: You picked a bad time to log on. Once the champion is released it will stop lagging. It is lagging because tons of people are logging on that don't normally log on, because they want to play the new champion as opposed to wanting to find bugs. If you want to help find bugs without lag, wait until after the champion is released. If you're just here to test the new champion, you're part of the problem and the lag is because of you.
I've had the PBE since DJ Sona was made. There have been plenty on champions made since then and no lag was present for most of them. Plus, I've been seeing this lag since Urgots remake anyway, it's just the past few days it got worse.
: Ornn Bug Reports
(Bug or intended?) Ornn can't use his passive in ARAM unless it's the suggested items in the bar for him(which btw are horrible and can sometimes give 2 {{item:3068}} and not the upgrade). Please actually respond for once Szymba(cause you have a habit of not doing so) to clarify if what we are saying is a bug or not.
: Source?
: [Ornn] Unable to Break Enemy-Made Terrain
: Vayne's tumble double-stacking silver bolts
Riot has said that the Q applying two stacks is a bug.
Rioter Comments
: Did ARURF tenacity get nerfed?
I liked to play {{champion:4}} or {{champion:9}} during when you got to pick.
: PBE NERFS FOR AURF! They Are Way Too OP...
: Brooo I said the same thing in my post. Like all they need to do is input a 10 ban system... That would get rid of all the broken champs while still allowing u to pick ur own char and having fun. Ppl were trying to say that having a 10 ban would open up for new broken char to pop up. Which I totally disagreed and still do and provided a reason why it wouldn't be a bad idea and no one has countered my last argument. Mainly cause there really isn't one. I hope Riot actually looks at this feedback and analyze it for what it is. Plus they could just try it on PBE and look at the feedback which im 100% confident they would get less negative feedback if any at all.
10 bans wont help since we will end up seeing 3-5 duplicate bans every game.
: Teleport in Arcade map
There is a current problem in general for the PBE(could just be Arcade map) where everything just stops all of a sudden.
: their is also the multiple mini rework rek'sai heimer rammus cho'gath leona? amumu shyvana? singed lux(ult cd) probably other I forgot and, in term of rework, I think galio and ww weren't there last time URF shows up
: you're right! Some of these were small enough that I didn't count them, I should have put Galio and WW though. :)
We already had WW for the last URF anyway so no need for him. That perma damage reduction was impossible to deal with. It should have been lowered and still should.
: New Mundo W: Weirdness
I will comment on what you said about {{item:3083}} though. It wont be useless for the fact that if you are using your W then you are in the middle of a fight so it wont proc anyway. So all you need to do is back off and let Warmogs heal you.
: New Mundo W: Weirdness
Ludens doesn't proc on himself but {{item:3092}} sure as hell does.
: You were correct, this was an issue with how his W handled true damage in general, not just red buff, we have fixed this.
Another one i found. {{item:2139}} does not proc on his normal Auto attacks when attacking a turret, but will start working once his W is active(of course doing the reduced damage).
: Kayn Bug Reports
Why the zero responses from this Rioter? How are we supposed to have known what is a bug or not with kayn while he was on the PBE? So for future ref, stay active on the boards if you are going to be posting these threads. I mean, how else are you going to collect feedback? Ignoring the thread definitely is not the way to do it.
: Currently intended, we playtested with Urgot W applying on hits at max effectiveness and his damage output was ridiculously high,
But red buff isn't really counted in that category anymore since it only applies a dot now instead of every time someone AA's. That is what I'm saying. You clearly misunderstood what I said. Just in case I wasn't clear enough I'll say it again. RED. BUFF. DOES. NOT. APPLY. ON. EVERY. AUTO. ANYMORE. revert the damage to normal for red buff while his W is active because there is zero reason to bring it to 33% damage.
: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0wOh_BJFpAA His interaction with Swain I think was meant for LeBlanc, the context of "I will not bow to a deceiver." doesn't fit Swain while LeBlanc's title is "The Deceiver". Is this going to be fixed?
It's because swain lied to many people in the past and got people killed because of it. LeBlanc is called "The Deceiver" cause of her abilities. All interactions are based on lore and abilities.
: Urgot Bug and Feedback Thread
Red buff dot is also affected by the 33% while his W is active. I don't think it should be.
: #SaveTheUrgot - My thoughts
I couldn't make very far into the video cause of all the complaining and annoying voice.
: Urgot Bug and Feedback Thread
If an Urgot is in game it causes some performance issues. My brother and I were bouncing all over the place with 27ms and 139 fps. I even did a few custom games on my own, one with him and one without him to confirm this. I had no issues in the one without him, but had issues with him.
: Kayn Bug Reports
: Kayn Bug Reports
So my brother and I were doing a custom game with the new champion and Sivir. So what happened was we found out you could have Sivir use E to block him from possessing you with his ult(Not a bug, just good timing) but you can't spellshield the damage portion.(Bug?)
Rioter Comments
: Hi hi! Awesome bugs, well, that you found them, anyhow! :) We're on the case, heh, for both of them, and you should see fixes on the PBE in the next few days!
> We're on the case A quote from PFC: "I am the pun police, and you are under arrest."
: PFE no Rioter responding
Just because they don't comment doesn't mean they aren't reading the posts.
: Rammus W now cancels his Q
They are like that even on live. This is not a bug.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Pulsefire Caitlyn!
[Visual Bug with head shot and {{champion:51}} 's suit] So I noticed when you have head shot ready your gun will glow red(normally blue) and same with some of the suit. But when you get your head shot passive ready while in a bush her suit wont change to the red glow. Also the red particle from the gun sticks around when you are recalling making it look like you put a whole in the portal.
: Ancient Coin interacts oddly with Udyr
They made note that you still cap at 18 points.
: Maximum health you can get?
That is the highest it will show, it will keep going up but also has a chance to reset your HP.
: ?? This new ?? I almost only play Range champ supports and have used this item with them and remember giving gold to my team with it.
They made range champions unable to execute a few patches after it was made(It came out the same time first one-for-all came out and everyone abused it like no other) And I see you are mixing up execute and gold share. The execute is melee only, gold share is for everyone.
: There is a Bug with Relic shield and Ranged Champs (or at least with Swain), It does not execute minions. Instead I was getting a Attack speed Boost (went from .81 to 1.81) if they are at or under the execute threshold. Makes actually killing them every hard because his auto attacks are so bad.
> There is a Bug with Relic shield and Ranged Champs (or at least with Swain) Range champions can't do the execute anyway, it's not just swain.
: ACTUALLY infinite hp
https://youtu.be/5GE--q4i8Rs I did this with Titanic hydra.
: No he didnt. He said it was already reported (good) then told me to follow the how-to (unnecessary and that is rude). For one He does not make calls as to what is and isnt a bug. Second It could very well NOT be a bug and something Riot put up with out change notes (tho i this case it is not). He does this all over the boards telling people (rudely mind you) as if he is an employee. When what he should be doing is just pointing them to the thread it is on or like 99% of everyone else just ignore it and let Riot replay or others confirm.
Again, 90% of the time it's will be the players doing the talking on the boards and not riot. So that means what Catman was doing it fine and it helps reduce the clutter on the boards. You're the only I have seen so far that has been this negative to Catman. The PBE community doesn't need people like you.
: My post is the only one showing for "New", "Recent", "Hot" or "Best" under Client & New Features. Because this is a Client issue and could very well be a change they actually wanted to test. Also Let the Riot employees do their job. You doing it makes you sound like a well a up tight Jerk. Pointing out that its on the Bug forum is fine. TELLING me what to do is NOT fine.
Riot doesn't spend a whole lot of time on the boards. So it's also up to the players to help each other out. He tried to direct you to a previous post about and tell you that it is a bug(WHICH IT IS) and you have been nothing but an ass to him.
: I did look, there was none on the first page it is something I though others would be talking about. FYI Your name does not show you are a riot employee or moderator Error?
: Practice tool selects champion at random
: There are more champions that are worse than her, like every AD champion out there. Get smart and buy {{item:3111}} . It stacks with the urf tenacity giving you 50% tenacity. If you want to be cruel get elixir of iron on top of that.
I actually bought {{item:3111}} last night while playing URF and it brings it to 48%.
: Is Zed Disabled on ARURF?
: I'm ready to see evelynn, hecarim, katarina and anothers op champs in the "random pick" (Idk if they change it now, but at the first time the random come was not like a random)
I know the feels. I played about 15 games of ARURF and maybe 12 of them had {{champion:39}} either ally or enemy and sometimes both teams.
: ARURF enabled soon on PBE for testing
I think in ARURF all champions should be available since the only people who enjoy All random are the ARAM only accounts. Having it so that all champions are available will make it less likely to get the same champion again and again.
: Hunt of the Blood Moon game mode available shortly on PBE
Everyone's walking speech plays way to much in this game mode. I was playing {{champion:85}} and my walking speech would not stop throughout the whole game.
: Oh yes, oh yes! There will be a portal VERY SOON (not TM)! It was a bit incomplete when it made it out onto PBE, should be in either today or tomorrow...if nothing goes wrong!
I just saw the Recall update and I like it. But his E could also use a visual update.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Blood Moon Twisted Fate
Can the gate he makes when he recalls get some kind of portal appear in the middle? It just feels lacking with him simply walking into and empty gate. The Ult visuals btw are beautiful. Oh and his E is a little hard to see floating around him.
: It will be for 2 weeks in a row, like our previous runs of modes have been (excluding Nexus Siege) This run of Poro King is actually an exception, and we wouldn't normally run a mode like this 4 times in a row (and yes, it'll actually be 4, not 3 like the picture indicates); However, we have a few reasons for doing this: * Due to getting all of the modes into the New Client, we are slowing down our cadence (hence the 2 weeks per mode) * Poro King has been updated with some new gameplay that we think will give a fresh experience. It would've likely been run for 2 weeks regardless. * Due to the Holiday, we chose to run this mode longer than we normally would. In the past, Poro King has always been active for the entire Winter Holiday, which we wanted to uphold. It used to be on for 2 weeks (14 days) straight with no off-period in between, however this season it will be run according to the RGM schedule, but for 4 weekends in a row. On top of that, League in general usually experiences a slow-down in new features in a patch during the Holiday season either way, so this made the most sense to us ^^; I don't think this answer will make you happy, but these are our reasons.
4 times, really? Now you guys have really screwed up your own feature. When you guys first made this feature we as the community thought "Rotating Game Mode" would mean we would see all the games pop up at about the same rate. Now it's "We made a small change to a game mode and will appear twice in a row because we think this is what you want game mode". Please have the modes that we want to see more often actually appear. You guys are making the community hate you more and more each day because you guys don't show any sign of actually listening to us.
: [Air Client + League Client Update] Ascension is now enabled for testing!
I would like to say, when you put it on live can you not have it two weeks in a row like you have done with the others. Also why is this a thing? https://2.bp.blogspot.com/-4Dij_FAEhN8/WEqux12zw9I/AAAAAAAAZ8k/1MyD7f5xdk4mXGXCGc3st5WF8BHA7pK9ACLcB/s1600/fsdbgadfgf.jpg Three times in a row is completely unnecessary.
: We're actually not making Ivern's passive work against the Udyr camps. We made it to where he can now auto attack and damage the Udyr controlled camps as if they were minions.
Then I missread what i saw a few days ago.
: Only jungle camp I've seen wander is Rift Herald and Ivern can't use his passive on Epic Monsters anyways.
If Udyr is in the game he will make camps attack you.
: Seeing as they're not in there camp, the passive cannot be used, however, they should be able to be smited, even if they are in _his_ service.
Riot is making it so that he can use his passive on ones controlled by Udyr.
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