: People don't play ranked "just because." They have reasons, which include getting the rewards. Nobody goes into ranked games expecting to get away from "normal" trolls. Because you're implying ranked doesn't have trolls. Obviously ranked is a player's choice, but that doesn't help anything. You're supposed to test, not go for a order. You're not understanding something. You keep saying it's their choice if they want a border or not. That is the entire point. You shouldn't get on pbe to get a border. And I'll state it again, removing ranked will create more of a testing environment instead of the competitive urge to get the season rewards.
Okay, say ranked was removed, and all the people who play ranked on pbe competitively had to move to something else, they would either move to normals and play competitively, or stop playing the pbe altogether, I still do not see the clear benefit that has come out of that situation. And yes, some may play ranked expecting to get away from normals, even though it may not happen, you are a bit less likely to get one in a ranked rather than always getting them in normals. And also, yes, I am one who plays ranked just because. I play because sometimes I dont feel like playing normals for whatever reason, be it trolls, the queue, or simply blind pick. Yes I will play norms with my friends for fun or to test things, but I can also do the same in ranked. Taking away the option would be pretty much saying "You'll play normals, bots, or gtfo" This I do not agree with.
: no but 6 ban can stop me from testing the one that matter :D
I doubt that one champion is going to be banned every game, unless its like kass or something, and in that case there are many other modes you can play. Still not worth disabling pbe just because the champ you want got banned o:
: well the first and foremost i can think of is that you're invited to test stuff in pbe. ranked have ban, ban cause you to not let you play up to 6 champions. not able to play rebalance champions means you can't test it. not abut to test the balance of a champion means we are defeating the purpose of our invite to pbe.
So six champions are going to stop you from testing the 150+ other champions in the league?
: Did you even read my post? If they want a border that means something, they should get it on live. Yes, I play ranked. Yes, I have a challenger border. Keep in mind I got this border last season. In a different season. There were different people on. Stating that you think it won't have an impact really means nothing. Why? Because it hasn't been tried and you haven't stated reasons why it wouldn't work.
I have read your post, you're saying that people who play ranked are wasting their time doing it on pbe. That is your opinion to be valued, but I disagree with this because some just play ranked just because, or its a faster queue than normals,it doesn't matter when you got the border, but in order for you to have it, you played ranked. Ranked, like normals, bots, customs and all other game modes are a player's choice. It shouldn't matter if its on pbe or live. Removing ranked would have no benefit because everyone who does want a border ob pbe for whatever reason cant get it, everyone who plays ranked may play because they simply want to get away from the pbe normal trolls. There are many many reason people may have to play ranked, and what benefit will taking it away have on anything?
: Disable Ranked On PBE
Isn't it ironic that the person who thinks everyone who plays ranked on the pbe is after a cute shiny boarder is challenger? So what if people play ranked there? So what if they do want a shiny border? That's their choice, who knows, some of them do report bugs. Bottom line, I do not believe disabling ranked on the pbe will even have an impact on anything, let alone doing something good for it. In fact it may upset people who do wanna get their shiny border, and that would result in less people on pbe, while nothing is being gained.

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