: Custom game Bug.
I had this same issue when yasuo was released on the PBE. The team should be fixing it soon if past indicators are anything to go by.
: Doran's Shield
Great change. Finally can nerf the insane amount of sustain that people get in top lane. makes matchups boring and stale.
Worked great. Easier to get a compiled view this way :D
: Hexakill Enabled on PBE!
Even thought the other game modes were better in my opinion I think this one will still have its success. The main problem is that these modes arent out for long enough. On another note, PATCH FASTER CLIENT.
: ravenous hydra bug
Keyword is damage i think. the "no" im assuming is an item specific tag that the shop recognizes as a hydra unique thing possibly so it filters the damage and narrows it down to hydra. idk. just tossing a guess out there
: Maybe they could add other types of 1 v 1 such as "melee only"
Or a possible ranged only?
: Rune Pages and Mystery Champion come to PBE
: pbe is not opening
Did you try repairing the client? Usually whenever I've gotten this error, a quick repair fixes the error.
: [11/23/13] List of currently known Yasuo Bugs
When I tried going into a custom game to test out if item actives have any effect the bots tend to ignore what lane you go into and go there either way. In previous custom games, I have gone into mid and no bots follow. However with Yasuo the bots seem to not recognize this and go there regardless.
: Some of it seems to be there, I was wondering what that was :P Does this mean no ward skins for Trinket wards?
I spammed the trinket as it came off cd and managed to get 1 ward off of it and it looked like the ward skin still applies. Didnt take an ss though.
: Cant attack inhibs/nexus and other bugs.
Can also confirm. I could not hit the inhibs/nexus on any melee champ while it worked fine when i tried it out with {{champion:40}}


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