: Teamfight Tactics is coming to PBE for testing!
Can we please rename/re-icon the Darkin item to "The Darkin Scythe"? Given Yuumi is an item, it feels like a missed opportunity not to have a pseudo-lore reason for why champions becomes a Darkin. :P
: It seems like literally nothing you “very few skin champ” mains will EVER fucking work. You complained about PP Zoe, you complained about Mecha Sol, you complained about Count Kled, you complained about Arclight Yorick, you even complained about dragon master swain FFS. Moral of the story is, you fucks are never satisfied by ANYTHING and it shows.
Most of those are "okay" skins, to be honest. The issue largely comes from how long everyone waited. The longer you wait: the more people who are waiting. The more people who are waiting: the less people will be satisfied by the chosen theme. Niche skin themes are great when there's plenty of options, or people believe there will be other options soon. However, after 3 years of waiting, the theme needs to have mass appeal OR be of exceptional quality OR be chosen by the community (e.g. Illaoi). Personally, Mecha Sol missed the mark. Dragon Master Swain was something I was hyped for, but it didn't surpass his other VGU'd skins in terms of preferences (by contrast to if it had come out when all his other skins were recolours)(also, the dragon from looks like a low-poly RuneScape model).
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: DUNKMASTER IVERN
I would be okay with this skin if not for the facts: * It's his first skin in nearly 3 years and it's a low-appeal theme. Such a huge span of time needed to be plugged with a mass-appeal theme (or at least a poll, like Illaoi, to give the illusion of choice). To wait nearly 3 years for a skin theme that won't appeal to most people (regardless of quality) is just a bizarre move. This skin would have been fine if he already had other options. * It's a standalone release in a skin theme that he doesn't fit in to. The Dunkmaster theme is a reference to the Dunk Squad, not basketball - since Ivern does not "dunk", he's a tough sell for the theme. One way around this would be to go the High Noon route and re-launch the theme - but this skin doesn't do that by itself. The skin could have flown under the radar if there was a full squad - Dribbler, Dunker, Guard, etc. * It's a 1350 skin. Honestly, I would struggle to justify spending even 975. This is not superior to the Worldender skins. Honestly, 1350 is becoming really tedious as a price tier. Yes, there was a time when you were producing 975 skins "that would have been so good if you'd put a little more effort in" - but this is an example of "that bit of extra effort didn't make the skin better, so you shouldn't have bothered".
: Get ready for ARURF+: coming to patch 9.2
Can you please update this list with all the balance changes that have been carried over from previous URF iterations? Things like Zilean's modified cooldowns, Yi's modified cooldowns, Sona's nerfs to her innate, Brand's reduced stun duration, Alistar's reduced CC and ult durations, etc.
: Introducing Variants: Pajama Guardians & Solar and Lunar Eclipse Leona
My only complaint about the Eclipse skins is that they aren't a single skin. The combined price exceeds that of an Ultimate skin, which I'm not sure about, but if it was an Ultimate skin: it's definitely one I would buy. However, if "transforming" isn't unique enough any more and you actually want to go back to Ultimate skins offering unique features (although I would honestly say that these two skins would qualify the price based on quality alone, even without new features) - how about having this skin modify the sky box (view from top lane), lighting and shadows on the map. This could be an opt-in experience for her allies, too, like DJ Sona (and perhaps also allow her to opt-out, for min-max players who don't want the overlay to mess with their experience). * Solar Eclipse: Burnt-orange skybox with long shadows. https://i.imgur.com/vgqii8V.jpg * Lunar Eclipse: Serene night sky, cool lighting and a burnt-orange moon. https://i.imgur.com/CjYUC2D.jpg Give her a Sun Dial interface when she's on the Fountain and allow her to spin the dial to change form.
: The turrets get weaker as you attack them, not stronger, hence the destruction of plating at every checkpoint. The "harder to kill" part is temporary, and is simply to slow down tower takedowns on group attacks. The bulwark doesn't last forever.
They don't get weaker as you destroy them. Every time you reduce their health by 1000, they gain an additional 30 Armor and Magic Resistance. This is permanent, at least until the item crumbles at 14 minutes. https://i.imgur.com/1UHHrFA.png https://i.imgur.com/5siRF10.png https://i.imgur.com/lBqJFsf.png https://i.imgur.com/VKxmFVM.png https://i.imgur.com/zWUHcYD.png They also gain further resistances with Bulwark temporarily (20 seconds), but only if there's more than one person nearby. All those screenshots are with just one person, so Bulwark isn't activating.
: You're trying to look for logic in a game where people are hybrids of humans and animals, some talk to monsters, fight to the death to destroy a big shiny crystal, often trying to kill a big purple snake. It doesn't matter if it's logical or not, that's how it works, so that's how it is displayed.
You seem to be confusing logic with realism (all of your examples talk about realism, yet you use the word 'logical'). Good game design is about communicating information to players. That is to say: it needs to be logical. The only time "realism" needs to be taken into account is whether or not the gameplay subverts player expectations - in which case, the visuals have to be very clear that what the player needs to do is the opposite of what they expect (Riot's old dev-blogs called these "anti-patterns", and disliked any mechanic that punished players for doing "the right thing"). The visuals of Turret Plating do not communicate the gameplay. I'm not asking for them to change the gameplay (which would be an argument for realism) - I'm asking them to change the visuals to correspond to their chosen gameplay, even if that means making it look unrealistic. At the moment the shield breaks to indicate that it's tankier - but "broken shields" is symbolic of weakness, not durability (armor reductions put a broken shield on your nameplate, for example). If Riot wants players to know that the turret is tankier - it needs to look tankier, not look weaker.
: Unable to flex queue with someone of the same rank
This may be a stupid question, but you are actually trying to join the flex queue - right? I only asked because you've conveniently cropped out the lobby information and your duo-queue ranks.
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: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Infernal Amumu!
Similar to Special Forces Gangplank back in the day, the audio really kills the fantasy for this skin. Couldn’t we add a demonic voice filter, like Devil Teemo or Forsaken Jayce? And would it be possible to remove the crying track from his W, or replace it with some eerie chanting or something... because having the crackling sound trying to blend with the sniffling sound just sounds messy. Also, could you apply a small amount of physics to the chain? Heck, apply that small little tweak to all his skins. Cassiopeia’s tail, Zoe’s hair, etc.
: Visual and Sound Effect updates to Jarvan, Lee Sin, Veigar and Vi
Please say that Veigar's ultimate cracks the screen, like Garen's ultimate. :D
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: After all the community feedback about Aatrox model and VO..
Umm... * They've already recoloured him to look like old Aatrox. * They've also confirmed they're going to re-add his wings to his non-ultimate form, but it might take one-or-two patches to get it ready to ship. You're just showing your inability to actually follow Riot's response as well as being completely ignorant of how quickly changes can be made. They're not gonna cancel shipping the new Aatrox for something that can be fixed separately.
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: Love the effort you put into this! We are trying to move towards a world where all our systems match (honor/rarity/etc). So every system should go Green < Blue < Purple < Orange. You will notice that Red, which skins has as Legendary is missing. Some day we'd even like to get skins to this world, but that's for another day. As for all the other icons you suggested, they're really neat! But our goal is to try to keep things relatively simple and easy to understand. Even what we have is a little complex, so I'd likely stay away from adding more. If anything, we could add descriptors on mouse over tooltips.
But... The icons proposed on the PBE don't mean anything in the context of Wards and Icons - they correspond to price-tiers/quantity of features. An "Orange gem ward" has nothing to do with an "Orange gem skin". Calling them "Ultimate" doesn't have any innate meaning - knowledge of the existing system does not transfer onto the new system. An Orange skin represents high quality or high price; whereas an Orange icon refers to an esteemed achievement. I concede that using the Honor icons was a poor choice, because my point is that reusing existing icons to represent new things is bad and makes the system complicated. The core types you have listed above is "Event icons", "Reward icons" and "Expensive icons" - I think those should be the categories, rather than their rarity, and why I used three icons to represent them. By all means be consistent in the use of colours to correspond to rarity/progression. You currently have Blue < Purple < Orange Leaves for Honor. Based on what you said, I presume there is some intent to change Mastery to be Green < Blue < Purple < Orange in the future, but I expect they will still remain Broaches. Players understand a Leaves is Honor; and a Broach is Mastery. At the moment, Gems represent Quality. I genuinely think that using Gems to also represent Rarity and Prestige is more complicated than introducing new icons, not less. You could have Green < Blue < Purple < Orange Flags to represent different levels of event achievement (e.g. the "Get S+ in Onslaught" would definitely be an Orange Flag icon)... -shrugs- I'm rambling. I definitely welcome all the information being in the client, even if it means I'm out of a job maintaining the Summoner icon page on the Wiki - I just don't see any value in how they're currently grouped (especially from the perspective of "viewing League's history"). EDIT: Said 'feathers' instead of 'leaves'. Derp.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Icon/Wards Collections
The Fist Bump ward should definitely qualify as an Ultimate Ward Skin... I mean, it's exclusive for people who participate in a fist-bump with a Rioter. Overall I don't think the Skin price-tiers should be used for prestige-tiers - it might be better to base them of the color/symbols of Honor or Mastery tiers, instead. Equating a £20 skin to an actual in-game achievement seems... ill-fitting. I also don't think the progression of accomplishment and the progression of rarity should be the same tier-list - you've got the Hextech Ward, Championship Ward and Victorious Ward in the same category, despite the fact one is still available, one was limited availability and one was an achievement. For example, based on the Honor system: * Lotus-icon - Consistent. Icons/wards in this tier were awarded by Riot - such as for good behavior, beta participation or ranked achievement. * Flag-icon - Determined. Icons/wards in this tier were earned during events. * Heart-icon - Supporter (of Riot). Icons/wards in this tier were purchased during limited-time promotions. * You could add an eSports icon too, to distinguish the sheer number of limited eSports icons from things just as Radiant Wukong. * No icon - Store purchase. * Legacy icon - Store purchase, but the item is in the Legacy Vault. * Mythic icon - Rare Gem purchase. You could also add rarity-colors to those icons - but, ultimately, the rarity of an icon/ward is just Available, Legacy or Limited (i.e. can you get it again in the future). If this isn't implicit enough of the above categories, or there's too many exceptions (e.g. maybe there's limited-time purchases you intend to bring back), then you could add a Limited/Legacy border/badge around the icon. EDIT: I made a mock-up: https://i.imgur.com/YgPgmGx.jpg I also made a Limited Edition border based on Urf the Manatee Warwick, but as I don't know if any event-tied icons are ever coming back - the icons might implicitly imply Limited Edition. I think Slay Belle is the only one that's ever been available more than once. https://imgur.com/lKPunL3
: His abilities already have a crazy low cooldown & mana cost. So much even that he popups in the support role in a decent amount of meta's. If he needs a buff than it would be on the strength of his abilities. What for example could be done is that his E always has a minimal of 1 bounce. If their is no target to bounce to than the crow will bounce back to the first target. This would help a lot with clearing single target camps and in 1v1 situations since it would basicly refresh the silence.
You have to be joking. Fiddlesticks has perhaps the most expensive jungle clear in the game. Drain costs 80 / 90 / 100 / 110 / 120 mana. He either starts Blue or does not use Dark Wind to clear - he cannot afford to. His mana issues are compounded by the fact he cannot move while using Drain - meaning he cannot readily charge Runic Echoes like any other act-move jungler. Riot is currently proposing to increase Dark Wind's damage by 50% but increase the cost by 20 - this will not help. Unless the increase in damage is enough to actually kill Lesser Raptors - he will still be left in a situation where he has to slowly attack each one while tanking all the others. This change also comes at the cost of 50% minion damage - which has the potential to have a huge impact to his late game (e.g. it nerfs his waveclear, which hurts his ability to defend and for every minion that doesn't die instantly is another target it could bounce to). He needs help versus multi-target camps, yes. In my opinion, refunding 15 mana per second unused would mean that he doesn't spend 120 mana for 2 seconds of draining.
: With only one Smite upgrade - can we rebrand the jungle items?
https://i.imgur.com/L2kXq1q.png (How it could be even if you don't reduce it to one Smite variant)
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: This keystone should really apply for all heals and shields. Just in case of AoE ones the closest ally should be chosen. Like for example if Soraka uses Wish at botlane, her ADC should be marked with keystone.
I would rather it worked with more than heals and shields, as is the case of Nunu and Mordekaiser, plus Galio's ultimate.
: I actually noticed that I could proc it with Rakan's W, I gave the shield to my Jungler when leashing but I did noticed that proc'd it with his healing, weird. Tbh I thought it was bugged and it was working like before (right clicking on an ally).
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: https://3.bp.blogspot.com/-UHBa6Cl5gbk/WfKsdWSeazI/AAAAAAAAyWs/ZXDI9CzGyiECOmTEaXZnno65ZyqS4pdKQCEwYBhgL/s1600/gravescompare2.jpg Would it be possible to add back in the grey streaks he had in his hair for this chroma? It looks really bleh without them.
Seconded! Holy crap I was so looking forward to my silver fox and then I saw the updated screenshots on the PBE... don't do this to me Riot!
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: That passive is included in Gold Generation items!
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: New Ultimate skin
"This year" was Elementalist Lux.
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: They mean to change it from blocking magic damage, to blocking damage from abilities. They don't mean a spell shield, rather just a plain shield with some funny wording. Or perhaps a shield that only blocks damage from abilities and not autos. So yes, the purpose is to protect from being bursted. They just want to extend that to protect from Zed/Talon/etc burst as well.
As he said, I meant an ability damage health shield - not a spell shield. I would prefer it not interact with basic attacks, although I'm sure the General Discussion boards would have a thing to say about who the real burst damage champions are.
: Zyra's plants dont count as spell towards electrocute.
Her plants have always been classified as a damage over time spell, similar to Morgana's puddle or Single's trail. Electrocute requires unique sources of damage - so only one stack should be applied by plants, even if you have multiple plants. However, it's possible that the plants are considered part of the ability that summons them - so a Thornspitter would be considered damage applied by her Q, meaning if you land her Q you won't get an extra stack from the plant. Are you saying that her plants never apply a single stack, even if you miss her Q/E?
: Manaflow Band needs a buff indicator on top of the ablities bar (like the keystone runes) for its CD
Given that Manaflow Band is a mana refund, and not a free cast, can Kassadin even use it as such? I understood from the wording that you still needed to have enough mana to start with.
: Rune background sound during editing
I love the ambience but I agree that it should be considered music and not SFX. Alternatively, ambience should be a separate slider. I'm pretty certain this is a complete with the live environment too, which has subtle wind/noise in the client that is considered SFX.
: Predator's description is either incorrect or needs balancing.
I fail to see what's confusing or incorrect. * The active has a cooldown. * The item begins the game on cooldown, preventing you from using it in first blood fights. * The item is also put on cooldown if you're interrupted. In my opinion, this should be a reduced cooldown, so I would agree this is too punishing. The "this item goes on cooldown if interrupted" should not convey "this item _only_ goes on cooldown if you're interrupted". This is a fault in your comprehension, not the wording. As for the high cooldown - the effect basically is a summoner spell. It's a stronger Ghost with a built in Smite. If it was up any more frequently, your lane opponent would never get the opportunity to breathe.
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: Evelynn Update - Questions, concerns and overall comments!
Things I don't like: * Tango Evelynn's pink forearms (are they suppose to be glowing? Because it just looks like she was eating pink cheetos). * Tango Evelynn's super heavy make-up compared to the almost identical colour of her face and hair. Could we add some fake shadow under her hairline so that she doesn't look like she has white balloon for a head with sharpie drawn on it? Or maybe make her hair more blond? Shifting her skin tone into a more living direction might actually help, too. * The lack of a "It takes a lot of effort to move like this in heels" quote. * The fact that her Innate has been worded to make it sound like she transforms into a monster, rather than dispelling the glamour that she wears to trick people. The Demon Form is her true form - without the masks. Also, Allure is written as if she's some generic demon rather than a succubus - she doesn't curse people, she entices them. I reported this via the bug feature but I'll add it here: * Triggering stealth during recall triggers a second voiceline over the top of her recall voiceline.
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: Feedback Thread: Preferred Slot
I've run out of room on my harddrive to keep both versions of the game installed, at the moment, but if the tool auto-moves purchases into a specific slot - I'm all for it!
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: Pulsefire (?) Ezreal Q does not deal dmg, W doesnt dmg minions
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: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Winter Wonder Karma!
Her E's snare spell effects seem to be the default cyan/teal swirl, rather than anything frosty.
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: What's the point banning the reworked champions
I still reckon all new content should be ban-proof whenever Riot releases something onto the PBE. The new champions are usually banned for a few days too. Trying to clock testing minutes here people. Lose with dignity!
: [Assassins] - Mini Updates Discussion
Will Shaco's RNG crits overrule the damage modifier of Backstab?

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