: > [{quoted}](name=TheLastShadowPBE,realm=PBE,application-id=A4D2003433C8FCD715185A7264A9CC6FDFAD7FEF,discussion-id=ZcXrf5uh,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-08-20T05:38:50.296+0000) > > Actually they do. they do? i thought gangpanks q procs tiamat and ravenous, but not titanic. its still intended behaviour, since the spin basically works like urgots w against the closest enemy champion.
Titanic is an on-hit item like ravenous so yeah.
: this is fully intended behaviour. for comparison, urgots w stacks rageblade and applies double on hits too. gangplanks and yasuos q also dont apply titanic hydra. the whole point of the rework was to add on hit effects to garens spin on the nearest enemy. this allows him to stack conqueror and rageblade. it should still trigger on-hits from rageblade with only 50% strength.
> gangplanks and yasuos q also dont apply titanic hydra. Actually they do.
: New Garen spin
Scratch that, it's all damage is halved while he is spinning.
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: Sylas Bug Thread
When Sylas ults someone he will have their voice lines play as if he is that champion. I did a custom practice tools game with a nasus and I sounded like nasus the whole time(even after using his ult).
: Just a few missing skins? Silent night Sona? The splash art for spelltheif lux looks like she is in a cold freljordian place?
It's already been said why Sona isn't allowed. > The splash art for spelltheif lux looks like she is in a cold freljordian place? Not really.
: Urf Bug Fix it or Give us All for one
> -URF was ment for us advance players {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}} Not even. It was meant to be fun for everyone. > Where are the good champions? The ones that make players mad? -example -Sona -Teemo -Ryze -Master Yi -etc -havent seen any of these yet Sona has been banned from URF for a long time now. I've seen teemo. Ryze doesn't have a winter and/or icy skin. Same with Yi.
: Poro King and Snow Battle ARURF coming to a PBE near you!
Limited summoners to flash and snowball: Cool Limited champion pool cause of skins: boring(some of us wanted to play Zoe, way to ruin that Riot) Anivia being seen in more games cause of limited champion pool: Check. The person playing her trolls their teammates: Super check. Remove Anivia.
: karma urf
You know you need to explain what the bug it.
: ARUrf? Limited Champion Pool.
I find it fun still. Wish they would remove {{champion:34}} cause i always get the anivias that troll their own team and would get them killed or prevent them from getting kills. Though I actually don't like the limited champion pool cause I wanted to play Zoe in ARURF, but can't.
: Zoe bug
That's TP, not {{item:3142}}
: Honor lv3 XD
TBH setting it to honor level 3 was a bad idea. Even toxic people can get that(I've run into a few). Honor 4 is what it should be.
: ***
You only proved my point. Good job dude, now if you would do us all a favor and stay of the PBE that would be great. We don't need your kind of negativity here at all.
: ***
How did someone as toxic as you get on the PBE?
: Not Having Enough BE Says "Not Enough IP"
There is no point in buying runes on the PBE(why are they even still up).
: Wrong, they deleted all the old accounts ~1 year ago and you had to put in for a new one. They might do a similar thing in the future, however, there is warning and if you already have one, you automatically get a new one by opening a ticket.
I've had this one for almost two years now. I haven't had mine deleted at all. Unless the ones you are talking about are much older than that(which I still find to be bs because I have seen people with the old beta icons still). Then everything you just said is false.
: Get skins from live to pbe?
You can't use skins on one account from another.
: Can I Lose My PBE Account Over Time?
You wont lose the account and you wont have to make new ones(though I had to because my last one's data broke in an odd way).
: WAAAAY Too Many Brazilians
If they are toxic then report them. No need to bring it up here.
: It does not actually give you that much. I think its just a float to string bug. It should be 21.50%
It was actually giving that much though. Jhins would have over 2k ms when they crit. But they already fixed it.
: Udyr - rune , the ultimate hat doesnt load In game
That's because Udyr doesn't actually have a coded ult.
: Diana - Passive aa Stacks and Rageblade
.... That's not a bug. You will get everything done in those 2 AA's that you would get done in 3 without Rageblade.
: riot please set a limit for PRESS THE ATTACK to make the game fairer
Anything Vandiril uploads is just for shits and giggles. None of this will actually be possible in a real game.
: Spellthief's Edge and Bandit
It just puts the gold you get from both procs in one number. It's normal.
: Runes Reforged PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread
The Demolish rune doesn't seem to take into count that someone activated {{item:3193}} for the reduced damage they should be dealing. So if you activate {{item:3193}} while Demolish is ready for a turret and there are 3 or more enemy champions near by for the 100% hp increase then you just get so much free damage on turret. Also, not sure if this is a bug or not but Demolish also doesn't seem to look to see if you have mountain drake. So you get no true damage from it's damage. Just what you would have done without it.
: I greatly preferred the Grasp that was teased to the one we currently have
: So are there still runes that are yet to be added? (other than the third keystone in the Inspiration Path)
: Runes Reforged PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread
Kleptomancy needs to be changed in what items it can give based on the map. I know "Howling Abyss" isn't a popular map but runes need to have special versions for each map. Kleptomancy can give wards on "Howling Abyss", which is not okay.
: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Beekeeper Singed!
A quote from PFC(again): "I am the pun police, and you are under arrest." {{champion:51}}
: You picked a bad time to log on. Once the champion is released it will stop lagging. It is lagging because tons of people are logging on that don't normally log on, because they want to play the new champion as opposed to wanting to find bugs. If you want to help find bugs without lag, wait until after the champion is released. If you're just here to test the new champion, you're part of the problem and the lag is because of you.
I've had the PBE since DJ Sona was made. There have been plenty on champions made since then and no lag was present for most of them. Plus, I've been seeing this lag since Urgots remake anyway, it's just the past few days it got worse.
: Ornn Bug Reports
(Bug or intended?) Ornn can't use his passive in ARAM unless it's the suggested items in the bar for him(which btw are horrible and can sometimes give 2 {{item:3068}} and not the upgrade). Please actually respond for once Szymba(cause you have a habit of not doing so) to clarify if what we are saying is a bug or not.
: Source?
: [Ornn] Unable to Break Enemy-Made Terrain
: Vayne's tumble double-stacking silver bolts
Riot has said that the Q applying two stacks is a bug.
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: Did ARURF tenacity get nerfed?
I liked to play {{champion:4}} or {{champion:9}} during when you got to pick.
: PBE NERFS FOR AURF! They Are Way Too OP...
: Brooo I said the same thing in my post. Like all they need to do is input a 10 ban system... That would get rid of all the broken champs while still allowing u to pick ur own char and having fun. Ppl were trying to say that having a 10 ban would open up for new broken char to pop up. Which I totally disagreed and still do and provided a reason why it wouldn't be a bad idea and no one has countered my last argument. Mainly cause there really isn't one. I hope Riot actually looks at this feedback and analyze it for what it is. Plus they could just try it on PBE and look at the feedback which im 100% confident they would get less negative feedback if any at all.
10 bans wont help since we will end up seeing 3-5 duplicate bans every game.
: Teleport in Arcade map
There is a current problem in general for the PBE(could just be Arcade map) where everything just stops all of a sudden.
: their is also the multiple mini rework rek'sai heimer rammus cho'gath leona? amumu shyvana? singed lux(ult cd) probably other I forgot and, in term of rework, I think galio and ww weren't there last time URF shows up
: you're right! Some of these were small enough that I didn't count them, I should have put Galio and WW though. :)
We already had WW for the last URF anyway so no need for him. That perma damage reduction was impossible to deal with. It should have been lowered and still should.
: New Mundo W: Weirdness
I will comment on what you said about {{item:3083}} though. It wont be useless for the fact that if you are using your W then you are in the middle of a fight so it wont proc anyway. So all you need to do is back off and let Warmogs heal you.
: New Mundo W: Weirdness
Ludens doesn't proc on himself but {{item:3092}} sure as hell does.
: You were correct, this was an issue with how his W handled true damage in general, not just red buff, we have fixed this.
Another one i found. {{item:2139}} does not proc on his normal Auto attacks when attacking a turret, but will start working once his W is active(of course doing the reduced damage).
: Kayn Bug Reports
Why the zero responses from this Rioter? How are we supposed to have known what is a bug or not with kayn while he was on the PBE? So for future ref, stay active on the boards if you are going to be posting these threads. I mean, how else are you going to collect feedback? Ignoring the thread definitely is not the way to do it.
: Currently intended, we playtested with Urgot W applying on hits at max effectiveness and his damage output was ridiculously high,
But red buff isn't really counted in that category anymore since it only applies a dot now instead of every time someone AA's. That is what I'm saying. You clearly misunderstood what I said. Just in case I wasn't clear enough I'll say it again. RED. BUFF. DOES. NOT. APPLY. ON. EVERY. AUTO. ANYMORE. revert the damage to normal for red buff while his W is active because there is zero reason to bring it to 33% damage.
: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0wOh_BJFpAA His interaction with Swain I think was meant for LeBlanc, the context of "I will not bow to a deceiver." doesn't fit Swain while LeBlanc's title is "The Deceiver". Is this going to be fixed?
It's because swain lied to many people in the past and got people killed because of it. LeBlanc is called "The Deceiver" cause of her abilities. All interactions are based on lore and abilities.
: Urgot Bug and Feedback Thread
Red buff dot is also affected by the 33% while his W is active. I don't think it should be.
: #SaveTheUrgot - My thoughts
I couldn't make very far into the video cause of all the complaining and annoying voice.
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