: I can now do my Mage Shyvana! =D
I build her pretty weird compared to most other Shyvana mains (Titanic, Cinderhulk). I sometimes sneak Rylai's Torment into my build and this justifies it now. Hopefully this will have some merit soon as I plan to grind ranked over the summer.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Super Galaxy Shyvana!
As long as it has pew pew us Shyvana mains approve.
: Can we keep Shyvana's W damage the same but remove 20% extra to minions and monsnters?
Lane Shyvana is what induced this nerf. Cinderhulk Shyv top is insanely strong while jungle shyvana is lackluster. Nerfing the base damage is what reduces some of lane Shyvana's damage and pressure.
: how bronze are you to think this dude its just a matter of shyvana going top smite or just jg shyvana cinder hulk and burnout were a strong combo so stop arguing it, and then you and a friend down vote me it's a conversation. On top of all of this shyvana can get kited ez ever heard of kalista hole shift left click shyvana can keep up caitlyn, graves, vayne, draven, tristana all kite tanks shyvana has 1 gap close and thats it other than that she can be kited easy.
I'm gold V with a 83% winrate as shyvana and a 6.31 kda. http://gyazo.com/682a29879934c58c8ad7ff57e6574257 please stop talking
: have you tried it on her its broken as udry with it now just cause something changes dosn't mean lets not build it anymore it means you gotta play different, plus marksman kite shyvs weakness is being kited.
A good Shyvana will never be kited becase she would've killed the ADc already. The new devourer is not good on Shyvana because the most of her on hit effects that she has already proc off of every auto and she loses the unlimited scaling from it. If Cinderhulk outshined Devourer in most situations on live it will most definitely outshine it now.
: Yeah, Shyvana with cinderhulk top is almost literally unbeatable. If you even go in to farm you take about 250 damage for no reason other than standing near her.
I see your point but this is just a straight nerf to her in general. This almost destroys jungle Shyvana and I think there should be compensation buffs for jungle Shyvana.
: mainly for the cinderhulk top laners rather than another cinderhulk nerf a direct nerf. Plus burnout isn't what make devour op on shyv it's the combo of auto q and you hit them 4 times with the new devour like renektons w it hits twice in one auto so it piratically just makes fighting her overwhelming as a fighter marksman should have no problem against shyvana.
A marksman SHOULD have a problem against her as she's supposed to be ulting the backline to kill them. Devourer was only a good item on her because of the burst potential with Q from Devourer's unlimited scaling. (I personally prefer Cinderhulk Shyvana because it's better for the team.) With the new devourer there is no reason to build it on her anymore and that's where the damage complaints arose. The Burnout nerf is unnecessary because her damage potential already falls off like a rock and nerfing the base damage is a nerf to the on hit damage and her overall clear speeds.
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: launcher cutting off edges?
I have this problem as well.
: PBE Patcher Size Problem
Same, even if you remove it the options button is cut off so you cant repair it.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Championship Shyvana
Rito pls, this is such an easy fix. Put capital I on right gauntlet, put a capital V on the left one. Her gauntlets are asymmetrical anyways, and I'm sure the rest of the community would be pleased with this.


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