: [Sylas Ult] getting tank full ap
Yes, that is supposed to happen, as it is part of cho'gaths ult.
: Is it really a bug or actually a feature? A lot of champions ults require their passives to function properly. So Riot must have included case specific of Sylas doing exactly that. He can fully copy Nidalee's cheetah form + abilities He copies Udyr's Phoenix form, gets the first on-hit burst, 3 autos later gets a second on-hit burst. Jayce you would assume is also correct. As it is also a transformation ult.
Jayce's passive is the thingy where his first autoattack reduces resistances, which is absolutely not essential to his ult. As for the other examples you mentioned, those only copy the effect of their ult, not their passive. There's only two champions in this list that require thei rpassive for their ult to be any good, those being Kai'Sa and Rengar.
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