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: Korean Client Report System Is Blank
I dont know whats the problem but i want to get u know that there is no korean client,its just the language. The client is pbe for all and it is at california :-)
: It's slightly off topic, but how do you define who deserves PBE? "Skill level"? "The ability to give feedback"? "Game knowledge"? I mean if you think for one second that only skill level, or mechanics determine who should be in PBE, you are dead wrong.
I m not the master to choose who must be on pbe but i m 100% sure that ppl who dont want to help and actually they r here to say to their friends that they r here,must be out of this! The 50% of the games i play here is with trollers and flamers. And i dont mean a bad game,i mean the real trollers! Since i m here i see that pbe is the free client on lol. Anyone does whatever he wants. (Sry for english,not my native language)
: Read here: Also when you are confused, hover over to the little "!" embedded in blue/red diamond on top of the game launcher/patcher. (And actually you are not playing in EUNE server. Regardless of what you have chosen in Language option, you are still playing in the same PBE server at the one and only location: Los Angeles, USA. So please don't confuse that with the language you have chosen in the patcher.)
And the ppl that really deserve to pbe r still out of this...
: Zombie Skins
I like your skin ideas!!!
: mistake in mail allowing to join PBE
My friend i already reported this and riot responded that they work on it to fix it. (Sry for bad english im Greek)
: > [{quoted}](name=GenaPBE,realm=PBE,application-id=cMKtzQHY,discussion-id=MqdtAQiN,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-10-10T18:30:21.415+0000) > > PBE is nice but when you add pbe eune english :D > * I dont see now bags so if i see i tell riot The region doesn't matter because PBE server is located in the same area (Los Angeles, USA), regardless of what region you select in the patcher, so go ahead and pick English - North America. Nothing will be affected at all (except for the language).
I did the same. I have english-na and its the same. I asked riot if is there a problem with that and they replied no problem at all. Its just the language not the region as u said
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