: Nerfing Evelynn even more in 5.6?
It is a buff. For most of the game the skill is going to be level one which gives 16 bonus movespeed at max stacks. 16 movespeed is almost nothing. This change allows her to fight someone with the knowledge that if things get crusty she can just run back out since the cooldown is lower. I would have rather they reduced the cooldown aswell as doing this but you take what you get.
: It seems like a good idea on paper, but if I was playing Leblanc I would still get this, and use it on a squishy champion to burst them down faster. The magic resist reduction and percent damage would actually make a difference. We don't need a tank-killing item, we need a 120 AP item with CDR.
15% mr reduction isn't a lot. Considering voidstaff ignores 35% of the target's MR.
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: DFG and multi-role flexibility
The problem is that manaless ap champions now have no CDR in their build. First the removal of the CDR on the elixir of brilliance and now the DFG removal. I would hope to see some other ap item with CDR on it without mana regen.
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: Can we talk about PBE toxicity?
You should have seen it before they changed how people got PBE accounts. It's improved a lot.
: Minor Homeguard Buff When Players First Spawn
This is supposed to happen. It's because it doesn't let you out of spawn until 0:20(?) so it gives you this so you don't miss anything. *facepalm*
: Azir Bug
Yup, but it only seems to happen once in the game.
: well I don't personally think it's that bad of a nerf, waiting 30 extra seconds is not that bad or detrimental to champions for one. also, I think that the minor nerf happens because {{item:3128}} is too damn strong of an item, I mean it amplifies so much dmg, (scaling dmg mind you...) that I think that all ap caster with high ap ratio would look at this item and it's just so annoying to get bursted down by a full combo enhanced with {{item:3128}}. so I think that by Riot's logic, the nerfs would be to create "counterplay" and make other items look more viable, best answer I could think of...
All it does it make the game more slow paced.Also, the change doesn't add any counterplay. The power of the item is exactly the same. It hasn't been touched for such a long time. Why kick all the other champs that use it just because Ahri and Syndra use it?
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: [Ping/Chat] Chat stop showing messages after pinging to fall back
: How did you unlock velkoz It wolnt let me :(
Some people got to buy him before the shop went down. Me included.
: [Vel'Koz] Game Crashes upon execution to dragon/Bots don't do anything in custom game
Will test it! Edit: Can confirm the bots do not move. But I could not reproduce the crashing bug. It happened to me before when I died to a turret. It seems to be something with execution.
: Vel´koz death bug
Yeah, I crashed during a custom game on SR playing Vel'koz. I was tabbed out so didn't see what happened.
: [Visual BUG] Howling abyss map
Yeah, I saw this too. Probably not intentional.
: Spectator Mode: Vel'koz no sound from any abilities.
I'm sure there is just no sound files for them yet. He also doesn't have any movement sounds. May be intentional since, you know, no mouth.

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