: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Warring Kingdoms Vi!
Super late feedback on this, but have you guys considered making her gauntlets darker? They don't really look like the splash (which is one of my favorites in recent memory!) and, in-game, look more like oxidized copper than jade. Just my 2c, though, really looking forward to this skin regardless.
: An update on Championship Riven
When can we expect other "limited" skins such as Riot Singed and UFO Corki to become available?
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Heartseeker Orianna!
Just wanted to pop in and say that I'm really glad these skins got a feedback thread, whereas the Shen rework did not (and a LOT of Shen feedback on the forums was actively ignored). Thanks, Riot!
: Many of us have tried on both the live boards and PBE to get a pinned Shen thread, **to no avail**. The new Shen isn't gutted in my opinion, but is in need of tweaks to either base stats (base armor particularly) or the useless slow on the Q. He can be a monster late game, but struggles quite a bit early and with his lowered stats he feels very bullied in lane (leading the player into wanting to default to the stagnant gameplay of passive farming) even though if everything is up, he has decent trades (opponent dependent). Lack of damage reduction on E feels bad due to the super high cooldown on W mid-game. <---**this is my main issue right now**. Your third paragraph explains exactly how I feel. p.s. removing the pitchfork from the first paragraph may help rofl.
I think my frustration lies in Riot making him a completely different champion. He used to be a patient tank who would bide his time and find ways to outsmart and out-sustain you. Now, he has to micromanage deadweight all over the map and his playstyle is much more aggressive. I imagine the devs behind this high-fiving each other and saying "way to go, team!," completely shutting out the players saying "Hey, wait-" I even tried contacting them on Twitter a few times, but they've been ignoring it. I followed your advice, by the way. My writing style tends to be a little pointed and blunt, so the first time I write things they tend to be a little accusatory. On second glance there wasn't really need for it. Thanks!
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: @Riot Can we get a stickied Shen Feedback thread so that all of the posts will be in one place?
To be honest, I anticipate Riot ignoring all of the players saying Shen's rework sucks, pushing it to live anyway because of all the work they've put in, and then taking another look at it in 3 years when they wonder why he has a playrate below .5
: YO. It's time for some SHEN REWORK TALK.
Great points. Riot is afraid of making uncomplicated champions, to the point where they take one of the simplest champs in League and try to make him one of the more complicated. They NEED to trash this stupid rework. His Q is a terrible idea from all angles and I don't think it can be salvaged. At all. Give him back his old Q, maybe give it some more interactiveness. His new W, too, is just useless in practice and is taking up too much of his power budget. C'mon Rito.
: The old Shen might have been somewhat bland to players but his kit allowed for some skillful outplays or trades. And also, A flying sword??? really I mean cmon just keep him the same he is a good champ and I love him the way he is. Please don't take away my baby TT_TT{{item:3070}}
The old Shen was such a great champion. He was simple, making a great role entry point for newer or learning players. And you're right, a skillful Shen was a force to be reckoned with.
: I still submit that: 1) The sword needs to be an "Eye" 2) It needs to grant vision wherever its hanging out. Enemies can see it, Shen should see them. 3) If it passes through an enemy champion on Q cast, Shen should gain true sight of any enemy hit with Twilight Assualt. 4) If it passes through an enemy champion on Q cast, instead of "more extra damage" he should instead gain some kind of on hit heal for those 3 attacks. (based on Shen's Max Health) 5) Shen's W should re position the Eye to grant the dodge zone. Enemies in the dodge zone should be slowed or revealed (not all stealth units, just champs). Just some of my thoughts. I think the rework has potential and that people are overreacting a bit. But there is def room for improvement. I think the passive shield is fine, because although there is a 10 second cooldown, having your abilities affect champions reduces that cooldown a bunch. Late game, it takes off like 7.5 seconds, which gives you nearly constant uptime if you want.
That's fair enough. I don't think the current iteration is beyond redemption but I don't think that Shen should be further complicated. League NEEDS champs that are simpler to play. The old Shen was easy to pick up but took work to master. They could have fleshed out his kit so that there was more room for skillful play with simple concepts, but...instead they chose a map entity that you have to drag around. I really, really think that the spirit sword is just a bad idea, especially in light of his old Q. Keep in mind that Riot balances on a power budget. If you're not familiar with the concept, a champion with hard CC, for example, will have lower damage scaling than a champion completely without. If Shen's Q gives vision and true sight they're going to need to nerf something else on him - Q damage, cooldowns, values, etc. I have a feeling a significant part of his power budget is already in his W, since dodge is a big deal (which is why I'm in favor of just trashing his new W). "Gives vision" is a big deal, too. Imo instead of incorporating those to improve the lackluster skills' quality of life, they should just scrap those skills and give us something worth using, especially if they're having an impact on overall power budget.
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: Shen is somehow LESS fun / engaging to play than he was before.
To be honest I think Q as a mechanic is just such a letdown. It's really not that interesting and it's kind of annoying in the visual space. The old Q "marking" targets felt like a fulfilling mechanic, either as a smooth last hit with HP gain or as a "go for this guy" mark in a teamfight, or even as an edge in dueling. His W only being usable with a teammate means he's now even worse of a 1v1 champion (which is kind of the opposite of what I think of with his champ design, but OK!). Plus, dodging autos? It's annoying on Jax, now it can be annoying on everyone. Moving his old W to his passive also means he doesn't have as much choice with his shield...which means that you now need to micromanage both his annoying floating spirit sword and when your shield is going to activate. If we're going to steal Vi's passive, maybe we can get better skills elsewhere.
: Jhin Gameplay & Feel Feedback!
Please take a look at my thread, where I write about why Jhin's R icon doesn't fit the theme set by his other icons. [Link](http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-feedback/ljx18AFk-jhins-r-icon-doesnt-fit-the-theme-with-his-other-icons) There's some good discussion and a helpful poster made a really nice mock-up of a better icon.
: Something like this ? http://puu.sh/muUi2/3744b17050.jpg
Hey, that looks really good! I like that a lot!
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: Ultimately we didn't want a players perception around the quality of their game experience to be determined by a pre-determined color on the latency bar. Yes you can hover over the bar and see the latency, but we felt that was a layer removed and the colored bars didn't really tell you what your connection was like outside of when it was pre-designated to turn green/yellow/red. We want to offer complete transparency and just put the actual number up by default so you can see exactly what your connection looks like and make better decisions off of that than colors.
Thank you for clarifying your position a little bit more. I still have to ask, though, if you want the number up by default why not work it into the UI? I really liked the colored ping bars because A), it looked nice (both on its own and as part of the UI) and B), it fulfilled function while retaining a nice visual aspect. That's also how I feel about how loading screen progress bars, but that's so long ago that I doubt most people remember them. (A little note, they were really, really cool!) I can see what you mean by somewhat arbitrary colors on the latency bar, but, I don't know, can't you compare their ping to regional averages and then calculate their color threshold against that? (Easier said than done, I know, but I don't think the idea should just be trashed) Personal experience, the latency bars were actually _really helpful_ when I was playing to help anticipate a lag spike. They didn't always warn about an impending lag spike, but if I saw it suddenly change to red and the lag didn't kick in yet I could think "Okay, my network just spiked, maybe I shouldn't do anything risky right now." I just feel like there's a design disconnect. You (as in Riot) really seem to like eye candy on the rift and on champions, but for some reason UI eye candy is always added and then removed. (And I apologize, my first drafts of comments always seem more inflammatory than I mean them to. I won't change my first post, but if it came off that way, I'm sorry!)
: Changes to Latency Bar in HUD
Really? Why? If you hover over them, they told you your ping. At a glance, it could tell me if I was having a network spike (red) or if my network activity was higher than normal (yellow). Plus, it looked nice! Now, it's been turned into an eyesore of extra information instead of actually working them into the new UI. "If you don't like that, you can remove it" is nothing but a copout. Why do we have to choose between "not being implemented into the UI" or "not existing at all"? How about keeping the colored ping bars, and having mouse-over text as your ping and FPS? It feels lazy and unnecessary. I hope that answers your question.
: Initializing PROJECT First Strike & PROJECT Sync
Really, Riot? Why do first buyers have to pay full price when that goes against everything else you've done - and why do people have to choose between a loading screen border and enjoying the skins sooner OR a discount and enjoying them a week later? You've found a really nice way to just disregard people who wait to buy skins as soon as they're out.
: Can we get a twitch E range indicator on kalista's E?
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: I think that Sion's update is great! However, I'm really disappointed to find that there's no Traditional Sion skin, unlike his fellow relaunched champs. New Sion looks and sounds as intimidating as he should, but as a long-time Sion player, I /love/ his old voiceover. Besides the ridiculous life-steal and health-stacking, I found myself playing him because his VO was just so charming. The constant barrage of Ahnold references made him memorable to me, and it'll really be a shame to see them gone forever. Could you comment on the decision to not give him a Traditional Sion skin, versus Traditional Trundle, Traditional Karma, and Traditional Sejuani?
Seeing as he doesn't even have audio or completed cast icons yet, I think they still have time to make a traditional skin. However, I'm right there with you in that I would really appreciate one.
: Going just from the preview of his kit and apperance... A) It's a revive passive that actively changes how he plays, isn't permanent, and makes sense for a character! That puts it above, like, every other revive passive in the game. B) Why does he have two knockups? I don't mind the one on his ult, and his Q does require some charge time, but do remember that knock-ups are probably the best CC in the game. Tenacity doesn't effect them and Yasuo can ult off of them. Yasuo does not need to be any stronger. C) The 'hitting a minion' case on his E is...weird. What's the point of it?
The hitting a minion is a long-range harass / chasing tool. Your E can only hit one enemy by default. If you hit a minion with it, it'll hurt and slow everything until it reaches the end of its path. I think it's a great skill.
: Sion Champion Update on the PBE!
Another impression - I was under the idea that his Q reached full power once the targeting indicator was no longer growing (and that it would just auto-cast if held too long, similar to how Vi's Q would cancel itself if held too long). Instead, the damage grows even after the targeting indicator stops growing. The fading red of the indicator seemed to indicate that the move was done. Instead, it will keep growing in damage until it auto-casts (or you let go of Q). Could use a little clarification on that end, I think. Additionally, the smart cast for it seems to be a little wonky right now. Is it meant to lock on to enemies specifically, or can it be smart cast? There were a few instances where it ignored my cursor.
: Really? The way it looks I figgured it would be a toggle like lucians ult, considering his body moves during it. R to activate, Right click to direct, R to cancel.
Nope. Right clicking (or left clicking, I'm not sure) cancelled it. Recasting R cancelled it. It goes into smart cast and follows your cursor and appears to lock the camera on you (which is actually pretty jarring the first few times - it kind of reminds me of the game over screen). It feels smooth once you get used to it, but it takes a few 140 second cooldown casts to get it down right.
: Sion Champion Update on the PBE!
I'd also like to add that his ult is not very intuitive. I've accidentally cancelled it about 3 times now, and there's no refund mechanic for it. It's not clear what to do - I think a left or right click ended up cancelling it last time. Does it automatically go into smart cast for movement (I.E., follows mouse, right clicking for distance points doesn't work)? I think some in-game clarification would go a long way. No joke intended.
: Sion Champion Update on the PBE!
You guys did such a good job here. You've really turned a kind of "eh" champion into pure gold. The only thing I'm kind of iffy about is the redesign of his new skins - none of them feature his new pale skin tone. Warmonger is also pretty underwhelming...at least there's a refund policy for them, I guess. I'm looking forward to his first new skin. Edit: Why does Warmonger Sion have purple skin? It looks pretty silly and clashes with the new SR. I like the armor and weapon of that skin a lot, though.
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