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: Is bug abuse a reportable thing?
It's the PBE. Winning is not goal nor even remotely relevant. PBE is about testing things, so it's only logical to play things that are bugged to generate that data for RIOT. It you're worried about winning or bug abuse or anything like that, you shouldn't be playing in the PBE, go back to the normal game. In the PBE, the only thing that should be reportable is the unkempt things people say in chat.
: Gnar gameplay and balance feedback
So I was testing Gnar vs his "struggles against" {{champion:39}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:105}} champions (we only got to test Irelia) and I have to say claiming Gnar struggles against Irelia seems laughable. While we were testing it there was never anything Irelia could do to Gnar. We were even testing it on the ARAM map, so Gnar wasn't buying items and could still defeat Irelia. {I may find time to continue testing Gnar vs struggles with other people later}
A little poro turning into the abominable snowman........... I'm also waiting for the "Mad Scientist Gnar" skin. (Bruce/Hulk)
: Gnar gameplay and balance feedback
Minor thing, I noticed that because of the height of the line showing Gnar's boomerang's return path sometimes you will believe you are standing in it when in fact you are above it. I think the line should be at ground level, or some other thing could be done so that it's easier to tell.
: New client and launcher layout
I also like the new launcher, but I can't help but think that the download progress bar and play button should be moved to the bottom.
: Gnar Bug thread
Not fully certain if this is a bug or not, but when I was trying Gnar is a custom game (by the way we should be able to assign bots lanes in those because Graves left Lux by herself and wouldn't let me solo top) one of the times I threw the boomerang in didn't return, but sped off in an odd direction. I threw it right, and instead of coming back left it went down into the jungle where I had no way to catch it.
: I know it has a unique Icon as it tells you that this is for engaging with mega gnar. I feel as though your not supposed to bounce cause your tehnically big gnar when your transforming
Here's how I look at it: Before using the ability, you are small Gnar. While you are using the ability you are transforming, erby kinda-sorta being both. You are not big Gnar until the end of the ability.
: You definitely need to make that more clear. I thought it was a bug because the icon changes colors and it was confusing. I'm still not sure if I'm doing damage as Big Gnar at that point or not. The spell bounces me, does it also give me the bonus attack speed? I think it slows everyone around me, but I'm not 100% positive. Also, you might want to specify that the returning boomerang does not do damage if it has already done damage. It just seems unintuitive with Ahri and Sivir not working that way. So you should probably state it. Another problem I have with him, and I don't know that this can be addressed at all, is that your enemy can control you much easier than any other champion. Say you want to trade with someone, you progress towards transforming. And if the enemy knows you don't want to transform, then they can manhandle you at that point. I'm okay with this part, I guess, but not the other part of this scenario where they can force you to transform just by keeping you in combat 24/7. So you either zone yourself or get forced into melee form. I'm not a huge fan of the limiting your harass or you force yourself into a melee form, but I absolutely will not play a champion that cannot harass and farm at all for fear of his opponent forcing him into melee form at a bad time. Also, you might want to put it on the passive tooltip that you don't generate rage for 10 seconds after transforming.
From the lore perspective, it wouldn't make sense for it to be at all controllable. Gnar transforms when he gets angry, and combat makes people angry. Gnar hasn't exactly spent as much time meditating as Yi.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback: Jungle Timers!
I'm opinionless on whether or not their should be timers, but if you're gonna have them they should be on the mini-map.
: Guessing by the time it was for doom bots, but it should say in the email why you where accepted.
That's what we're testing this cycle, I'd like to see why I was one of the people chosen. (In the case of other cycles and people not chosen, it could be nice to see what the criteria one didn't meet were.)
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: New players should read forums: > Tester accounts will be leveled up to 30 every night around midnight PST (3 AM EST, 8 AM GMT, 9 AM CET)
I did read that, and I waited, and.......... it didn't happen. It's about 6 hours (I believe) past midnight [yes PST] and I'm still not lvl 30

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