: [TFT] Missing champions in lineup??
The RNG of that game can fuck you over badly
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: Ap Ezreal Discussion
I've been playing AP ezreal solely lately. And I think he's VERY much fine. The problem with you is that you're not playing AP ezreal like you should. If you rely on Q to do damage, you're doing it wrong. If you want to do damage with Q, build AD. AP ezreal's quirk is to max E, then W, then Q. Land a sticky W, then use E. You popped off 145% AP. You back off, use Qs to lower your cooldowns, then rinse and repeat. AP ezreal is a burst poke champion, not a consistant poke like AD ezreal. With how EASY it is to pop off 145% of your AP, there had to be a small nerf to his W. And as I said, you shouldn't rely on Q to do damage with it until very late. Use it for small poke, thunderlords procs, cooldown reducs on your W and E. I've found that building tankier on him REALLY hits the spot. I go RoA -> Morello -> Protobelt -> Lich Bane -> Rabadon plus another item depending on the enemy team.
: AP scaling on Nunu's new E should definitely be higher and the root should do bonus damage; and have the ability to once activated, not be cancel a channeling ult would open a whole new dynamic in Nunu mechanics (aside from the W). it would be nice to E once or twice > channel R > time the E snare and E once or twice more > R explosion. right now, using E even though previously activate during ult cancels it.
I really think it should be at least 10% AP scaling IMO. And I agree with you.
: Does anyone else get pushed back in the opposite direction when you land a W on someone?? if that's a mechanic designed to prevent comboes, it's dumb, if it's a bug, pls remove!
: The spell is much better now in terms of utility. It can slow multiple people, has no cast time, can be thrown into fog of war which is huge, and has an AOE snare around him after which is great for landing ult. I don't know what more you want out of it.
Mostly scaling on his E because 5% is a joke tbh.
: Totally agree. Also, W gives Nunu & Willump some movespeed right?
: Knockup duration is never present on champ abilities, also his e damage is there for me. I'm pretty sure btw regardless of e root damage you want to max q,e,w since w max increases only the damage, unless you wanna play oneshot ap nunu.
https://puu.sh/BgC9c/f95970e585.png https://puu.sh/BgCaw/6ee6b4e602.png Gotta get your information right. For a Champion whose knockup scales depending on how much you rolled, it would be interesting to know. If it was a brief knockup like Riven it's fine, but not in this case. Also it depends. I always max W last of course, but I don't know about E and Q.
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