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: Doesn't need fixing. This usually happens, some stuff doesn't go on PBE, mostly happens to icons and wards. Now that emotes are here, they won't include certain emotes! If you want those emotes go to live and buy them, sorry! c=
: Is it just me or is PBE more toxic?
I sadly need to agree that PBE is even more toxic now. Maybe this also reflects, that Honor 3/4 is easily obtained even if your core is rotten and toxic... :( And that toxicity is released in PBE where there is more room to flame to "unready" products and maybe they think that it does not have any punishment for their real accounts. {{sticker:sg-janna}}
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: rp and blue essence, also the Emojis.
The BE won't reset as stated in Riot Banhammers daily Log a week ago. Just buy chests with RP and disenchant all the shards :D And Emotes don't work sometimes, try aram there they should work everytime.
: 20000 BE but I had more ?
I am experiencing the same issue. For now, we should be patient and wait if the next maintenance changes it back, or something similar.


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