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: Aurelion sol is way to strong and needs a nerf in TFT
: Patch 9.13 eune release ? Hope it comes out this patch because these pbe server are already being massacred
: PBE Login Queue - Getting out of hand?
I tried camping out yesterday when the day before that took me 10h to join,then the server was restarted for maintenance and got kicked out 16 hours to join? yeah fuck that today it was 22 hours.If you really want to join go wait for server maintenance then when everybody gets out join yet i am sure people with faster net than you will get there first happened a lot of times that i got sent back few hours
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: 2 TFT Bugs (Taking Damage twice at end of round, and losing item from Carousel)
Happened to me too with brand i thought it happened only to me i think that units are in constant agro and when they deactivate agro they fire at the nearest enemy little legend though it didn't let me post about it here yesterday kek


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