: maybe they shut down the server and are patch and just forgot to tell us?
The server's status seems fine but still can't connect to the "authentication server" {{sticker:sg-janna}}
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: Wait. Let me clarify. You're not allowed to name and shame people, making threads to report people. That's forbidden. What I mean is that you can literally report posts/comments on the PBE boards by pressing [report] in the bottom right corner of said post/comment.
Oh yeah yeah i know that don't worry i already did it (pressed the right corner button)
: You can report people on the boards. c:
oh really? that works? ok i'll do it thanks c:
: ty guys looks like u want guides rn zoe is disabled but when she is back up imma learn everything and i will make a guide which u can try out yourselves
Thanks a lot dude i really want to learn how to play Zoe so i'll really love that you make a guide for her. {{sticker:sg-jinx}}
: ***
What the hell is going on with this pbe player is he suposed to be a better tester just for being from an higher rank?
: This is correct. The PBE is a chance for us to test things that we would like to see become real in the regular servers. It's a privilege, not a right, to do this. We all should be respectful when we bring up matters that the majority want to change. Instead of spamming _"THIS SUCKS WHY RITO DID YOU DO THIS??!"_ we should be saying _"The health bars don't give us the information we need correctly and doesn't look appealing. Maybe we should have a toggle option in the settings."_ I have been seeing people act very, very respectful and understanding to the PBE system, but I have also seen negativity as well. We need to act like testers.
That's exactly what i mean, We are like umh "Beta Testers" not "Pre-Order players" that act disrecpectful to Riot's stuff. As my opinion on the health bars; I like them, they're cute but maaaybe a little bit too big, and yeah it should have a toggle option but it doesn't, Riot wants our feedback to see if it stays or if it leaves
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Hello, Umh.. i was testing the shop and i just noticed that PROJECT:Ashe isn't available to purchase with BE. Only with RP, is this a bug or something else?

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