the picture, but even so she looks REALLY thin. Where do her BONES go? 2. Like lots of the other people in this thread, I'd love to see more usage of the bike if possible. Even if it IS only for a homeguard. 3. I'd love for her passive and her ult to get more VFX love. Maybe just orange recoloring for her passive...and I think her ult would be fun with pepperoni in it (similar to how Birdio has chicken drumticks in this VFX). 4. I agree with other posters here: the blade sounds still being there when she throws pizza is a little weird. I'd like it if it DID sound more wet and slappy...like throwing a pizza would sound. 5. I know this part is out of scope, but it would have been nice if she'd had some sort of VO line for just her Q (similar to how Project Leona has one special extra line). It would have been cool, but it won't break my heart. 6. Can the pizza be toppings-side up when she dies, so we can see her last meal?
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Bewitching Morgana!
Morgana is the champion that made me come to play this game in the first place. She has been, and most likely always will be, in my top three favorite chsmpions in the game (providing that her eventual lore changes don't royally screw her into an unfitting villain role, as Kayle is the REAL evil force in their story, but I digress). I am _always_ excited for new Morgana content, but this has me feeling...not entirely happy. I'm fully aware that there's already a lot of comments so I don't expect my comment to be looked at or addressed, but here's the changes I think would make it truly feel more like her. 1. I like the purple in her effects, but a complimentary color would be nice. A witchy green, perhaps? I absolutely _LOVE_ the bats. 2. I'm not fond of the pink hair to be completely honest. I get that you didn't want to give her a darker hair color for contrast or whatever reason, but I think maybe darkening it to red would be better. (I also have the gripe that the face looks brand new and doesn't quite look like her in game, but that's a bit of a stretch to fix and I can survive it). I just _don't_ think that pink is her color. 3. That hat looks nice, but it's very small. I'd like a bit of an increase. It's a shame that the witch hat in the icon looks so much bigger than in her model! The dress is so big and fluffy that the hat almost looks comically small. I'd LOVE it to be as big and flamboyant as her gown. 4. I also feel like the white accents of her dress should be changed to the same colors as the little red cutouts. With all the black and belts and such....she looks much more "pirate wench" and a lot less "bewitching". 5. Black Shield's particles seem lacking compared to the other particles, which is a recurring theme in almost all of her skins (the only notable exceptions to this rule are Blackthorn, Victorious, and MAYBE Ghost Bride if I remember correctly). Some sort of hex marks or something floating about with the bats might up the wow factor a little. As a huge, HUGE Morgana fan since season 2 when I joined this game, I'll be keeping a close eye out for any changes to make this skin really pop. {{champion:25}}
: Zombie Ryze Not Zombie Enough
I definitely agree. He looks much more like some sort of blue-tinted Necromancer. I feel like his skin needs to be more in line with Zombie Brand. I miss his little chunk of brain showing from his skull, but I guess that might be too edgy for China...then again, they did keep it in his Texture update of 3/13. I'm wondering why they got rid of the gore that made him actually look like a zombie. I think they should bring it back. (http://2.bp.blogspot.com/--GD3Bz39myw/VQNJYAXxyeI/AAAAAAAAmHQ/oVOGlXSBCxk/s1600/ryze6compare.jpg)*
: Nothing was stopping them from doing a general ice-themed skin (Snowstorm Taliyah perhaps?) or following up on the thread from the end of her introduction and presenting Taliyah in Freljordian garb after she travels North on Yasuo's advice. She didn't need to have her skin tone lightened for the sake of making her look more like people of a totally different ethnicity when there are very obvious ways of achieving a similar result that don't require whitewashing a POC character.
It makes sense for her to be dressed warmly for visiting the Freljord...but not her skin changing color. Unless this is a "if Taliyah was born in Freljord" Alternate Universe...but even so, I don't think chaning a POC's skin color to be paler in the other skins you give them is a wise choice.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Freljord Taliyah!
Her skin looks paler in this than in her base. I think her skin tone should be as dark as her base so we can avoid the same thing that happened with Lucian's release skin being paler than HIS base. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
: Splashes: Unifying, Updating, and You!
I lot of these "unified splashes" that we got from China look terrible. You can have a splash quality of someone like Bard next to a splash of a terrible looking anime Annie skin....and it just doesn't look right. I hope these splashes are temporary, and that eventually all the splashes will be of the same quality instead of VASTLY differing qualties...

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