: How so? It looks like Ryze has some options to me. Phase rush and Electrocute come to mind considering they're more or less copy pastes of Stormraider's and TLD. Hell, you could probably even take Arcane Comet if you want.
I could try that. Though, there doesn't seem to be anything that compares to what melee AD champions get. They become too faceroll too quickly.
: Runes Reforged PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread
My personal opinion is that there doesn't seem to be a Keystone that suits Ryze. Also, just based on the few games I played with the new runes, Melee Bruisers seem to be overly dominant. I faced a Fiora as Ryze at top, she wasn't fed, I wasn't fed. I had Frozen Heart 1st item, she had Hydra first item and she 3 shot me like it was nothing. On live servers, if everything were the same just we had old runes & masteries she would never ever in her life be able to do that. Though it's not just that, it seems every melee champion is just super dominant over ranged champions. I assume it's a bug with one of the runes not operating correctly because the gap between ranged and melee champion DPS is enormous.

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