: Experimental ARAM Changes on PBE
Got a game breaking bug to bring up (and yes already reported it) that should be brought to attention. Trying to load into the game from the client fails, never even pulls up the loading screen showing the two teams. Just gives a 'League of Legends mishandled DirectX' error, and dumps back to the client, restarting and reconnecting from the client also fails. Doesn't matter if it's a custom, ranked, or aram, the beta is literally unplayable for some people.
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: Yes!!! I've completely forgot about that. Such a shame it didn't work out just because everyone's so lazy to wait a few minutes more.
I know right? Yeah it still had dodgers, but you could also find more flexible people for the team. Blindpick and draft just never feel good to queue up in.
: Blind pick was a mistake please revert it
Rather have teambuilder back to be frank; I didn't mind waiting an extra minute or two, to have a team that was willing to work together.
: Hey, thanks for your comment. We could definitely change requirements like honor level. I don't know how much that would help, though. We already filter on anyone who has active bans or other player behavior things (suspensions, mutes, etc.). The normal report system /does/ work, we just have so many new people that we need the reports for the system to start taking care of them.
On the live servers, isn't there some kind of check for misbehavior, when it comes to eligibility for season rewards? Couldn't something along these lines be used for straining who is granted pbe access, instead of simply honor?
: i think this rune puts the balance team in a precarious situation because it might break champions with linear skillshot cc like lux and morgana if its too strong
What if they added some conditional buff? This thought came to mind: 'Does double damage against enemies that are NOT crowd controlled.'
: Why am I encountering really toxic people?
They removed ranked to try and curb this hostility, but didn't work well enough.
: Please dont let adcs go live like this
I concur, though on the other hand if riot forces it live, they won't be able to deny their blatant favoritism.
: Iron Skin and Mirror Shell pale when compared to Conditioning
Or combine them and make the empty slot some kind of tenacity option for tanks.
: No one on the PBE (doubtful) or bug with Ques on the PBE
The majority are waiting for the rune rework to be implemented. Customs and training modes are all that seem to be useful for testing currently.
: Some feedback on the new Star Guardian Syndra Skin
I like syndra's gameplay, but for some reason they always fail to follow through with her skins, it's rather disappointing. For example her queen of diamonds skin, you'd think she'd summon jewels for her Q right? Nope, regular black/purple spheres. Her atlantian one at least has a wavy blue overlay to make them appear to be water, though I don't like the design of her dress as it appears too stiff in game, when it should be more fluid to match the aesthetic.
: Error code 003??
Got 004 here, and the error window actually said 'unsure why patching failed'.
: > [{quoted}](name=TheTraveler,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=IdJhdj79,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2017-07-08T19:31:36.535+0000) > > I'm being general, not just singed. Probably because rioters don't spend 10 hours a day playing a single champ like some one tricks do, so those players will always be more knowledgable than anyone else in the world about their champion.
As big of a company as they are, at least someone should've played him for a couple matches before and after.
: probably not many rioters play singed, thus less interested/knowledgeable in Singed.
: Riot, we love AP bruiser Singed but Singed is more squishy now!
It's disappointing when common players can think of better solutions than the paid ones . . . or maybe they're being forced to rework so stilted.
: I think Cho'Gath has too much utility now
The percent damage I think is a nice trade off for lowered base damage. However I agree the slow is a bit much, but I find turning into an active ability more of a downside, running out of mana trying to push a wave now. The small time frame for the bonus on the next couple auto-attacks is also frustratingly small, barely enough time to use all three even when not crowd controlled. Still have the issue of the splash going in the wrong direction when the target is under his hit-box, which has been around for years.
: Thornmail Feedback
Why not remove the cold steel passive; and increase the time for grievous wounds, or increase the damage reflection?
: Banner of Command changes
Thing is, banner makes a minion immune to magic damage . . . but physical damage is excessively prevalent.
: This is PBE To test... why people ban that?
Sadly because most of the newer added players don't know what it means to be a beta-tester. Can't blame them though, since riot tends to ignore any negative feedback, regardless of being constructive.
: "Ahri nerfs and 10 bans, I think I'l..."
Points 1 & 3 unfortunately coincide; our feedback is ignored by rioters, yet the rest of the community blames us for feedback (good&bad). I agree there's just no incentive to be a tester between these extremes, and with point two plaguing the vast majority of the server, why bother trying to figure out subtle bugs/exploits without a friend?
: Neat Zac Buff Suggestions for Riot :)
I think number 4 is a bit much since he already has significant range on his slingshot; though I do like the first two.
: I think they know they screwed something up.
: Where are the rework feedback megathreads?
Because riot secretly hates tanks. That and they've been getting more prideful, thinking they're always right regardless of changes. Just think about the last several reworks, how much of the feedback on those that was by and large ignored.
: Zac Q Feedback
Same issues here, the window for the triggering auto-attack also seems too short. Often requiring to be next to something other than your target, to get the knockback; plays are slightly more flexible but significantly more unreliable.
: Zac/Maokai Feedback Threads
I remember the marksmen and most mages getting their own threads too. Hey riot drop, the double standards already.
: Lets have a discussion about why stacking armor penetration seems to scale better than crit chance
Long story short, with enough armor penetration, you'll be dealing true damage; obviously that's not an issue often, but I still agree tanks don't have enough ways for dealing with such power spikes.
: That version of Randuin is in fact and after tests the worst of all.
Don't forget that most phycial champions get some lifesteal or sustain, which further negates the reflect damage, it's been a problem for years.
: turret indicator
That's been a bug for years, pretty much seems to be be chogath only, though I've seen it on zac once or twice with how his passive size works. Think it's related to the size of his hitbox changing.
: So Malzhar will have two spell shields on less then 10 CD.....
You know what that means . . . {{champion:90}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:15}} {{item:3814}} {{item:3156}} {{item:3139}} {{item:3102}} + support's {{item:3222}} What's a combo? The enemy can't lay a finger on us.
: Midseason Durability Feedback
Why does warmogs repeatedly get it's health lowered when it was originally meant to be 'the' health item for tanks? The force of nature item gave significant health regeneration based on maximum health, but was removed years ago; why not bring that back instead of nerfing warmogs? Also tanks are still getting chunked faster by marksmen & divers than they are by mages, +10 armor isn't going to replace -75 health.
: Galio Ult Too Weak
They reworked him to be more of a counter initiators. Not a great move but they've done worse.
: > Looking at the live servers isn't exactly good for research either since there's plenty of issues that inadvertently stilt statistics; flamers, rage-quiters, afk, ext. Seeing as most of those things happen at an even worse rate on PBE, live is at least more accurate for its numbers. Also, we shouldn't ignore these numbers because, as far as I am aware, the correlation between toxicity and balance changes, unknown. (Riot probably knows em, but hasn't shared em). Riot, for the most part, uses their internal play testing teams for initial tweaking.
I'm not saying to ignore them, I'm saying not to weigh them so heavily due to potentially inaccurate data; though it'll never be accurate due to the nature of the game, I'm saying take note of the situation of the samples so you know how to weigh them. I'm already aware they use their own teams, as it's something they admitted a few years ago when their design philosophy changed. And it's part of why the game isn't worth playing anymore, they balance it for themselves; I recall when they balanced for fair fun when the game was still getting off the ground, long gone is the respectable accountability.
: It was many years ago. Riot now uses their internal balance/play teams and data from the live servers for primary balance changes.
Which is a bloody mistake to have started ignoring this beta server, it's been a running gag for years that it's just a skin preview. I doubt they think thoroughly through some of their changes, given the majority of the significant changes in the past 2 years has had some obvious abusability, that they conveniently overlooked. Looking at the live servers isn't exactly good for research either since there's plenty of issues that inadvertently stilt statistics; flamers, rage-quiters, afk, ext.
: PBE is more for bug testing and not so much balance feedback, since PBE is not a good testing ground for it. They still take "feel" feedback into consideration when it comes to new or reworked champions. If Riot wants feedback for something specifically, they will make stickies in one of the subboards where you can post your feedback.
Do you remember when it used to be the testing ground for balance? I do, and it's why only respectable players were allowed in back then.
: My suggestion on Practice Mode
I like the idea. Also like the time limit to be removed or raised, but not as big of a concern as being able to practice against multiple enemies.
: I *think* that was a bug (the fact you could add bot in the first place), not I'm not sure.
Should've been a feature years ago. Given riot's trend to remote maps in favor of modes.
: 1. The store was unavailable since yesterday. 2. Please report bugs in the "Bugs" section of the Boards, and not "Client & New Features Feedback." 3. Please adhere to the following from [[HOW-TO] Report Bugs on the PBE](http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/CF5EEDC8FF5AC1A896F517E2C7AE4650C472807F-how-to-report-bugs-on-the-pbe) - An Official Riot Post. > First things first though: Please take a look through the community and see if your bug has been reported already. Found something identical or even similar? Comment in that thread with your particular case, and upvote the original post for being helpful :)
I wanted to check & see if I was fumbling something about the client before adding to the pile of bugs for riot to check. Excuse me for trying to be considerate.
: Store Inaccessible?
Never mind? Reloading the client fixed it, unsure why though; or even what caused the bug.
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: Can we talk about CC interactions between Dash champions or mobility champions???
The only thing I can think of is the 'grounding' crowd control they added into cassiopeia's rework; have it added to several other champions to prevent this from occurring. And yeah I agree this has been a frustration for years.
: @Riot @phroxz0n Vlad needs to be revisited and here is why
I don't mind his E change, outside of it feeling so punishing to use; but I'd rather his Q be reverted entirely so it's mediocre to use all the time, instead of good once in a while and trash the rest of the game.
: Make New Champs Or Reworks UNBANNABLE From Now On. Please
Rank matters in beta? You could always play custom games to see how they work too you know.
: Doom Bots Feedback
And make tenacity apply to airborne crowd controls too.
: Yes that would be more fun but unlikely to happen.We have to go through 5 turrets to reach their nexus. Maybe not urf buff, but some other super buff like the buff we get in ascension. I would say elder dragon buff but thats too weak. Killing a boss like teemo should at least give a buff, just like any other boss monster, not just 25 gold.
So? We did it before. However I agree it should give some kind of a buff for the extended game, but haven't played enough of ascension to recall the specifics about it's buff.
: You can change the level of difficulty of the Doom Bots. You can't do that yet, but you'll be able to later. That should kinda satisfy your needs :> Doom Bots is still a team effort: the bots group, so you will have to do that too if you don't want the bots to kill you Nexus before the boss even spawns.
Tried the game a couple times earlier today, there was no such difficulty choice; and thanks to the lag and frame drops some of the curses had, it was painful to play at points too but that should be fixed too before going live. The difficulty isn't the specific thing disappointing me though; I'd elaborate, but most reds don't even try to read something more than a paragraph long regardless if it's formatted for readability. Doesn't feel like a team effort, I'll give an example; had a game where our miss fortune & ziggs held off all 5 doombots thanks to their spam-able and high damage aoe, while our udyr & myself farmed up in the other lanes when the bots grouped up, then we just took turns comboing the teemo when he spawned while the other members wave cleared to stall. We bursted teemo down shortly after he took one inhibitor along with a couple of the bots when we focus fired. http://matchhistory.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/PBE1/69912901/2200066075 I'm not saying it's too easy or too hard, I'm saying it's too short to be a meaningful struggle. With the double gold gain and negligible death timers, it seems rare not to reach max build before max level. Which from my experience is ~10 minutes in if you're good at farming under tower, and ~15 if not; likewise about everyone is reaching max level by 20 minutes unless they go afk. As I said in my main point, it's a let down the game immediately ends from killing megateemo (or a few more minutes later from him 2-shoting your base structures) and that it's impossible to take any of the bots' towers. Thanks to the game being rebalanced around 'who can nuke eachother first' all season, bots with engage will telefrag you while any bots with ranged attacks can kill you from offscreen; neither are enjoyable but the massively reduced deathtimer is nice so you feel like you can still do something. The lack of time or space to fight back makes it feel like they're discouraging any planning or tactics, and encouraging faceplanting a wall until it falls over or die trying. The subtly forced time-limit seems like they're afraid people will become bored from a game requiring thought, forbid a game from being thought provoking in learning team tactics. And this too . . . http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/2P67UjGj-doom-bots-of-doom-gameplay-pbe?comment=0003
: Indeed. Killing Teemo should give us a super buff (URF Buff), which then we shall use to bring vengeance upon the doom bots that bullied us during the laning phase. Then a victory occurs when all 5 doombots dies.
The urf vs doombots has already been mentioned many times elsewhere, and unless they have more frustrating combinations, urf players are going to stomp the doombots thanks to more spam-able poke and engage. I wasn't talking about acing the bots though, I was referring to taking their nexus like the original version of doombots.
: It'd be more fun if enemy towers lost their invincibility after killing the Teemo, and if Teemo would respawn every X minutes or something.
I agree, when we finally got to their towers and couldn't damage them I lost quite a bit of interest.
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: Vladimir Balance Ideas
Why not just undo the crimson rush stupidity on his Q, against anyone with vaguely spam-able mobility he counters himself trying to use it.
: Frozen Mallet nerfs
Partially because marksmen were abusing it in preseason; but instead of the simple solution of making it melee only, riot practically halved it's health. It was supposed to be a bruiser item to begin with, back before the mobility creep ruled the game.
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