: Legend of the Poro King Feedback
I was so disappointed when I saw that.
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: Its all Dark
This is just the new game mode based around {{champion:56}}. (Note: Posted as a joke)
: Ezreal Rework Feedback
He also seems to now have something for {{champion:498}}. Also, I think Lux would say something like: "Um, no thank you." (because she is always as polite as possible, even when people are trying to kill her).
: Another indirect nerf in Ezreal AP (ap rate w????)
I personally think AP Ez is stronger than AD Ez after the rework. I build him more like {{champion:55}} and the one shots begin. Personally, his old W was boring and lackluster. I prefer the new W way more. I mean, it fits more him as a character because everything besides his ultimate is a single target.
: Enjoy league of black!
: "Sudden Death" gives too much advantage to the losing team
Well, I think that main issue with sudden death is that if someone dies on your team they are practically out for the rest of the game. They have a 1 min death timer or about there. I think the death timers should be way lower during sudden death at the very least. Also, the walking nexus should move really, really slow. Kind of like how the super teemo moves during doombots.
: Can't change form as GGMF on Nexus Blitz mode
I was going to report the same thing last night. Hopefully Riot notices this.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Profile Background Picker!
I have a question... I haven't tested it yet... but how will this feature interact with icons that give a set background? Like the Elementalist, Pulsefire, Dj, Spirit Guard, and Gun Goddess icons? Would the one we set override the linked background? Or would the background of said icon override our chosen background?
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I tested the skin too and the different skins do have some changes to the E. I noticed that the 2nd form has the bullet kind of evaporate after being used on her E. They are like little swirly black holes. :P The other ones have changes, but I am somewhat bad at explaining them. I know the ult has differences between the different costumes. The skin offers different stances between the skins. I know one form has her fire her entire ultimate through one hand-cannon. One has her fire the normal Miss Fortune way, and there are others out there... I am still testing. :P Also, the different forms change the base model (very slight changes). Two of them cover up the chest gap, the guns change, etc... the main area of focus wasn't Miss Fortune's costume per say. Riot wanted to focus on the guns, and I have to say that they did the pretty well. I mean, GGMF is similar to Sona instead of Lux. They have VERY slight changes to the actual model. The real changes are in the guns.
: yeah we gotta wait and see how her passive performs on live servers, when we have tryharding rank games and real teamfights. PBE is nice and all but the games are realy low quality mostly 100% snowbally and I can kind agree with your statement I guess. Only thing riot needs to take care of is her range give it like 25 - 50 more and she should be in a decent spot if we combine it with Q champ priority (even tho this is actually not quite necessary, but would give her more lane pressure which cant be wrong imo) and maybe a slightly buffed E duration. I guess we gotta wait for riot to take some actions with her.
Yea, what you say is true as well. We won't know how she'll preform until she reaches live servers. The games are unbalanced on the PBE, she is there is no accurate reading to gain. Anyhow, thanks for the discussion, hopefully Riot takes notice.
: Kai'sa should have telltale signs that she has evolved abilities
You know, this actually makes sense! The Evolved E could have brighter lights around her legs to indicate this. The W could add some sort of misty effect, like you mentioned. The Q could cause the pods to get larger. I like this idea a lot! I mean, with PF Caitlyn they upgrade her gun to indicate that she has her ultimate ability purchased. Also, Kha has the same effect with his abilities... so this just makes sense.
: Remove shield from Kaisa's ultimate and make its cooldown significantly low.
I feel like the ultimate should be more utility, kind of like Zoe, where is she able to proc it more often in order to use her kit more effectively.
: Conquerer doesn't need an AD scaling on it, the true damage alone is enough.
I just have a question about this rune. I understand that after 4 seconds you get some AD and true damage, but does that true damage only proc on the AA or does it last for 4 seconds like the AD?
: I also put a big review of Kai'Sa in a post earlier i made and I actually said the same. 500 Range for an ADC without dash (besides her ult, which is an engage tool) she has by far not enough range. Having 500 range as ADC when we talk about teamfights is actually pretty bad. Imagine Lucian without his E in a teamfight... I mean even with this dash Lucian is not in a good spot right now, but without it he would be completely dead. Same goes for Vayne. Imagine Vayne without a tumble, doesnt rly seem to be fun in teamfights to be honest. Kai'Sa needs to attack the same target at least 5 times for her passive to get triggered. 5 hits in the same target with only 5 range is fairly surealistic. I really like her kit in general, but she needs more attack range, her Q should take champion priority, her E should give her a little longer invis time and her passive should need only 3 stacks + 1 auto to get triggered. This could bring her in a decent spot, I just dont see how Kai'sa is going to be relevant in higher elo than gold, having her kit as it is right now
Yea, much of what you had to say I agree with. I just feel that her Q should prioritize targets marked by her passive instead. I think her invisibility should be longer because it would go along nicely with {{item:3147}}, however, I think Riot has it this way so that people that do not go invisible can still proc the extra attack speed faster. I don't think the whole hitting 5 times is unreal, her W does apply two stacks and her support (team) would apply 1 every time they cc a target. {{champion:89}} would be able to get at least 3 from a single rotation of her kit. The thing about the 3 hits + 1 would only be four. If you notice that her passive applies with ally cc, 4 times it a little low considering her W applies 2 and allies can apply 1 per cc. Kai'Sa really only needs to basic 1 time if everything goes correctly. Her kit, as you said, is good. I really like everything in her kit, but she is way too shortly ranged by all champions.
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: Conqueror Rune not showing description and oversized
Hello, I am no expert, but this is normal when a rune is being created. Usually there should be a description, but as for the oversize, that is completely normal. The same happened way back when the first keystones were placed onto PBE.
: Kai'sa goes invisible
Hello, If you find a bug with Kai'Sa, it would be best if you posted the bug in the following thread: https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/3wmYEZbW-kaisa-bug-pbe-bug-thread Also, this problem has already been reported to Riot within that thread.
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: she’s not in shop but is free to play. you can pick her. just can’t buy as of now.
You can buy her now and her skin. :D
: So ya Conquerer is out right broken
Does this new rune apply with MF's Q? If so, damnnn! I think I found a keystone.
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: Incredible bug, instant Arcane Comet with Swain
: Known Bugs & Issues Thread: Skins Viewer
Can we be able to make a wish list for what skins we want? Just so that if friends want to gift someone they can just look at this list instead of having to guess or blow the surprise and just ask. I mean, it would be nice for Christmas and all.
: Well this skin is the pain in RIOT's "ass". It has so many bugs, they fix one, another one comes out. They must be raging the crap out. {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
People are saying that Lux is having so many bugs with this skin because she was moved to a new platform of skin crafting, which is why these keep appearing. The same was done for Miss Fortune (Star Guardian) was bugged and didn't show some her colors during homeguard and such. But, whether that is true or not, I am not sure but the evidence is sort of damning.
: Elementalist lux Bug
I have more information for those still interested. I made a post, but I got rid of it once I saw someone else already posted something. Light Lux (base form) - Auto-attacks have squares around them. Spells are normal, except for ult. This weird thing happens with a condensing box around her ability. Recall has squares around Lux on the ground. Water Lux - Spells have squares around them. Ult has the condensing box. Recall bugged too. Auto-attacks are normal. Water animation is missing on E. Before it would be all bubbly, but now the effects flicker out and just disappear. Dark Lux - Spells have dark squares around them. Ult has the condensing box. Recall bugged too. Auto-attacks are normal. Staff is surrounded by purple squares. This one has a glitched W and is the only skin (right now) that has glitched W and Staff. Dark has a square when popping passive (or was it water?). Dark also has squares around her homeguard animation. Unaffected - Transitions between forms are normal.
: Riot games sacrificed a game mode for a theme.
I honestly miss normal urf. I liked being able to choose what champion I got to play. I want to so badly just play Miss Fortune, but I keep getting Olaf, Anivia, and other champions that I just don't like playing. I just wanna be able to play the champions that I love and enjoy. I wish they would just give us back the original urf. I mean, this new "snowball" arurf is fun, but it would increase the amount of fun I had if I could choose what champion I got to play. One more thing, I miss being able to ban picks. Now, if someone just happens to lucky enough to get an "OP" champ in this mode, then it is just kind of not fun to play the mode in the first place. Mainly because they could get OP picks, and you get stuck with someone that doesn't fare as well in this mode.
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: Teleport Summoner Spell Icon in champ select
Ah, darn, I noticed this last night. I was going to post it, but then I forgot. I just posted one. I do have a picture for reference :D https://i.gyazo.com/2f6047123b75390471f22efd9a309052.jpg
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: [issue on Tuesday, 11/7] High ping spikes, practice tool disabled, slow game starts
Hey Riot, After I waited for the champ select to get to loading screen, the game crashed. Just wanted to inform you.
: Elementalist Lux Bug
Do **NOT** use her water form. It is crashing the game (mainly the recall). https://youtu.be/vHZy_f3n1W0
: So, how does one "test" for pbe?
You generally want to test the new stuff that is released for the PBE for testing. As Amy Sery said, Graves, Blitz, Rengar, etc. Riot also wants you to test the newer released stuff and see if there are any bugs. This can refer to runes reforged, the Star Guardian skins, other skins that are "newer". You can find all sorts of bugs with newly released content, etc. Ex. I found a bug last week with SG MF that was fixed about 2-4 days ago. You can also test to see if Elementalist Lux's Water form makes Aery disappear. It is really anything and everything, but mostly the newly released stuff. :D Edit: Content that doesn't need testing won't be present on the PBE. I figured someone should mention that. That is why some skins are "missing" from the shop.
: Are you sure this is Aery the Rune and not Aery the Fae?
I am pretty sure I mean the rune Aery. I don't really know what Aery the Fae is. Is that some kind of reference to Kingdoms of Amalur? I know they had something called Fae.
: I want infinite rune pages.
I, personally, am fine with the pages that are allowed right now, since I have my favorite champions and that is all I need. I only play a handful of champions, along with my main that takes up 80% of my games, so I don't really need these many pages. However, I do support the idea of increasing the number of pages to a reasonable amount. I don't think Riot would shoot for infinite pages, but I think they would implement something to allow you to purchase pages.
: [Suggestion] Better Position for Rune Stats Display
I personally don't like it because that is where my chat box is. They would overlap. I also like it how they have it now because I can make the runes go invisible, and view them whenever I need to just by clicking on it. I don't like having things plastered to my screen. It is a nice suggestion though :D I support making this optional.
I figured. Thanks for confirming. {{sticker:sg-poppy}}
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: Useful information for new PBE players
Lunar Revel, I think it would be good for you to add under the new skins section of this post when new champions and new skins are released for testing. That is a question that I feel a lot of us newbies have about the PBE. I already asked my questions and got my answers, but just a friendly suggestion. <3 {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
: ***
Riot Seri, Normally, I agree with Riot, but I am experiencing this as well. I have friends that I play PBE with and they **ALL** get disconnected. I doubt that all 5 of us just suddenly had our internet crap out during the loading screen.
: Next tuesday, new thins always come on tuesday if not wensday
: we get to test the skins on the day that the new pbe update launches or sometime afterwards
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