: Can blitzcrank, grab someone and go into tunnel? tested: cant flash out of tunnel
It would be hard, but it would work the same way with the thresh lantern. Grab, click, vroom. I want to say yes.
: What happend if Veigar put his E into the tunnel?
Stun hits, but doesn't impede movement unless they leave the tunnel while still hit by the cc.
: I've actually got a really big question after reading all of these. Can Yasuo ULT you if you're popped up in the tunnel? And would both champions get stuck in the terrain or something if so is done?
: Hi guys! Im new in here ^^ First of all, sorry for my bad english! i hope i can help to find bugs and more! But i won't be able to play and write too much, im sorry I found what i think is a bug..... i was playing Bard against Cassio, Jarvan and Zyra. I managed to scape throught the portal but, when i arrived to the other side, Bard didn't appeared, and he had the same aspect as the "portal-travelling-entity". Even more, i couldn't move, and then i died (Bardo appeared while dying). Im not sure, but i think it was Cassiopea's ulti what made that
You will want to post this as a separate thread. Also try recreating it.
: What happens to Aniva, Karthus, Aatrox, Zac, Kog or anyone who got Zileans ult or GA if they die while being in the tunnel? Will they revive at the exit or where they died? :O
My guess is where they died. Your body sits where you killed in the tunnel, and I think you will revive outside the wall. I'll do a real test soon though.
: I really appreciate you testing all of this, and I'd like to help you if I could. I added you. :)
: Since there's been a lot of Bard vs Bard games, would Bards Q and/or ult have any affect to those in the tunnel? I'm assuming this would be about the same effect as Shen/Riven's CC. Overall, great post, makes playing Bard a little scarier. xD
: Ohh cool, I wouldn't have thought of this. personally I think they should remove the ability to be hit inside the tunnel. Can Rek'sai be grabbed when going through his tunnel? or even when ulting? I know you can smite while tunneling, can you also use item's actives while in a tunnel?
: Neat idea! If you need help when the PBE comes back up, feel free to add me. If I'm on I'd be glad to help you test those other ideas! :3
: Yep, some of those I've tried myself, especially the thingy with knock ups/backs I can confirm. But chapeau for this intensive testing! You get a cookie for that: {{item:2054}}
: Would you be able to try Leona's e or Thresh's hook (connect hook then q again)?
: Ah, you've already tested the lot, good work! And thanks for the results. :)
A lot of those is based off of what i've seen with other abilities. I can give you exact results once get back on. I'll also add you
: Does ignite (or any damage over time) persist through the tunnel? Can an ulting Olaf enter the tunnel? (it would test whether the tunnel counts as CC) Can you test whether you can grab Thresh's lantern during the tunnelling? Could you also test how Thresh's ult interacts with a tunnelling enemy? Does Nami's bubble pick them up from the tunnel? What about her ult? Just a few of my suggestions. My predicted results: Ignite won't persist. Olaf can enter as usual. You can't grab Thresh's lantern. Thresh's ult doesn't slow nor deals damage. Nami's bubble and ult knock them out of the tunnel. Eager to hear about the testing results, please let me know. :) If you want to test out anything on another day please add me and I'll be happy to help.
Yes damage persists. (Mord's ult killing me in the tunnel) Olaf will have no issue can't grab thresh's lantern Thresh's ult does damage, but the slow only acts once you leave the tunnel nami bubble knocks people out. Ult will knock people ou
: Can you test Jinx's Zapper and ult, or Lissandra's W and R?
: Can you try to put Anivia's wall or Azir's R just at the end of the tunnel? i wanted to try this myself but i'm too busy :S
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