: Predator is deactivated upon taking damage or dealing damage which includes disabling the movement speed buff then putting it on a full cooldown. Already shit compared to ghost. Top laners are mostly juggernauts so they'd want resolve anyway which means they can't even grab this keystone, and if they're going to ignore resolve anyway then they can just grab Phase Rush or Fleeting. Both offer a solid movement speed buff and can be used in quick succession for better chase potential and thus more utility/usage out of them. Predator gives you a better potential engage but next to no damage compared to other damage runes and can only be used one every fortnight. Damage focused toplaners like Fiora, Jax, Riven, Rumble, Yasuo, ect. would never take this to begin with so they're out of the question. And you're completely wrong. Most junglers and top laners who can and would take this would also take ghost. Darius, Hecarim, Rammus, Nasus, Yi, Singed, ect. Darius might not take ghost as a default option, but alot of solo queue darius's who like to cheese lane take ghost over TP and would benefit more from Phase Rush anyway.
What rank are you my dude? In what world does any competitive toplaner pass up flash?
: Predator's description is either incorrect or needs balancing.
LOL OH MAN THIS D00D Lets break this down >The description reads "Cooldown: 180s Starts the game on cooldown and goes on cooldown if interrupted during channeling." This leads me to believe that I can use it as many times as I want as long as I'm not hit by anything during the 2 second wind up, but it goes on cooldown no matter what you do period. HEXDE. OK buddy, so this is a simple reading comprehension problem on your part. Someone below already tagged you for it. No biggie. >180 second CD for a keystone is far too high. It's basically a knock off summoner spell when you could and logically would take ghost for movements peed and other keystones that you can get way more usage out of in those 180 seconds. This is a pretty stupid thing to say, allow me to explain why. You claim predator is a "knock off summoner spell", implying that the keystone doesnt inherently have as much power as every summoner spell, let alone STRONGER. So, lets break that claim down. Ghost: Your champion is granted Ghost ghosting for 10 seconds, gaining increased movement speed. Grants a maximum of 28% - 45% (based on level) movement speed after accelerating for 2 seconds. 180 second cooldown. Predator: Channel for 1.5 seconds out of combat to gain increased movement speed (45%) for 15 seconds. Damaging attacks or abilities end this effect, dealing 60 - 140 (+0.2 bonus AD)(+0.3 AP) bonus damage. Cooldown: 180s Starts the game on cooldown and goes on cooldown if interrupted while channeling. So, with these two effects side by side, a couple things become clear. 1: Predator gives more MS than Ghost at every single level of the game until 18 2: Predator has a longer maximum direction than ghost (10), by 5 (15) 3: Predator grants full MS instantly, (upon finishing the 1.5 channel time), while ghost requires 2 seconds to fully activate. 4: Predator expires upon dealing damage to an enemy champion, HOWEVER, grants a chunk of damage (40 - 140) that SCALES with either AP (0.3), or bonus AD (0.2) 5: Predator does not grant the "ghosted" effect, which enables you to move through units. So, we can see that predator actually surpasses ghost in many areas, but also has some key weaknesses, such as falling off as soon as the target is reached. How much this impacts the champion this effect is utilized on will very, but most champions who would take this keystone simply need the MS to get into range, they dont need the MS to stick. With this information, it can be easily concluded that predator is not a "discount summoner spell", as it clearly has as much power as most summoner spells, especially the one most would directly compare it to. Now, as for the claim that "anyone who uses this keystone would take ghost instead"... this is just dumb brah No toplaner is ever going to give up flash or tp for ghost. Hell, most champions in general wouldn't give up flash for ghost, flash is mandatory in most cases. What assassin is going to give up ignite or flash for ghost? The claim that taking ghost instead of this keystone would always be a better option is folly. Predator is basically a summoner spell that takes a keystone slot. It is unique, and powerful. It is basically a guaranteed roam kill every 180 seconds on any midlaner that takes it, and on certain toplaners (Juggernauts), it is one of the best flank tools in the game, that can be taken ALONGSIDE flash and teleport. fin
: Yup, the priority is changed up for tomorrow's deploy. It'll be treated like other large summoned creatures (Tibbers/Daisy) and take priority over other creeps.
: It's bugged on PBE today due to a whitelisting issue, but we believe we've fixed it for tomorrow's build. Sorry for the inconvenience.
its still bugged. So is deadmans D;
: Thanks for the report!
Deadman's plate is also not gaining stacks at the proper 20 per second, it is instead 15. All stacks are also still consumed on the target when below 100 stacks. fix pl0x Gargoyle Stoneplate's active also isnt working properly, no health is granted.
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: Midseason Durability Feedback
@RiotRepertoir Deadman's Plate doesnt seem to be giving the increased stack gain, and still loses all stacks on auto attacks. I assume this is a bug?


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