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: First of all, these type of discussions should be posted on Live Boards. Secondly, Miss Fortune was already buffed last patch. It looks like this at the moment: | |- |Her Strut is just better than before. Longer duration, CD the same (increased but goes on cd after activation so it's the same as before), applying her passive reduces Strut cooldown by 2 seconds.
Are you a MF player?? Actually, duration is now shorter because actual duration was at least 5sec, 3sec and additional 2sec from her old passive. Also, the passive no longer increases the duration so cannot clear waves fast using W once. (need more mana) I dont think it's a big buff. just a change or small buff. early nerf, late buff. But, I would take your first advice. It was little confusing which topic I can create here. Thanks.
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: No one will take an item who don't have effect on your primary target. With that sort of modification, this item will be outclassed at any point of the game by Hydra active. And duskblade is not too strong. the problem is not here. Duskblade is not so good versus squishys and too strong against tanks.
Even without the nightfall effect, it is not dificult for assassin to kill ADC or supporter. Whether or not the effect is sufficient to kill the primarary target, it doesnt matter because it is not designed to guarantee the 1st kill. As mentioned in the body text, its design motive is to give some power to assassins after burning their R combo. Also you dont have to tkae it as 1st/2nd core if you feel you need more instant power-boosting item. You can take it as 4th or 5th item. Currently, this item is just so OP. For example of Zed, it just needs to cut down about 65% of target's HP which is almost 10% less than before.
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: Without the passive. The item sucks. Even youmu ghostblade have better base stats, without the passive. Just because it's an item meant for assassins doesn't mean anyone else can't build it.
Items designed for assassins should be balanced for them. If Non-assassins use it, it shouldn't be their best items. For example, Vayne can click and buy Frozen Heart, Warmog and Banshee. However, it must not be the best items for Vayne and those items shouldn't be effective as to tankers.
: Do that and the item is absolutly useless.
Why do you think so? It will still be powerful as long as assassins successfully kill the primary targets in 2 sec before nightfall is activated.
: I like the idea of this, but another thing to consider is that it starts the passive on the first point of damage applied, and the cooldown is massive.
If target is killed before nightfall is avtivated (2sec), its CD is reset.
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: So like that it procs, when you deal 35% of ones hp in the time of 3 seconds it procs?
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: Kog'Maw PBE Feedback Thread
I believe Kog is strong enough. But people don't seem to find the best build. If Kog builds Guinsoo - Ruined King - Runnan - IE - @, it becomes super strong even in early game. Riot's role to suggest the best recommended items would be important.
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: Miss Fortune PBE Feedback Thread
DPS: before >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> after DPS-R: before >= after Max-R: after >> before Mf deff needs the interaction btw Lunan & Lov Tap. Otherwise, it would be an interesting trash.
: Miss Fortune PBE Feedback Thread
It seems that some portion of her power on single target would transfer to R? SO, w/ this update, MF would have to spend more time to kill a tanker or bruiser who is marking MF solely? I'm felling MF would need items which entirely focus on increasing R-DMG rather than sustainable basic attack DMG. + tanky items.. I dont like to discourage you guys but..plz don't forget that there would be some people who don't welcome "BIg-Bang" changes. I've played since S1 and I'm feeling S6 would challenge me at most. I'm not sure I can get accustomed to this huge changes. Good luck.
: Smaller 5.22 Marksmen Changes PBE Feedback Thread
Making unique characteristics on champions would be necessary as well as great. However, I believe champs in the same category, Marksmen, should have something in common as well. With this update, I would find much less ... It's just too complicated imo. Can you make them balanced?? I think it's almost impossible to see the true effect of some specific changes because items/champs change a lot in the same time. I think I got too old to play this game.....haha It's time to leave, Old generations! Sorry for poor wording.
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: Or maybe making the "W's Strut refresh" like the Teemo's W active, so, the passive is lost with everything(still stupid but ok), but when the W is active the Strut can't be lost, maybe can be halved if you take damage from champions or turrets.
anything is better than nothing.
: Her main problem is that the passive has to be like the Pantheon's one, get interrupted by big monsters, big minions(maybe), turrets and champions and no others, is ridiculous that you use the W to refresh the strut and you instantly lose it again because you aggred one caster minion for one auto attack. With this change she will be completely fine for me! (just my opinion)
That's what many MF fans asked for last time. (and since S2) And it seems they are not gonna give it. :(
: Imo they should just either A) give her full stacks of her W passive when activated b) return grievous wounds C) give uninterrupted Strut But ofc Riot didn't listen last time, they won't listen this time
Hope it's not true.. They would listen this time..
: I believe someone said MF is gonna be receiving a few adjustments in the next patch.
Hope it's true. ;) but nothing on PBE..qq
: Can't really see how this would break her considering it doesn't make her main weakness any less exploitable
cuz i think they would never give a big buff to her, I'm trying to make a realizable deal. and it would improve her play slightly. I prefer to get unbreakable passive during W activation, but it would never be accepted. :(
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: I dont really like your idea on ult, it's a burst when you are totally immobile and in the end of it you obtain nothing, since on mf it's better get ad and penetration rather than too mutch as
MF gains 3% AS per level so she gets 54% basic AS @ 18 lev. W gives 60% AS @ most. W/O any item, MF gets 110%+ AS. And PD offers 50% AS and RK offers 40% AS. BTW, the 200% is just an example. It would change appropriately.
: That's a good idea but i think yah, Miss fortune is stronger than some ADC.
: Bring back Miss Fortune's attack speed buff
: Miss Fortune feedback thread!
MF has been my most since Season 2. I believed Riot would make a great rework on MF but it's not yet satisfying me. (The new skin is pretty amazing. luv it) If any of my suggestion is taken, I believe I can see MF in pro-games. A. Unbreakable passive DURING W activation. We already have a champ w/ similar power-level kiting skill, Kalistar. So I believe it wouldn't make MF too much OP but MF could get her own concept. (Kiting w/ mobility) B. add AS scaling to R Remaining total DMG of R, make channeling time shorter according to MF's AS. (max reduction 1 sec) Currently, it needs 2 seconds for 8 bullets. (0.25 sec/bullet) If MF can burst her bullets in 1 second w/ 200% AS, she would take less risk in team fights in a late game. C. simply buff W (20% AS) => W AS 40/50/60/70/80% Currently, it's 20/30/40/50/60 w/o any DMG increase. And it no longer applies the healing reduction effect. Sorry for any broken language. Hope you have a good game! xD
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