: Santa Gragas has been removed from the skins I own
still have both.. did you rebuy both champions? and are you positive you had them?
: which mbp? and is this also on live?
13 inches, late 2011. The champion select bug, yes; these random crashes nope
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: [MAC CLIENT] Loading game only after playing fully the champ select song.
YES! ONE OF US! ONE OF US! I have this problem for ages; usually only happens on the 1st game of the client - so I usually just do a custom, since the wait is so long the game starts without me. But it would be helpful if it got fixed.
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: Mac Client Pinging
I actually use the wheel think just fine, never really any prob. but may be a new thing
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: Disconnected from loading screen, unable to reconnect or even log into PBE
server is in maintenance for about 2 hours http://status.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/#pbe
: Riot, We need to fix PBE.
> Ques take about 10 minutes to find a game and when you want to try out a new champion or try out a new skin, most people auto lock them and your forced into another role you dislike If you can't play the champion, just play a custom, you can usually find something. If, in a regular game, you can't play the champ, but someone has, hey! at least its getting tested
: PBE Names Cleanup
Which are the good names?
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: yep this is probably a server bug im hoping and not a client bug because if it is that'll be pretty awful
its related to lulu and ezreals in game apparently
: I can't log in?
you just have to wait; and please check the boards to avoid repeating the same bugs
: Game Disconnect
happened to me just now in an aram; same problem, ping goes up; attempting to reconnect; the client is on the main screen
: Toggle on/off "Show Offline Friends" should fix the amount
already done that; it will probably be alright once I re-log in though
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: We need your help! Please report Mac crashes here.
As some of these guys have already stated, the "League of Legends" app crashed after the game is over ("LolClient" doesnt, so its not really problematic for now). http://jpst.it/yt6V
: Can't see other peoples match history?
I think if you´re logged in here you should be able to see it
: nevermind, ranked went back up like the second i posted this lmfao
: Soon(tm). If the message is still on the Server Status Page, the problem has not yet been fixed.
sometimes they dont update/remove them, thats why I was wondering; but yeah with the lack of "patching" I assumed everything was the same :/
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: An oppinion on Mark/Dash
I get what you're saying in terms that it doesn't "prepare" so well to SR, since every champion has the ability to chose a relevant form of gap closing (which in most cases was absent). However I have to disagree with some things; first of all, the all "training" aspect doesn't really speak to me; its different maps, different strategies, etc. I get that ARAM prepares you well for team fights, but other than that, meh. I believe the main reason they added it was so that we can back up a little on the whole pokey/disengagey crazyness we've all seen in some ARAMs and so that the enemy team (the 5 melees kind) can actually stay in the game and fight for a win. I do think the CD should be increased and the dmg probably tweaked a bit. Anyway this post (http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/client-new-features-feedback/ckcbZ46E-markdash-needs-to-be-tweaked) has some good opinions has well, you can check it out. Stay well
: Champion mastery grades not working on Zed
What game mode did you play? Are you sure the champion mastery feature is enable on said mode?
: If you're logged in on the website while you browse your friend's history, you should be able to see your own name in his games just fine.
: Skin Boost doesn't unlock skins for re-rolled champs
I played a game yesterday in which I'm pretty sure a got a skin for a rerolled champion; when I rerolled a new message showed up in char teeling me which skin was being "gifted" for the game; but yeah it may have something to do with the locked skins
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: Bans are useless in Nemesis Draft
I think the idea behind the bans is so that the enemy team can't give you the champions you dont wanna play, just that
: Baron does not attack in "Nemeisis Draft"
i played a nemesis just now and i think it did damage to us; both baron and dragon, may be fixed already
: Bloodthirster's shield visual bug
: [Game] Ohmwrecker not working on Inhibitor or nexus towers
I think I got the same problem, hope it gets solved
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: Acension freeze.
Yeah, happened in the 2 ascension games I played today; do you happen do have a Mac?
: Cassiopeia, Texture and Gameplay Update
Are these changes already on the PBE?
: Summoners Rift Jungle Bug
Yes, its happening on the new map; makes jungling very interesting - duo top meta here we come xD
: Jungle
Yes! Mine were on the new map, on Team Builder; had played a ranked before (on the old SR) and everything was fine
: Thank you good sir i now know why i haven't got it here {{item:3301}} as my payment
lol thanks! really helpful stuff!!!
: 'Purchased!'?
Yes, it happened to me too
They are trying to solve this, they already posted it. If you are on the PBE if can't expect things to always work as intended, that's why this is a beta tester. Just wait and a fix will be available
: Mac is Live!!!
yeah, still happens in 10.9.3 too
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: PBE won't start
Not working on Mac either
: To all the Mac users of PBE
Hey. My game has been crashing a lot lately (both in PBE and in the live servers). Usually I don't get any crash report since my game just freezes and I can't even exit it, or go to another app, which leaves me with restarting my computer.
: There is a delay when spectating a match. So people actually can spectate match even when you have finished it.
: The same summoner spells are being selected from the last match you played on Howling Abyss map (aram or custom normal game).
yeah I thought it was being saved from some "last match played" but couldn't figure out which
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