: MYMU - Vladimir Discussion
I was wondering, the reason spell vamp has been removed is because it was hard to balance, correct? especially on Vladimir, but... but, but, but, :P Hextech Gunblade still restores HP when dealing magic damage. Is Hextech balanced on Vlad or does it just restores him to full HP when using his E?
: Headhunter Akali Skin Repeating Bugsplat
I have the same problem. I believe it has something to do with Headhunter Akali, Rek'Sai and 1 Bard in both teams. because those are the conditions that everyone else is having the same problem with.
: "The Game has Crashed. Please Reconnect" Loop
This happened to me when I was running LolReplay. I shut it down and it worked fine after :)
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