: Hey, what do you guy think about if Riot should keep Leblanc ult the same as the one is in lives version right now?
Live version is clunky and buggy. It's a nasty mess. The delay on the return of the W and RW already makes her feel kinda meh. Any change to Leblanc's speed (dashes) and blinks just takes away from the feel of the kit overall. The old Mimic ult was nice for players playing against, since it meant if Leblanc used a chain right after dashing, you KNOW she can't just dash away again, but HAS to blink back or stay where she is, unless the player is savvy enough to use Mimic to dash first (huge cooldown commitment, though). Live ult is just blargh. It's nice, but the controls are funky. It's like what pet-control was for most of League's history. Slow and clunky. Again, a nasty mess.
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