: Nexus Blitz 2.0 - Feedback Thread!
So how long do you think until we get Blitz enabled, or the patch notes for it released? Just asking since this post seems to have come out earlier than the actual gamemode.
: HYPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
: New Render Code Path activated on all Champs
Sorry if this is a question from naivety/inexperience, but do you know what the projected results are for this change? Thanks for the heads up on the change! ^^
: Doom Bots of Doom going live soon on PBE for the RGM queue
I'm super hyped! Seems like a really fun way to challenge ourselves with some fun, and get rewarded for it! I can't wait to test this on the pbe and play with my friends on live! Edit: Thank you for the information L4T3NCY <3
: Nexus Siege changes now up for testing on PBE!
Thank you for the constant updates! Hoping on right now to see on the changes in action. Really appreciate the hard work here.
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: What does it change if we move the cursor far away after casting E ? Also, sorry to ask for that, but why Shen players don't have any official thread on the PBE's forums and why rioters don't communicate about him when we (the community) try to find some solutions ?
Nothing (should) change if you move your cursor enough after casting E. This change only prevents issues when some players would E then immediately Q, only to have their Q go behind them (the direction they came from). Which is a fairly common issue. You are right, Shen doesn't have a discussion thread, he does have an [official thread to post bugs on](http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/ahm8lNsp-shen-bug-report-thread) but no way to discussion new features. Until Riot gets on that, I'd recommend starting your own discussion or finding someone else's to discuss his rework. Though I disagree with you when you say Riot hasn't been communicating. Riot has been communicating with us as best they can, but they work to put out bug fixes and insert new content every work day on the PBE, as well as try to look at every bug report on all the live servers and PBE. Shen is a **big** topic for this coming patch. I'm sure they want to see all the discussion around him, but it might have slipped their minds about making the discussion thread (they're humans, it happens). It doesn't mean that Rioters don't communicate at all or that they're leaving the community to find all these "solutions" you speak of (what solutions? we break things... >.>). tl;dr: Poppy's E-Q won't change with significant cursor movement. Post your own discussion / in someone elses to discuss Shen. Riot will most likely make a thread soon for a more official, stickied discussion. {{champion:103}}
: considering that you want to use poppy's q to slow them in the direction of escape after the stun i can't think of any situation in which i'd want the q pointed directly at the wall .-. just seems noob trappy and learning to aim it after using e should have been another skill to learn when mastering poppy
Hey Tangy! (we played a game against each other recently :D) It does seem a bit noob trappish when you put it like that. But I think the goal here is to be situationally helpful in mitigating punishment for learning the champion. You can still use poppy's Q like you mentioned, toward their escape direction, which is especially helpful after stunning them. And that's something that every Poppy player should learn to do in their goal for mastery. However, there will be times when you're learning the champion that you'll use your Q too quickly after you E, and because your cursor hasn't really moved... oops it went way the wrong way, you might not even have hit them with Q at all! It's also worth noting that this QoL change is especially potent when you don't stun your target to the wall, and allows for a quicker E-Q to help you get that slow off faster. As RiotSolcrushed said, > "The auto aiming will only kick in if your mouse cursor has not moved significantly after casting E. **This should not intrude on your E-Q in the vast majority of cases.**" We're now asked to make sure that, as RiotSolcrushed has said, it *doesn't* intrude on your E-Q when you're using it properly. As well as to make sure that when this new safety-net/change triggers, that it doesn't harm your gameplay with Poppy. Tell me if I misunderstood something or I'm completely wrong! - A huge fan of the reworked Poppy {{champion:103}} {{champion:78}} (EDIT: Yeah, remember seeing all those Poppy players who'd E someone, then immediately Q behind themselves? This is intended to help those players ;3 ).
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: PBE Content Being Removed for Loot System Testing
So I read this post before logging onto the PBE, understood I was going to loose all of my unlockable content, that's fine, I can get it back easily enough with time (though skins haven't been reset yet). However, it was my understanding that ONLY the stuff that you can re-unlock would be lost? As it turns out, my "Grand Master Beta Tester" icon was missing from my icon selection, even though it shows as still selected. I did check the store, in case of; "Hey maybe Riot added the icon to the store while I wasn't looking?" It's not in the store... So down to the point: May I please have my icon back? I've held onto it and cared for it for so long and would really like to keep using it to show off my years of dedication to this game! =) [My proof.](http://i965.photobucket.com/albums/ae135/FBH_DarkLord/Screenshot%20-%201_13_2016%20%206_13_04%20PM%20combination_zpsc8cvufmx.png) Back to testing! <3 {{champion:103}}
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: Runes description
Has officially been fixed as of this afternoon. Thanks for your report, it helps to bring more attention to the issue. And there's nothing wrong with making a new post if you can't find a topic with your issue easily. It doesn't negatively affect anyone or anything. =)
: Potential fix for new champion select crash. Verification needed!
I'll be heading in shortly to also test out this fix. Thanks for informing us about it! {{champion:103}}
: Untitled Runes
Same issue here, can't see any of the rune names in the shop. ;-(
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: [MAJOR Mastery Bug] Thunderlord's Decree DOESN'T WORK in some games
I actually just had the same issue occur to me while I was playing Leblanc. It was frustrating because there was also an Ashe on my team who could use the mastery, while I couldn't. ;/
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: Goodbye following Summoners of PBE:
I personally liked some points Sevenix made. With these new changes, it's likely to increase the **New champ or I dodge** behavior currently seen on the PBE. I feel it also brings up many other important questions that Riot hasn't answered or other topics that haven't been revealed yet. Will long time PBE testers be affected by this? When so many have been frequently reporting issues and problems for years? Will the connection to live accounts bring summoner icons with them, or perhaps other perks that are likely to create superiority amongst incoming PBE testers over regular live players and old PBE players who got little to nothing in return for their long service? There are too many issues in what little we know of the new system, and from an inexperienced standpoint; it seems far easier to purge old accounts that aren't used and/or open up a tribunal that could help purge toxic accounts. Then using these new open account slots that can be used for new accounts on the PBE for whenever "X" number of account placements are open. However, I feel I have to state that I'm no professional. These were the words of a peanut amongst the peanut gallery.


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