: Yasuo doesnt take fountain damage when ulting
To be more precise, only auto attacks that are ranged (adc) or DoT applied earlier before he ults will only be in effect. Well thats how i tested it. I died while cait was shooting me
: Azir, the Emperor of the Sands
Theres frames skipping when Azir attempts to revive a tower, and it really bugs me since after those frames skip, theres already enemies trying to kill you. Repro: 1. Have Azir destroy a tower. 2. Have Azir revive tower. 3. Screen Freezes for a little bit, then stops freezing. P.S I tested this while recording, and whenever I tried to revive a tower, my video just freezes for one second and skips the frame.
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: Azir, the Emperor of the Sands
For a while now, I have noticed that Azir, when raising a tower, there is a 1-2 second freeze before the tower is revived. Re-Pro: 1. Azir destroys normal tower. 2. Azir revives tower. 3. Freezing begins. There are some people who account this, if this has happened, thumbs up this comment.
: Yasuo Game Crash
Same, but I was in Ascension game mode.
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: Riven nerfs Again? Really Riot? Say no to Chain Nerf Bats
Does it really matter? She still kills people like a bawse...
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: It was on testing from 10 pm to 2 am CET, it will be live today at the same time
If you are in NA, TB will be live at 2pm-5pm PST
: Can't connect to the game.
I got this too. I wanted to play a game with Vi just now, and I reclogged several times. I don't really know how this happens... Re-Produce: 1. Login to PBE Server. 2. Enter in a Normals 5v5 game. 3. Champ Select and enter game. 4. Black Screen. Then League Exits and tells you that the game has crashed or you have been disconnected. This is what happened right? [Edit]Ah after a while it fixed itself
: "This is the PBE, you're not going to get banned"
Perhaps you have Quick-Cast on? It's either that or you simply pressed Q twice. Can you recreate the events and explain it?
: Team Builder available on the PBE! Monday (1/13) and Tuesday (1/14) from 1:00 - 5:00 PM PST!
So... does anyone know when it comes back? I kinda want to try it out...
: I think this is because that would cause their own abilities to be used against them is the problem. If i think about it a majority of the champions can be considered air born at some point and if {{champion:157}} can ult them then what good are they to pick in a game. His ult is meant to rely on his ability to hit skill shots and his team comp not the other teams. Trist rely on her jump the same as kha but I do not think we should punish people for playing them. That is just my thought on that but I have another thing I sometimes see as issue with. Sometimes I will see enemies get hit with abilities that are not labeled as knock ups and see the marker for my ult. I have not played Yasuo in a while but what things are considered a knock up for his ult?
Yeah true there are several things that can also be ulted with (Thresh's Grab AKA Q Ability)
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: No rp and ip and it's saturday .-.
well the script is broken to automatically reward people, so hopefully Riot can fix this.
: No rp and ip and it's saturday .-.
You only get RP/IP on ***Sundays.***
: Lvl 30
Oh its a good thing i looked at this post, I also need lvling changes and RP/IP awarding.. Thanks in Advance!


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