: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Guardian of the Sands Kha'Zix
A bug I noticed (Pun intended) was that once you evolve your E (the wings) one of his claws is clipping through the wing! :s This bug has been mentioned by others, so I'm just reiterating!
: Doom Bots of Doom Enabled on PBE!
Game crashes if you try to activate an item that doesn't have an active /: Reproduction 10/10.
: PBE Bug Mega Thread - Summoner's Rift Update
The sound for turret attacks needs some adjusting and there's no sounds when a turret or inhibitor is being destroyed (might be due to just the audio engine).
: Launcher Won't Open
Seems like this is a widespread issue.. Tried reinstalling, but even then the launcher didn't open.. :s
: @Riot About Vel'koz Mana costs
I also think that his mana costs are a bit too low... When I was trying him out it felt like I was constantly using all abilities yet was at 60% mana the whole time. /:
: Diana too strong?
If anything she is very weak... Her win rate on live across all regions is barely 44-45%. So you most likely weren't very experienced in the matchup (No offence of course).
: Store skin purchases
: I finally did it! +bug inside
I believe this bug has been around for quite some time /:
: [Suggestion] Teambuilder
I hope they make it the way you described it! :)
: Ping, shield timing, and recent changes
Well... just because some people have higher than normal ping and this being PBE or live servers for that matter, I really don't think it makes any sense in buffing shield times.
: Can't unlock skin in champion select.
I wasn't able to purchase a skin after I locked in a champion in ranked as well. However my error was that ''the purchase simply couldn't be done at the time'', something similar to that at least.
: Ping problems!
If you are playing from EU, that's completely normal. People from EU usually don't get lower than 150ping, don't know about NA or other regions. Reason for this is that the PBE servers are located in Los Angeles at Riot headquarters.
: Reaction speed
If you are from EU, are you sure it's not the 200 ping? ;)
: Banning 4 Champions
Maybe simply add a 7th ban. Not 4 per side, but an extra ban for the purple team, because blue team already get to first pick. Having 8 bans might be too much, but we definitely need more and I think adding another ban for purple side could be nice.
: New Login Screen
Would be really cool if they could add a feature where the login music would be playing when in client. Of course with an option to turn it on/off in the settings :P
: Preseason Support / S4 Concern
Most of the times I'm a level or 2 behind as well, but you gain the levels pretty quick if you have the XP mastery and stay close higher level team mates. Either way you are less behind in levels than in S3.
: Too much trolling in PBE
I've had some experience with trolls and toxic players as well... which was very contrary to what I thought PBE would be. What I have almost every ranked game is that there always is someone who doesn't respect the pick order and thus instalocks whatever he wants to play and most of the times continues to flame everyone ingame.
: I think you're completely wrong about this, and whoever else is complaining about the lack of use for utility supports probably just doesn't know how to adapt their play style. I play Janna and Nami as my main supports, with Sona, Lulu and Zyra as other favourites, and rarely play Leona or Taric. Despite this I win my lane a lot, can keep myself alive easily (especially as Nami and Janna with their CC) and with the right build can deal a decent amount of damage in lane and in teamfights, or at the very least have max CDR so I can spam my spells. The game is no longer all about warding for supports, but with a sightstone and sweeping lens and a pink whenever you feel like you need one you can do pretty much the same as before, and everyone else has at least one ward to place in different parts of the map so there's less pressure on you alone to ward and you can spend your gold on other things. I generally rush sightstone and then work on cooldown/AP items. Just ward as you pass areas you need vision for at the current time and roam to help other people when needed. I agree that Leona and Taric etc are annoying to lane against but you can beat them. I'm a very aggressive support and I tend to get bush control and just zone and harass from the bushes. Play Nami against Leona and drop your stun on her when she jumps your ADC, or use any other support champs with decent disengages. Lulu's ult can cancel out a lot of spells, and is incredibly useful in team fights. Time your CC and you gain control of the situation. I love the new support changes, but I always built proper items on my support in S3 too, so maybe the adjustment was just less of a jump for me. TL;DR give S4 support changes a chance and don't give up on your favourites.
Of course it depends on your skill level and lane partner, but personally I just can't win with the same champs anymore, I don't think I've truly won as a support ever since S4 patch. Even if it's Janna vs Leona, Janna's ult has a lot longer CD, nearly 2x and considering the new buffs Leo got, even if you can deflect their first attack, once you come back to lane they will be able to do it again. This is just an example of what I've found lately and even in competitive matches... Only supports I've seen are Leona, Annie and Thresh, it's been well over half a year since I've seen a Janna or Nami. Clearly the game isn't very well balanced when 2/5 of all champions are considered or contested, not just supports but for every role.
: zyra is one of the top ranking supports right now, its like: God Tier: Annie Very Strong Tier: Thresh, Leona, Zyra
I really wouldn't put Zyra in the very strong tier.. Her range was nerfed and she is extremely squishy. However she most probably is the strongest utility support, if she can be counted as that.
: Riot has stated that they will not open other PBE servers ^^
Yeah, there most likely won't be any EU PBE servers. PBE is for testing and a small player base. I'm from EU and playing with 200ping isn't as fun and is harder, but it isn't impossible either.
: I honestly think there is no such thing as utility supports anymore. With the ward trinkets and gold gaining items I don't see a reason to have them around. I would much rather have a tank beside me being able to take hits and stun people for me instead of someone who can barely heal then get themselves killed. Also, with their low damage outputs I don't see them very viable to have trying to help in any battles.
Or the tanky supports are just a bit too strong right now, but I do agree, at the moment a tank support can definitely do a lot more in a teamfight.
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: Change The Store
I might be wrong, but I think they confirmed that they are working on that. Don't quote me on this though...
: For testing purposes, you get placed after 3 matches on PBE ^^
Oh ok! Just thought it was 5. :P
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: Security certificate doesn't match?
: Windows 8.1 and PBE
I played on Windows 8 and haven't noticed any performance drops in any game after upgrading to 8.1, if anything some games have seen improved framerates. Maybe installing the latest drivers will fix your FPS issues?
: "Activating" deathcap bug
Can confirm this as well. Could 'activate' my deathcap, but didn't see any change in stats from the 'activation'.
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: there are a lot of sites where you can look which changes are on the pbe. i mostly look at http://www.reignofgaming.net/news
Yes, I do that as well, but I think the patch notes should come straight from Riot and not a 3rd party site :)
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: "while playing a game **with bots** you would occasionally see the model of the champion on fog of war" I saw this bug also **on live within a normal game** (e.g. no bots). I was playing Riven and went over the wall of dragon pit, the dragon wasnt there and I headed bottom. Suddenly after I left the pit but still seeing it in FoW on the top right corner of my screen, **there was the enemy Vi shown within the FoW hitting something**. When I went back there was still nothing. The Vi really appeared on top lane seconds later. Therefore I guess it is similar to the minimap bug which also only shows up when a champ is about to appear somewhere else. Also I think it was some sort of "playback" of Vi fighting the dragon some minutes before.
That is a different bug that has been there for a long time /:


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