: Just recently, Riot reverted the attack dmg ratio buff on her e and upped the AP scaling to 30%. I still agree with The Winged Sun. The attack speed ratio buff felt great on her coupled with her range at lvl 6 to allow her to duel. Now, she feels like a mage caster. From a balance perspective, her q dmg could be SLIGHTLY nerfed to compensate for her attack speed buffs. This allows for a clear shift towards what she should be: an attack speed, hyper carry.
Thank you for your positive contribution. I am glad someone else agrees with me.
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: Pantheon Rework Bug Reports
(Update - Pantheon VO Braking) So I tried replicating what I believed to be the cause of Pantheon's VO braking. I went into the practice tool and used his ultimate ability a few times, but it seem to not be the trigger. I decided to just continue playing in the practice tool and after a while through the match, his VO just randomly broke. Pantheon completely stopped speaking no matter what action I took. I teleport him into the enemy nexus to instantly kill him and than revive him. After Pantheon dying the VO started to work again. I am afraid I cannot figure out the trigger source to cause his VO to brake, but if you play a game for a while eventually the VO will randomly stop working.
: Pantheon Rework Bug Reports
Bug area Summoners Rift, Pantheon Short summary Pantheon stops saying things when playing. No recall, joke, taunt, laugh, movement, attack, etc. Body I believe it is caused whenever he uses his Ultimate ability. Every time that I used his ultimate, his VO will completely shut off and you will stop hearing Pantheon's voice for any type of action. Sometimes it will randomly turn back on, but it would definitely always fix itself after he dies and rez back at the base.
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: [URF Bug Fixes] Azir/Kindred/Lux/Zac fixes should be in!
If Azir W ability (Arise!) Is still bugged. Why is Azir enabled on urf mode again, without the fix? I played Azir today because he was enable so I thought his bug was fixed and I found that it wasn't, so I dealt no damage. Could you please have someone disable Azir until his ability is fixed? It was very misleading to have him enable again.
: Ok, your summoners are already reduced by 80% right? Add 15% to that and it's 95%. 95% of 300 is 15. It's working intentionally as cdr doesn't affect the number you see, it affects the base cd. But thanks for the tip, not my flash can be every 15 seconds now
: [Azir] No base damage on W
Yes! On URF mode, the W ability "Arise!" has a 0 base damge on all ranks of the ability. Even at max rank the ability has 0 base damage. Please, fix this bug. At the start of an URF match Azir has no damage and can be easily dominated by all other champions. Thank you Riot.
: For some reason the official site says the soldiers don't have base damage....
The site is wrong than, because the soldiers do have a base damage. If you go on live and play him the W ability will show the base damage. ON URF mode the base damage is at 0 on all ranks.
: Azir passive CD not reduced + soldiers don't deal base dmg
Yes! Azir's soldiers do not have their base dmg. The W ability shows the base dmg at 0 on all ranks of the ability. Please fix this because Azir has no damage what so ever at the start of a match, making him easily dominated by other champions.
: Login Error
Yes I am getting the same thing
: for some reason i cant log in after this patch
I can't log in either. It says its unable to connect to the server

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