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: Problem with the launcher.
That's just how it works. It isn't a bug. I'd recommend updating PBE overnight with your monitor off if you have a very slow connection.
: [Skin Shop] - Snow Day Singed & Snowstorm Sivir Can Be Repurchased Indefinitely
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: "[HOW-TO] Report Bugs on the PBE First things first though: ***Please take a look through the community and see if your bug has been reported already***. Found something identical or even similar? Comment in that thread with your particular case, and upvote the original post for being helpful :)" <----- Here's the other post.
This is the original post on this bug.
: I'll try to explain quickly. Everyone having the platform error at login (including me) is because of masteries, Riot forgot to reset our masteries and made new ones, which means anyone who updated their masteries can't login. The only thing we have to do is waiting for Riot to reset our mastery pages. I hope people will read this and stop posting billion threads about this bug.
"I hope people will read this and stop posting billion threads about this bug." But in order to read this they would have to know that a thread on this bug already exists in the first place. Most people either too lazy to search the forums before posting or they didn't read the "how to report a bug" thread because they aren't playing PBE to test bugs but to exploit bugs and try skins/champs.
: Well you're not the only one...I can't login either SINCE YESTERDAY! plz someone find out what's wrong.
"since yesterday"... Lol, it's been 5 days for me.
: LOGIN with erorr
There is nothing you can do btw. Just gotta wait for riot to fix it.
: [Client][MAJOR]-Unexpected platform Error Version 2.0(post logs please)
These are my most recent logs.,3ybmj360l9gg7ll,w68hk7b2o38b28c,1f7czxc5dp6zp7k,sbavx27g7mfpid3/shared
: You are correct. The offending mastery has been removed, and masteries were reset. Now, there IS an unexpected platform error floating around when people navigate to their profiles, but it doesn't inhibit logging in. If you're getting a new bug when you try to log in, I'd suggest making a new thread to let Riot know, as the majority of cases appear to be remedied.
There are already a lot of (new) discussions about this bug happening after the mastery reset. It seems to be the same bug just caused by a different source(mastery).
: IT's beacuse of mastries you have a point in old mastries , riot froget to reset mastries and put new , So now is bugged to all have a point in the old mastries. Hope riot fix this soon~ maybe tomorrow!
"Hope riot fix this soon~ maybe tomorrow!" That's what I thought four days ago lol.
This is a known bug and already has a bunch of discussions about it. That being said... being unable to login for the past 4 days has been super frustrating.
: So Riot did the EXACT thing they did before. Instead of resetting masteries and THEN removing one, they removed it so those with it can't log in, again. I wonder how many days it'll take for them to fix it this time. Also, can't wait to re-do my masteries.
Yeah that was kinda my thought. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.
: [Client] Platform Error when i trying log in
Please search for other posts about a bug before making a new discussion. Riot is more likely to respond to one large thread than a buch of threads that all say the same thing.
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: Platform error on log in screen
There are several threads on this already. If everyone posted on the same thread it would be more visible and more likely to get a response from riot. If you search "unexpected platform error" under "bugs" you should find those discussions.
: [Mastery Page] what is this?
It's the "Conjurer" mastery. Taking a point in it is supposedly the cause of people (myself included) being unable to login. Just don't take a point in it and move on.
: [Masteries][Bug] Undefined name4321
Just don't take a point in it. According to unreliable sources taking points in masteries that are removed from the game or being tweaked or whatever are what's causing the "unexpected platform error which is keeping some people (myself included) from logging in. Again, not sure how accurate that is but I wouldn't risk it.
: 11/16 PBE Patch
I'm on day 4-ish of this shit. it's a known bug and is apparently caused by having a point in a mastery that riot has removed from the game. (Was conjurer in the utility tree now it's feast in the offensive tree)
: If you're already getting the issue, nothing can be done about it till Riot resets masteries, it seems. If you don't already have it, avoid the mastery whose name and description are filler text like it's the plague.
I have this bug but was able to log in for a little bit today. I changed my masteries and logged off because I had to be somewhere. when I got back the most recent patch has brought the problem back and I'm pretty certain that none of the masteries looked funky this time around.
: unexpected platform error
: Earlier this year a rioter (i think it was Xypherous) talked about removing all the **offensive** hybrid items (gunblade, guinsoo) because they only address a few champs mainly akali, jax, kayle)and they are too good on those few champs. Also, gunblade's one of the reason akali can't be balanced and removing it will allow buffing her numbers. So i doubt they will introduce any new hybrid AD+AP offensive items.
Shhhh.... I want you to go into a deep sleep... When you wake up you will realize Akali is trash and needs all her stats tripled and you will agree with everything Flyghter says... Go to sleeeeep.
: Its back the bug its back cant login weeee
: Guys i just woke up and they have already fixed this problem :) Thank you Riot!
: [Client] Unexpected Platform Error when trying to log in
This is a known bug. That being said it seemed to be fixed for a little bit (for me) before the patch that changed the login screen to nasus and is now back.
: One For All Re-Enabled On the PBE!
Woot! Now if only I could [log in](
: We could give better feedback here. "Unexpected Platform Error" is not very helpful. And it would be good to see from the login page whether the platform is up or down.
This is what I'm seeing: As you may or may not be able to see behind the error message itself it says "logging on" and I even hear the clicking noise that normally indicates I have successfully logged on before the message pops up.
: Unexpected platform error login
I'm having the same exact problem.
: [Client] Unexpected Platform Error
Happens to me when I try to log in.
: Spectate live frame bug
This is what I'm seeing: there are games dissplayed when I first log in but they dissappear when I browse through them. Edit 1:Just logged in and now when I mouse over the window I see the (empty) boxes where champ icons would go but instead of summoner names it reads "Summoner1 name" on all of them. Can't figure out how to get a snip of it because it only shows on mouse over. Also worth noting the window goes blank like Maelorn's second pic after a minute or so regardless of what I'm doing at the time. Edit 2:But wait! There's more! I noticed that before the frame goes completely blank the watch now button is red so I clicked it and ended up spectating a game as if nothing were wrong. when I left that game the spectate frame look completely normal. when I clicked on the circles in the upper-right of the frame I was able to move from the first game to a different game normally but when I tried to see yet another game (or go back to the first one) I found that all the games were now blank except the one I had first switched to. a and as I was writing this it went blank like Maelorn's second picture again.
: STRONGELY Against Baron/Dragon Timer on new spectator mode.
This really doesn't matter as whatever the spectator could say will have already happened.
: What was the comment? :O
He was giving away a PBE account based on his comment history. 6 months late but you got your answer lol.
Then play with them on the live client?
: One For All Enabled On PBE!
I like SR more than the HA because it allows for more depth like ganks and lane play, rather than which champion has the best ulti.
: New Support Changes on the PBE (10/31/2013)
{{champion:37}} So basicly sona does less damage and healing overall...but it's okay because movement speed? RIP Sona
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: Post-Game Lobby Not Loading
This started happening to me recently too. I'm not sure when but sometime around the 5th I'd say. Match history however, is working normally.
: [10/31/13 Patch] Current list of bugs so far found on this patch
Taking the storm shield in dominion is impossible as the channeling cancels out before it is captured.
: [nasus] wither debuff icon is a big blue box instead of what it normally is
I noticed this with whither as well as his circle-thing that I don't remember the name of.
: Unobtainable Storm Shield!
Had the same thing happen.
: Cant attack inhibs/nexus and other bugs.
While Playing as panth I was able to attack inhibs but not nexus by moving around the inhib and trying to attack from a different angles.

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