: “Invasion” PvE game mode falling from the stars to PBE soon for testing.
Two Enemies make this mode on Onslaught nearly impossible to complete. **HUGE** Shooty Eyeball Monster and **HUGE** Big Stompy Monster. Here's why. No matter how we try. We all hopelessly die from the non-stop damage. I usually pick Poppy to be able to revive my teammates but even going a full tank build, Spirit Visage, Warmongers, and Adaptive Helm. I'm still getting mowed down before I can save them. And its super random and instant. But thats not the worst part. **HUGE Big Stompy Monster**: This has to be the 2nd most annoying thing to deal with because it has so much health, and even if you hit it with {{champion:222}} Sharks, Have {{champion:21}} Ult the beast, Me as {{champion:78}} Stun it right after it gets out of {{champion:222}} Sharks. It **STILL** comes straight for you and seems to be unstoppable. It feels like a Boss and shouldn't. One is one thing, but two at the same time? Its nearly impossible to take them both down without one of us dying. **HUGE** Shooty Eyeball Monster: This one is the worst of the worst. You can't dodge its lasers. You can build MR and still die in an instant. Even as a full tank Poppy. I can't get to it in time to stop it from melting my teammates. Which is lame because if I stun it I can kill it. Maybe just reduce the damage it does over time? Or damage in general? Because even if you do attempt to weave out the way of its laser. The Balls from the Shooty Eye will kill you anyway. **Escape:** This mode is hard any way but when we get about to the halfway point where it should get hard. The **HUGE** Shooty Eyeball Monster pretty much locks on to the only one of us who is alive, usually me, and pretty much says "Ha you have to lose now" and just locks on and you die. It's not even so much about dodging skillshots because you can't dodge it. Especially in this mode. I'm all for having a difficult team building game mode revolving around working together but Invasion has the potential to be your best game mode Riot. It is So. MUCH. **FUN!!** But maybe tweek the damage a bit.
: Its hard to even beat the normal difficulty and i really think they need to tone down there damage and what abilities they should use cause its really frustrating. I cant have any fun where there kogs everywhere doing almost full build damage. And also bring the heath down of the Rek'sai's and chos cause there just too tanky
It's not unreasonably hard on Normal Mode in my opinion aside from the Big Boss. Which makes sense. It's the Big Boss.
: Hard to locate dead teammates in Invasion
I agree. I'll see the skull and crossbones and pretty much run over there and pray I step on them..lol
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: Given her rather low attack range I think her Q is fine as is since it is her only non-ult, non "set-up" attack. Maybe a slight nerf to base damages? but otherwise longer ranged adcs and ranged supports wouldn't have much of an issue trading outside of her range without worry. Her E damage can be potentially scary if she is allowed to stack feathers, but as long as the carries follow up the tanks I doubt she will be a huge issue, even with her ult.
Yeah I've tried her a bit myself. She takes more skill than I assumed to play. From being able to CS while at the same time setting up Feathers. The only way to do damage as her is to properly execute her combos which isn't all that easy. Q on its own doesn't do much damage. Q + E does a bit more. Landing Q + AA + W + E does a bunch as it should. Every ADC has the potential to out Poke her unless she's got a good support with shields or heals. I dunno. I actually still think they should reduce her base damage if she proves to be doing too much damage too early. Like, that's Draven's thing ya know?
: I think rakan should be able to self cast E, or at least once on himself and twice if he does it on ally.
I feel if he were given that option he'd be too much off a hassel to deal with Mid Lane since he already gets a shield even while in combat. I feel like they made his kit in a way that he's really only useful as a Support which I like and isn't built for other lanes like many Supports can do, ya know?
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: Autolocking itself isn't against the Summoner's Code, but refusing to cooperate with lane calls is. Just because someone wants to play a champion, doesn't mean they are breaking any rules. And "BM'ing" would count as Unsportmen-like Behavior or Negative Attitude. Verbal Abuse is for flaming, toxicity, spam pinging, etc.
Yeah the Auto locking honestly is annoying but thats not really what bothers me. Its when some picks a champ, doesn't call a role while someone else did. Then refuses to play the open lane because they don't want to. That's been happening a lot so far on PBE.
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: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Cosmic Blade Master Yi!
This skin is amazing! I'm planning on picking it up when it his the Normal Servers! Its smooth, colorful! Looks dope as heck! And it fits the whole "Cosmic Theme'd Skins" perfectly. I do wish his run animation (His Ult) would make him fly kind of like how the Star Guardians do at the start of the game. Kind of like he'd be running, but he would be glinding instead. His Passive seems weird when it attacks twice. Doesn't move as smoothly/quickly as it normally does and it feels clunky. Aside from that the skins perfect! No bugs found out by me so far! Will let you all know if I find anything!


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