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: Very good question. They should strictly be clear about wether the mastery buffs the ability **power** (AP only) or the ability **damage** (be it ad or ap). This applies to all AD casters. Usually, i think that "spell" = ability damage, no matter what.
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: Fiora Feedback Thread
Dear Riot, I main fiora. Ive been waiting for this update for a while now you can check my old forum post from years ago about fiora rework. Iide like to consider my self a pretty decent player. I have a few thoughts on the new fiora rework. Well you see im in pbe and im playing fiora againts bots, I find it rather difficult to get all 4 procs on ult. The q doesnt actually prioritize vital parts it just hits them. I have a few ideas to help -2 dashes again at less dmg cost -duration of ult longer (8 seconds is really really difficult to pull off even vs bots) imagine vs a compitant player -maybe make her immune to slow, increase movepseed, and/or immune to cc for duration, imagine a 1 second stun could make her ults well... useless and yes it is counter play but its too easy to counter catch my drift? Other thoughts: She seems to be very mana hungry, im oom after every "duel" this is not really fair considering yasuo and riven get no mana with alot of cc to combine with thier huge mobiilty, you can have the argument that fiora does more dmg but in reality what are the numbers? People agree with me Riot: "Fioras rework is a mess T^T Its almost impossible to use her ult efficiently." "I love their idea with this rework and hope it works, but gl finding a player that's going to let you land all 4 hits on her ult. I'm skeptical as of now." "Blade Waltz gave Fiora her identity to me, her other reworked abilities get a pass. The enemy won't sit still and allow themselves to be slashed from four directions and this will be near, if not, impossible to do in team fights."
: Ekko Feedback Thread
ekko has a tough late game
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: What is Ekko's counterplay?
jax jax more jax, maybe some nocturn
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: Feedback on Ekko
i feel like his w is clunky too, i like his damage where its at i feel he is a champ that finishes off targets less then 30% with ease and they designed him this way.. idk instead of a 100-0 champ he more like a 50%-0 champ even to tanks. i just feel his w is wierd i guess u go in with w proc shield lower thier hp ult out go back in and clean up
: [Champion Feedback][Ekko][Ultimate] - Quality of life improvement
and why not just do that to every champ in game to make this game noob friendly
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