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: its Katarina* not katerina
As long as you knew what I was talking about :p
: Soraka Rework Feedback Thread
I want to say that I've tried out her new kit. However, I feel there's issues with it, mainly her W (Astral Infusion) I feel's too strong and provides little setbacks when going to mid game and onwards. I'll explain mid game as early game it's...somewhat balanced. You see, without any cooldown items/masteries/runes, 1st level gots a 4 second cooldown and 3 second cooldown at max. By the time mid game comes around, I have these following items Giants Belt - This item will, eventually turn into a Warmogs. Not only am I buying this for the huge health, but I'm buying it for the passive as well. Mobility Boots - Helps make my passive be more effective should I beam back to base AP cooldown items - Of course, I'll get as many as I can as well as buy other support/ap items to help with the situation, but getting at least one should do the job nicely. Now here's where I explain the problem. With the Warmogs, 20-30% of cooldown, and some ap items, I can easily heal my wounded target litterally every second. That's right. With that much cooldown, my heal is off a 1 second cooldown before I do it again. And the increase of health items helps me make sure I stay with my team till I'm actually low enough to warrent me to get back to base. But, by then, 2 or three of the enemies have been killed and my team is either chasing down the other 2 or is pushing a lane. There was very little concern for my behalf cause I knew I was safe. This new W of hers may have some drawback early game, as soraka doesn't have enough health to consistantly heal her adc at a time, but that drawback flies right out the window the moment she begins to build more cooldown items and health items. Currently, I have no problems with the rest of her kit. Her Q (Starcall). I likw how this is more skill based, and how this helps heals her. I could harass effectively well and at a safe difference. Equinox I also like.It becomes more useful in mid game, but still gets its uses early game, as the adc can effectively engage on rooted/silenced enemy. I also like her new passive. No problems with it thus far. [Suggestions] - for her heal, make it so that, at 4th or 5th level, it cost a bit more health, or increase the cooldown.
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: [ 4.5 ] miss fortune changes
A solution to make 'Make it Rain' useful What if for every person within the aoe spell, Miss fortune would get the 'Strut' Passive of a set amount? It would make it more useful if you were chasing someone/were being chased. By doing this, this could leave room for creating a new passive (or maybe just move the 'Impure shot' as the general passive).
: UPDATE-- System is back online and Riot Jesse Perring has manually run the auto-level protocols. You should log out and back in if you're still not level 30.
Is Jesse Perring still as legendary as ever? :p
: [In-Game Chat] Bug: chat window glitches
I can confirm this happened to me too.
: Rhetorical question: Why does Tristana have 0 AD ratios, other than autoattacks?
I'm assuming it's cause her kit really works around build AD due to the fact you get increased range at each level, and one of your spells is a quick boost of attack speed. I'm also assuming Tristiana is just one of those champs that was originally mid, but saw better potential as an AD carry. Even if one/both of those were wrong, Tristiana gets ap that ranges from 80-150%. You can make use of the ap if you want (as I would with Vi and her E, if given the chance). Even if you were to count her passive for one of her abilities (25%), you can still make use of it. ('ve seen way too many trist go mid lane ap and just wreck faces with it).
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: Would certainly feel "skillful" to use the toggle like this - However, it is part of the balancing of Zhonya's. You "stun" yourself for quite some time. If you misuse it slightly, you are a damn easy hit for enemy skillshots and the like. Same balance as Guardian Angel has: Due to the revive-time, it is practically impossible to dodge incoming skillshots if the enemies time it right.
Well Guardian Angle is a bit different, as I can see THAT not being a toggle. God that would be so unbalanced. XD Regardless, I do understand what you were trying to say.
: It would be too powerful, currently the only sort of counterplay it has is trying to time when the effect ends, remove that and the item would just be too powerful.
Isn't putting down a 'snare' or some type of trap like Cait's and Jinx's trap (while the enemy is invincible) also considered counterplay as well?
: I think the set duration of Zhonya's active is as much a part of the item as having the active at all. Having an invulnerability is pretty strong, but being limited with a set amount of time I think balances the item. Like you're saying, you would be able to use escape abilities in a way that is a little too strong IMO. For instance, you're playing Shaco. Your Q is on CD for 1.5 more seconds, but you'd be dead by then. If you could toggle Zhonya's (I know you wouldn't build it on Shaco, just an example), you would be able to wait for you cooldown, unexpectedly come out of the Zhonya active at a time you chose, and Q jump right after. The enemy would stand much less of a chance at catching you than if you had just 3 seconds to use under the Zhonya active. Champions like Kassadin, Fizz, and Ahri could abuse this way too hard I think.
what if using the toggle means that your cooldown is extended by....30-60 more seconds? Do you think it'd still be abused regardless?
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: Hi!
thank you! :D
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: [Bugs] Nasus visual bug
apparantly, it also happens on this particular bush as well. Plz bump up this thread so riot can see and fix this.
: Yeah that's what I meant.
ahh, that's a problem. When you make a 'discussion thread' there's a small 'do's and don'ts' list on the right hand side. I'll show it to you **Don't** **- Report issues found on Live environments.** **- Post suggestion or feedback discussions.** **- Be derogatory, argumentative or unpleasant. This community is for facts, not opinions.** **- Upvote off-topic posts, no matter how hilarious.** I would suggest you look more into this using the beta server instead and confirm it.
: Cassiopeia death portrait(?) bug [official server]
: They'll only reduce the price of upcoming skins to 1 IP but the old skins will remain at the same price.
Not true We recently had those Olympic skins re-released, and they've been around for at least a year or two. I'm not saying ALL of them would be reduced to 1. Just stuff that's in need of testing. Usually when certain events come up (summer skins, Harrowing, Snowdown) or when a champ gets a Visual Upgrade. Even then, I don't think you need EVERY skin, when you could just favor a medium size portion of it.
: IP/RP Changes.
Well theres's technically infinite refunds, but you'll have to not use the skin in game in order to return it for free. I can sorta see this as a good idea, but at the same time, waiting for skins to be in need to test again is also good too, as they'll be reduced to 1 ip.
: Refund Chances
I actually made a 'bug' report about this. One of the members pointed out it's sorta intentional. You can have a infinite amount of returns as long as you don't use the skin. However, if you do use the skin and then return it, it'll count as a real refund. It's made to be like that. So if you have other skins you don't like and havn't used, you can return them. Otherwise, you'll spend 1 return point.
: In TB pre it was only once where the captain said "change champ and go supp or GTFP" to a player that queued up then continued telling the player to leave the queue in a kinda harsh way...and twice at the after game lobby where people went on ninja raging (not a single word was uttered in-game) at the solo laner (top both times) for failing their lane. TB or no TB pre and post game lobby chatlogs should become available for tribunal cases for 2 reasons a) Prevent falsely reported people from getting banned ( there's no way you can verify that someone is reported for their language before or after game right now) b) Accurately punishing someone for their overall behavior if the logs indeed suggest he was toxic before and after game.
Well shit...I'm more inclined with the leader being reported in some fashion (however just having the option to leave is also good). Okay, maybe the leader would have the option to troll/become a bully. Hmm...what if the person gets reported up to a point where they temporarily lose the ability to host/make Team lobbies? They'll only be able to solo queue. I'm SLIGHTLY more incline with the tributal getting involved in pregame TB, but eh. Definetly not with it for after game. People are going to be angry after a game. Whether they've legit messed up, or they're pointing fingers. In your scenario, sounds like people were using skype/teamspeak. However, there are people that do skype and chat at the same time (communication with the team is always a must, after all.) In either case, a red needs to see this.
: but it shows different when u go to the recycle, it shows 9 in recycle but 35 when u r in rune pages
You're supppose to drag the runes over to the rune slots once you first press the recycle button. Then combine the two items into one.
: I'm reading that in stages... It is written in a way that is hard for me to read so I'm reading whenever I remember that discussion exists. It's just that... most of what you discuss that is dejá vu for me as it doesn't really bring anything new to what others have already mentioned, even thought not in a way as good as you do.
: (2/11 edit) Summary of PBE leveling, IP/RP and pricing updates
Okay guys, I just figured out a way to get rid of all the extra runes you bought incase you bought the runes bundle more then once 1) go to runes 2) click on the recycle icon 3) pick out Marks, seals, and glyphs that are more then 9 (quintensses are 3) and put them in there. It'll combine itself to make a new rune. 4) Rinse and repeat 3, as sometimes the rune you just made would be a duplicate of what you already have 5) aaaaaaand you're done! Hopefully this helps everyone
: Thank you for this post! I have been waiting for it. Now it will be less confusion for other players about not recieving weekly RP/IP, because it's now officially stated. :)
I'm glad they put it up too, but I'm still seeing players still trying to let Riot fix their 'current delima' XD
: So what do I do if i have spent all my ip and rp? Does this mean I just cant use new skins? I myself have used most of my ip/rp every week to get as much skins as possible and every single rune. now suddenly all my hundred-thousands of ip for runes were wasted and i cant buy any new skins? That would really suck...
You could simply refund the skins you don't want and purchase skins that you favor more, if you like
: Hey guys, thanks for the Report. We'll look into it :)
May want to take another look at the post I made pretty recently as well.
: Man is useles to sell something in pbe, we should be able to try everything, rigght? You can let the gifts and chests with monney if you u really need monney from us, those who help the league to get better..
Nope, our job is to try and look for bugs on champions as well as look for bugs on new champs/skins/anything that's new. If you want to check for possible issues with other old skins, that's fine, but they really don't need testing.
: [BUG] Fiddle fear functioning as a stun.
Okay, I can confirm this. I used Chogath against my Fiddle. It seems that half of the time (or most, as I was able to do this 2-3 times in a row), the bot would be 'stunned' for the first second before he begins to flee at the .5 mark (or when the effect is almost over as far as the white bar). Even after I leveled it up to 3, it'd be the same thing. 1) Pick fiddle as playable (I'm sure the enemy you face could be anyone, but you can pick chogath as well 2) Use 'Terrify' on the bot. 3) He'll either stand there for the first second and then 'runs' two steps away, or he'll actually run within the full duration of 'Terrify' I will also note that he doesn't have a 'joke' animation (but you can still hear what he has to say). Not sure if that's normal or not, but thought I bring that up as well lol
: I'm reading that in stages... It is written in a way that is hard for me to read so I'm reading whenever I remember that discussion exists. It's just that... most of what you discuss that is dejá vu for me as it doesn't really bring anything new to what others have already mentioned, even thought not in a way as good as you do.
Yeah, really sorry about the formmating. I tried to make it as clear as I could while not making the words look so cluttered. I wish it had a 'collapse' option where you could 'close' a portion of paragraphs/sentences so it could make certain things easier to read. =/
: Team Builder will be coming back on Monday (2/10) and Tuesday (2/11) from 1:00 to 5:00 PM PST!
I have a question Let's assume this goes live. What would happen if a person were to queue dodge out of a group. Do they suffer the same penalty as current queue system? I felt like I wasn't punished during those few times I left a group due to personal tests I was doing with it.
: i really like how team builder is. Yet i wish and many players wish that you can select a different champion if you accidentally lock in. Also i think riot should amke some sort of system where people are matched with other people who go to opposite lanes. Such as one person who mainly goes adc gets matched up with someone who mainly adc matches up with someone who goes mainly support. It is just a suggestion. Thank you for ready this.
If you accidently lock in a champ you don't want, you can still go back to your champ and pick the one you want (this is before you go and press the search button). The only time you can't do that is when you're already in a group with someone.
: You have a right point there. You are missing is the detail that if many start abusing this it can lead the leader himself to get kickbusted while he was just kicking toxic players. There are also loads of players that are too thamn impatient!!! Anyway... It's the x minutes that we had to take that guy in just to decide that he was not a good option that does not seem like anything good. Also, there's a "buster" that if one is kicked out of a team too many times he will have to wait increasing amount of time in order to get to a team... Aw well... We'll see how it goes, then...
Nah, I totally understand your concern. As a person that had to with TOO MANY people arguing, instalocking, and just plain ol not being good teamplayers, I would've agreed with you (especially if we were talking about the old system). However, the current stuff on Team Builder seems to eliminate almost all of those scenarios with a simple garantee of champs, lanes, and the option to kick a person out/leave from group. As far as the amount of time it'd take, that's been a general concern with many players. I actually did a small test on this scenario (as well as my own feedback on Team Builder as a whole). You can take a look at it if you like. I do agree that we'll have to wait and see what'll happen. Maybe you're right.
: [BUG] Fiddle fear functioning as a stun.
was there a particular champ you was using when this happened? I'm going to test this out on other champs now
: That post game lobby chatlog **TostiLord** mentions is a MUST. He's absolutely right. I've seen some hideous rage and insults (as have all of us I presume) there and adding that to the tribunal cases would make for much more accurate bans and cases. Pre and Post game lobby chatlogs should definitely be included 100%. I hope you guys at Riot really concider this.
Did you see these rages and insults in Team Builder lobbies?
: To prevent him from torturing others. Otherwise that guy would just be jumping around and wasting other people's time.
Then he's pretty much wasting his own time. For everytime a person like him leaves, another player takes his spots litterally seconds later. The amount of players in live chat is humongous compared to the PBE. In one of my tests with the Team Builder, I even tried joining in as a Tank Vi, then asked if I could become bruiser/fighter Vi instead. The Kha (leader) practically said 'as long as you build tanky.' By me defining what I wanted to do instead, he could've immediately kicked me out and searched for someone else (but that was his own decision to keep me). Even when I was waiting for others to join up (in a different game, I was adc), there were practically three people cycling for the same position, and each of them were less then 20 seconds. Honestly, the best and only time for the tributal to get involved is when the game actually starts.
: Thanks for the comment! Subjectively speaking, my only concern is for my main champion, Xerath, and his interaction post-rework with Yasuo i.e. getting my already hard to hit ultimate blocked with Wind Wall. As an extra note, the interaction between live Xerath and Yasuo is absolutely fascinating - Xerath is a champion who is generally helpless when gapclosed and Yasuo suffers greatly from poke (passive denied) and burst. It is the most interesting matchup I've ever experienced, where both parties counter each other, yet easily have room to outplay one another in several ways, allowing premeditation and reactive playing from both of them.
Well if you want, you can add me on LoL and I'll do my best to help you. I'm a horrid Yasuo (I rarely ever played the champ, but I'll at least help as far as you trying to land your moves/ult.
: Because you have to think you are superior. You come in making all these random guesses about me and why I hate Yasuo and think you are right. You are wrong.
I never tried to be superior at all. You said it yourself, we were 'debating.' I can't be superior if I'm debating on something. That's what I've actually been doing from the start, while at the same time, trying to understand your POV about him, which boils down to 'BLEH, I HATE HIM. TOO OP.I CAN'T BEAT HIM.' These are also not 'random guesses.' This is pretty much my experience with him Vs what you're currently saying about him now. I'm pretty much reading what you're saying, and it all sounds very angry and bitter over one champ. Now, throughout my experience, the best way to beat Yasuo is smart aggression. At early levels (1-5), when he gets his max flow, I aa him just once and wait for the shield to vanish before I hit him with a few occassional auto attacks and spells. I want to chip him down a bit so I could become a bit more aggressive when he's half health. It helps that a Jungler is ready to gank as well. You want to not be Qed by him, so you want to create some sort of distance to where you can get some quick hits here and there. If you're a range person, you want to try and bait out a wind wall so you could attack him from another angle and hit him more. At mid game, assuming you either denied him a lot of kills or you've got some kills from him, team fights should be in your advantage (assuming that your team gots good synergy, like any other time). Now about your story...sounds like you played against a unconvenntional bot lane. It also sounds like you were unnessesary aggresssive early game (but at the same time, ya had range and they didn't, so eh). Find it hard to believe that Lucian was killed in one fell swoop like that (unless he was adnormally squishy and had wrong masteries XD). In either case, that one kill shouldn't have sent you guys that far back, especially since Lucian's Q is really good at poking people from afar. The fact that you was Karma also sounds like a problem...Karma as a support barely does any peel damage early on. So you facing against a champ with instant flow shield and a slightly tankier support sounds problematic (I assume that the pairing was neither out of ya control and could've played Normals. Plz tell me if I'm wrong). Again, not to be rude, but you seem so defensive each time you post. I'm legitimately giving you my thoughts, and you respond back with such an attitude and still failing to prove to me that Yasuo is OP. At least GBPPlaytest was able to provide some insights on why he thinks he's OP (which I agree with him). I'll end this conversation with you about this, as it doesn't seem to be going no where, but I will say this... This is the PBE. Our job is to find bugs with the LoL clients, the store, the Champions, and everything related to the game to avoid it from being problematic/game breaking. I'm sure we can make SUGGESTIONS on improving a champion's kit for the better. However, everything that relates to balance/fairness of matchups/champs is an entirely different group of LoL employees all together. Not here. I rather let you know that now then you wasting more of your time with this, you know? And with that, I'm done for the night, so take care :D
: There is some truth to the initial statement, Yasuo's absorption was severely overtuned for lategame, and now that he has another way of re-activating it (Ultimate) it needs severe tweaking aimed towards midgame/lategame. A Yasuo at level 18 can easily get the equivalent of 1380 absorption now, to the extent of having the minimum potential of 2070 absorption via dashing in combat. With only one defensive item in the form of Spirit Visage, the opponent needs to deal with 3686 health, or in the third refresh scenario - 4376. This isn't taking into account things such as lifesteal, Yasuo's DPS (arguably one of the highest ingame right now) and crowd control duration, or a Guardian Angel. Basically if Yasuo gets on par or ahead he becomes unstoppable, with his absorption getting back in the game is a relatively simple task and he snowballs extremely hard. Unless he gets slaughtered with pure CC he deals metric tons of damage, and I'm dreading the day people start CDR building on him to abuse Wind Wall (Ex. Lucidity, Black Cleaver and Spirit visage + 5% from masteries, 10.8 second cooldown with 4 seconds duration giving an overall 35%+ uptime on wind wall) TL;DR Yasuo's kit is in a very unstable state, especially after the buff for his ultimate and he definitely needs some looking into.
Yeah, that little addition to his ult with max flow is....concerning. In a team fight, Yasuo could easily slip from the chaos with the shield being available to him. From what you're telling me, it sounds like Yasuo is basically like Vayne/Xin Zhao/Darius/Jax (these are what I consider at least), where even if they were ahead by 1 kill gives them a bigger then normal advantage. Personally, I never saw him as that, but I can at least understand why it's a huge concern coming from you. If Riot does deem for Yasuo to be too powerful, then they will nerf him a bit. He's still a fairly new champ, and I havn't heard of him truly dominating consistantly. Like, I remember when Jinx was first released and omg, the damage output and the nerfs afterwards. Thanks for explaining to me your side of the picture as far as Yasuo.
: Malzahar OP? Good one. And I am not the only one having a hard time with him. He is almost perma-banned in ranked, that should tell you something right there. All of my friends, from bronze to diamond, hate him Tell me what his weakness is. I can't come up with anything. He has no resource to manage, he gets free shields for moving, he has a dash WITHOUT A COOLDOWN, and his wall. His wall is the least OP thing about him. His ult's cooldown is non-existant late game. Where was this weak early game he was supposed to have? It doesn't exist. The only thing he has to do is get level 2 and then he is golden. He is beatable, yes, but he is still OP. Everyone thinks Kass is OP, and he his still beatable. I think Kass is less OP, at least he has to make it to level 6. You can win against Yasuo, but so many thing have to go right to do so. Yasuo only has to get Shiv and IE and he has enough damage to 2 shout a squishy target. Let me tell you a story. I was bot as Karma support, and my friend was Lucian. The enemy bot laners were Yasuo and Cho. At level 1, I started to poke Yasuo constantly. By the time he hit level 2, he had half health. Immediatly, he started dashing through minions to my ADC. He miss is tornado, and Cho missed his Q as well, but single handily killed my full health Lucian with nothing but a dorans shield in 3 seconds. That is not balanced. If he is going to be a late game monster, then he needs to have a bad early game. You can pretend to be the bigger person and pretend to be passive about this debate, but its not going to change anything. He is broken.
Before I reply to this, I must ask. why do you think I'm 'pretending' to be passive to this? And why do you think I'm pretending to he the 'bigger person here?'
: but just 3 times? we have 3 refound
That's where this comes in. I actually made a report about it a few days ago. You can try it for yourself and see if it does the same for you. Just be sure to follow the directions carefully, k? Plz don't forget to upvote the original thread as well as my own post. Riot needs to see this.
: Quit defending your free wins. I have learned Malzahar just to shit on him every time I play agaisnt one, but I can't always go mid. Oh, what's that? I don't play Gragas or Ziggs? Why don't you pretend to know my champion pool.
I never said I played Yasuo. Infact, you can look up my name on LoLking and I never even touched him on pvp (and if I did touched him it was only bots) I never claimed to know your champion pool either. I was clearly stating that relying on your one/two main champs might not be the best option for Yasuo if you're having a hard time with him. There are people, like myself, who gots a 'main' and would rather play that champ majority of the time. Honestly, I play top (Vi), Mid (Karma, Brand, Sivir, Morganna and some other champs I'm testing...), ADC (sivir, Miss fortune, Cait) and Support (Lux, Nami, Morganna, Soraka, Lulu). All my matches against Yasuo have either been wins or loses. Everytime I lose, I do my best to learn from my mistakes and just do better next time (when a champ gets really fed though, there's very little you can do against him...but that goes for every champ, really) Again, you're being very defensive and taking personal grief over a champion that CAN be beatable. Riot isn't going to nerf a champ just cause you're the only one having a hard time. I like to think that Yasuo is fine where he is (aside from his wall. Boy is that thing op...). You'll just have to learn the matchup and not complain when you find a champ more op then yours.
: Yasuo needs more nerfs
This sounds like something more of a personal conflict with the champion and not just legit op. Riot has explained that they're satisfied with where he resides as far as power outup and the win/lose ratio he is. Yes, he's a powerful champ, but like every other champ, there are ways to beat him. I'm sorry, but you're going to have to find other ways to defeat him rather then relying on one/two of your usual champs.
They're no longer refilling rp/ip. All new skins will cost 1 ip. Here's the thread for it All the old skins do not need to be tested. However, if they ever do need to be tested, they shall also put them at 1 ip
: rp/ip ips and rps will no longer be refilled remember that if you bought skins that you didn't like, you can simply return them and buy skins you favor.
: I have a 95590 ip (that i don't need) and 243 rp which i would like more of to test out some skins
the thing is, all the old skins no longer needs testing. Any new/existing skins that needs testing would cost 1 ip.
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