: This is not china server. Use english or begone! you've gotten access into NA illegally. Now go back where you came from
: The ARURF Dragon might be (it is) way too strong;
When you consider the intent of URF to be as poor balanced as Riot can muster. The dragon buff is hardly that big of an issue. When things like infinite cc, hyper burst, hyper scaling etc etc etc etc etc. Nerfing the dragon is the least of Riots main concern. If you don't like the enemy taking the dragon so soon. Be 'smart' and ward it. Wait for a bit when the enemy are fudging over it. At the last second swoop in and take the damn thing.
: doesnt matter what im playing on it only lags on here....i play the ptrs for wow and pts on trove and also the ptrs for heros of the storm never lag like on here......and im not the only one complaining about this! There are plenty of people who also are experiencing increased lag on wired connection. Also dont lag on live servers ever......just on the pbe...
Maybe your connection is just bad then? Cause the only time I have seen anyone genuinely lag is because they're not actually in the NA region but in EUW
: [Sylas ult] - Sylas sometimes also copies the respective champion's passive
Is it really a bug or actually a feature? A lot of champions ults require their passives to function properly. So Riot must have included case specific of Sylas doing exactly that. He can fully copy Nidalee's cheetah form + abilities He copies Udyr's Phoenix form, gets the first on-hit burst, 3 autos later gets a second on-hit burst. Jayce you would assume is also correct. As it is also a transformation ult.
: Insane trash server
And yet my ping is like 50? Are you playing on a wireless connection?
: The PBE testing is not ideal
You are aware you can run the Practice Tool and play her there right? What is there to test besides 'human' interaction with the champ? Mechanics? Itemization? Pathing? All testable using the practice tool and some commonsense.
: The event needs removed. Its not fun at all ever. Its just snowballs the team that was winning in the first place or with champs like Riven/Jax This game mode was my new SR last time we had it. Now I will never play it. The changes (ALL of them) have Ruined it.
Perhaps if you gave concise reasons as to 'why' the mode is ruined for you. They'd possibly take it into consideration that something is wrong. Otherwise everything you just said has no face value in actually getting the mode improved.
: Nexus Blitz 2.0 - Feedback Thread!
Hey there Jinxylord I'd like to make a request that would help in the healthiness of this modes gameplay. When the "Series of Duels" challenge activates. Please put in something that removes all wards, saplings, shrooms, traps, boxes or any other kind of placeable. Because lets admit the facts here that having those there before the battle begins is not fun. Sure we could ban the problematic champions, but it still raises a massive stink knowing theres teemo shrooms there, when a teemo isn't even a part of that duel at that moment.
: I kinda loved it too haha I laughing so hard the first 3 games watching champs not work
Agreed it was weird seeing things like that happen. But watching a Jax 'actually' struggle to solo a baron in urf made me laugh so hard.
Rioter Comments
: Aw man the enemy team had an insane comp. A good shaco will snowball out of control, run around the map and place traps everywhere and just murder everyone from behind and he will almost always escape. Granted every single champ in the enemy team is OP (Leblanc is impossible to chase) TBH if I was you, I would’ve just quit. I feel so bad for you!
I personally don't even 'kill' people as Shaco. I let my allies do all the work for me. I just take more pleasure in being this sneaky sack of shit clown putting 'presents' everywhere.
: you said it, preventing perma stun. with the 80% cd he wouldn't even need his w tp perma stun at any level
And yet Morgana can perma snare, Bard can perma stun, Lux can perma snare. Why not Zilean? If enemy team has Amumu thats perma root, rammus = perma taunt, Shen = perma taunt, Nautilus = perma roots, Blitz = perma grabs, Thresh = perma hooks. Even with the 25% tenacity there are champs who still bypass restrictions set in place.
Rioter Comments
: But how are AD champs allowed to build one or two life steal items and then become immortal?
Morellos, Executioners calling, Ignite all exist for a reason. Even if this is URF, if I am playing a mage. I will always rush morellos. That grievous wounds is too good to give up.
: Jax in ARURF and Healing Embargo
Personally I feel like they need to rethink how the embargo actually functions. Instead of it affecting all heals. It should only apply to healing other players. The embargo is like a permanent grievous wounds on Soraka. Sure it was initially meant to nerf Sona and Nami, Karma, sadly no matter how much the embargo is there. The spell cd's are so laughably low that their healing is still too strong even with the embargo.
: I mean zzrot was removed so I see no reason edge of night can't be.
Plus the current iteration of zz'rot actually makes it weaker in this mode. With it's huge range nerf. You can't push the lane as hard anymore. Even if you could put multiples down. The effect is just too small to matter.
Rioter Comments
: As i said Vel Koz, Evelynn are broken. And you don't get the point. I didn't get to build anything. I couldn't stand in lane just because i can't exploit anything. Vel Koz kept sniping me. Yes these champions are OP. Sona is also good Viktor is also good Amumu is also good alot of mages are good. But the problem is that if someone gets a good champion and the guy he is against ends up with a bad pick like Ashe or Aatrox or Galio etc. you loose NO MATTER WHAT.
And you couldn't farm jungle? Couldn't gank other lanes? Couldn't cs when no one was in that lane? Can't lay down some vision to keep yourself safe? I'm not downplaying your horrible game. But from the sounds of it, you were not looking for opportunities to get ahead. Kills only eventually give so much money until they're worthless. You mention Vel'Koz, out of all of them he's the easiest to deal with. Don't let him hit abilities on you. All of his spells are literally telegraphed in their locations, if he fires q move forward 2 teemos and step to the right or left 1 teemo, if W just move away, if e just avoid. Sona is easily countered by 'burst' damage. If you're playing an adc just build nothing but lethality and some attack speed. Bam their health is now gone. Evelyn is downright mauled by burst, cc or sustain.
: Random URF is unbalanced and not fun
Thats the point of the mode in general. Mages, Assassins, Casters, Mobile bruisers are gods in this mode for a reason. Their spell casts are absurdly short, time to hit is short, rate of speed projectiles fly is short. It is pretty much why Illaoi got a lovely change that makes her tentacles react faster. Other champions are given small buffs, nerfs to compensate for this. It is why the PBE exists to begin with. You say a champion is OP, ok which one? Actually 'tell' Riot which champions you think are out of control. Don't just sit and cop a squat about you getting a poor pick and being shat on. Oh and by the way, vayne is broken as god damn hell. Build that woman semi-tank with ass tons of on-hit and bam suddenly she never dies. That or just give the little lady an Edge of Night (please Riot add 10 more seconds to it's CD)
Rioter Comments
: Janna is pretty broken in Urf though lol
However they do present a valid point. Janna is only "annoying" but broken? After the shield overload debuff was added, she got nerfed into the ground. Her spells take to long to cast, she is squishy as fuck, she has no escape mechanisms that she can spam. When compared to a zed who's dashes are practically every single second, a vayne who can tumble go invisible every second, lucian dashing every couple seconds, graves dashing every couple seconds, ezreal every second, Maokai latching onto you every few seconds, the list goes on and on. She is pretty useless in the mode after laning has ended and is no longer considered "annoying". After that she is simply considered a target.
: Is it possible to add bans to the start of ARURF? There are just some characters that just ruin the whole mode. Mainly Sona.
Or we can simply petition for her to be the chosen disabled champion. Even with the healing embargo, her heal spamming is simply too strong for it.
: Sadly, websites that sell PBE accounts don't reveal names.
Honestly if I had the money. I would actually buy the accounts only to have Riot shut them down.
: PBE Toxicity Level
This has been a huge on-going issue after Riot relaxed their entry requirements into the PBE few seasons ago. Now you get practically everyone on the PBE. PBE from what I have seen has higher standards of community action towards negativity. But like with NA, Riot has to sift through the countless tens of thousands of reports before something happens.
Rioter Comments
: Most likely wont be this week. We'd like to get it up next week, though I don't have an exact time/day.
All I see are teleporters and thats all. Do we get free bread when they're used? Minions gotta eat you know!
: How are we suppose to test new content with a ~45min queue time?
I honestly believe that summoners rift be disabled until this testing period is over. That also means summoners rift in custom and bot matches as well. 90% of the people who play on the PBE are only here for RGM, new skins, new champs. Otherwise the people like me and clearly you who try to do some testing are left in the dust.
: Be grateful you're even getting champion mastery in the _least_ competitive game mode Riot has. ARAM, like all modes, has its adversities to overcome and takes a fair amount skill, but doesn't truly show off champion proficiency. Hence the cap at level 5.
Least competitive, yet has per-defined smurf accounts for sale.
: Patch 6.10 Updating Error
My usual experience in this matter is to delete the patcher's folder, restart the client, then issue a client repair.
: So why no one has done it in the past year? It's not new. Why no one is discussing Tag Team game mode or 5v5 Twisted Treeline? Obiviously because Riot didn't ask for anyone's feedback on content which is not available to test and probably never will be. So it makes it irrelevant and it should be discussed somewhere else.
And yet this is the PBE boards. Boards for discussing "new" content. Content "not" on the "live" launcher. How will Riot know our interest if we don't talk about it? The PBE is a smaller community than the live community. Which makes gathering opinions much easier. When Riot see's an interest they will start discussions in the proper area. I don't see how this concept is so hard to grasp? Also something further to note. If and this is a big "if". If the content of this thread is not relevant to the boards it's being posted in. Why have the mods not removed it yet? Who are you to determine what the rules of this forum. Are you a member of this forums staff? Are you a member of Riot? If not then I believe it's not your job to tell people where their posts should be.
: This isn't the place to talk about this. take it to Live or Reddit or anywhere else.
This is a perfectly good area to discuss. If this is a feature "not" on the live servers. Then it's clearly obvious it's part of the PBE Client. Which by proxy makes it perfectly suited for this board.
: New Quicksilver Sash & Mercurial Scimitar are really just for CC?? (What to do VS zed now?)
Since the qss nerf there has been a rising trend in ADC's taking Steraks Gage to counter the zed ult pop. However if you really want to cheese them. Just buy the hour glass. Sure not all ADC's have AP scaling. But it's utlity and passive as really nice. That scaling armor from minion cs is a godsend sometimes. Another thing you can do is simply not build outright dmg. Take a ninja tabi or build a frozen mallet or a lovely black cleaver. Get yourself some health to survive the assassin onslaught.
: Urgot Ult Bug - Perma Slow
I am so not sorry for this http://youtubedoubler.com/iiGt But yeah that is a really interesting bug. I wonder if it has to do with the initial suppression followed up by the fear.
: Hi! Shouldn't affect the hitbox, just a rig issue. :)
That much I noticed but I simply laughed my ass off at this. We made the joke that Fizz was in his little "bubble" again.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Super Galaxy Fizz!
There appears to be a broken hitbox scale for Super Galaxy Fizz right now regarding shields. http://i.imgur.com/coDfYRX.png
: playing these champions is literally tryharding
By what definition? Trying these champions out for the sake of testing is not tryharding. It's doing what the PBE intends for you to be doing. If people are intentionally making it impossible for you to test things. They should not even be allowed on the PBE.
: Spell Vamp Runes after Rework?
They're basically gutting Spellvamp as an item passive. Mastery and Runes appear to be unaffected.
: Yeah that's a problem, we can't even test the larger updates because people on the PBE Server are too "cool" to test them so why not ban them? It would be better if we had the Blind Pick back.
Personally it's moments like this I wish Riot enforced extremely strict rules on people like that. Namely things like permanent expulsion from the PBE being a possible outcome. If people's tryharding is getting in the way of acquiring valid testing data. Then something should be done to dissuade people from doing it.
: Stricter enforcement of Summoners Code
I actually voted for the no option. Toxicity is a incredibly subjective term in this game. If someone is going so far as to cause you a problem. Mute them on the spot before whatever they say causes tilt. Stop for a moment and clear your mind and resume playing. If said player is feeding the enemy team. Ok so they're "feeding", so what? After a certain point that person doesn't even give them much gold or xp anymore. If the enemy team is so preoccupied killing your useless teammate. Why not actually do something productive like push a lane, farm some minions, roam and gank a lane. Do SOMETHING to offset the change in balance of power. If you let the guy do as he please but not do anything to rectify it. Then sorry but you deserve to lose if you can't even fix 1 player being an ass. I will agree however that toxicity does in fact need some kind of special attention (like say oh I dunno...THE TRIBUNAL) to really get it under control. Anyway however this topic is kinda out of place for the PBE. This should be on the normal boards under Player Behavior.
: Increased amount of AFK Bug
I had this happen yesterday, however a simple client "reset" fixed it. Seems on my end the file simply became corrupted.
: This was actually a bug we fixed for last URF, but it seems to have started to re-occur, possibly due to some changes made to Zac since last URF. Just FYI! We have opted not to disable Zac because we do not feel it's as game-breaking as the other bugs we disabled champions for (Kindred was actually the root cause of a lot of the other champion bugs, hence why we disabled her). We will have a fix for him hitting PBE tomorrow!
Man Papyrus would simply love your guys code! hahaha
: I don't believe that it's an exploit because in the comments apparently it has worked for URF on the official servers for the past two years. They also have disabled champions due to bugs and the video has been up on the subreddit for 7 hours without any addressing so far. I believe it's intentional.
Sometimes things get overlooked for a long time. This bug probably went through obscurity because people didn't want it patched. When the whistle was blown. It was posted on the reddit but doesn't have major visibility. So by posting the bug here. We get guaranteed possibility a Riot member will see the bug.
  Rioter Comments
: Its not fun when your team will die over and over and over because of one champ
It's fun for the guy playing the said champion however. So this is sadly a moot point.
: PBE URF Balance Concerns
So far my own personal testing has shown as follows Illaoi. Her attack animations for Q W E are very slow, the W's input time for when the tentacles strike is also sluggish. The primary thing that could make her strong is her passive. The passive CD is a bit too high. By the time 1 tentacle comes up, she's already a roast duck. Ekko is perfectly fine as he is right now. He is not absurd in some degrees of dmg. However his passive could stand slightly higher numbers to proc the bonus magic dmg. Jhin while having infinite traps is extremely sluggish. His animations and channel time make him very easy to explode. His W should have a almsot near instant cast time. Q is semi-ok but it doesn't seem to do him much good. Aurelion Sol needs to snowball his lane extremely fast. Otherwise he will fall off once the enemy reaches a certain lvl point. He can channel his W infinitely which is always nice. But against champs with a lot of blinks, dashes etc etc he falls off fast. Tahm is a hard one to discuss. My friend just got done trying him out. The q doesn't perform a perma stun, however the slow does make it hard to escape him. His E is every 2 seconds or so which makes him unable to die sometimes. His W is quite interesting but thankfully it isn't that powerful. He still has to stack his passive before he can eat someone. By the time he manages to get acquired taste to the 3rd hit the other person will have escaped if it's a high mobility champ.
: Missing ability sounds in co-op game
Can confirm this bug as well. It's happened to me 3 times now. Exactly as you have described and it's really throwing me off.
: When are all game modes coming back?
They probably took all other gamemodes down to keep focus on Legend of the Poro King. Which makes sense as it's release is very soon.

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