: Runes Pages Missing
Same problem here, on top of that, I also, can't use emotes, says i don't own any. I did have 15 or so rune pages... Only 2 left... And yet, I still haven't received any rp in about 2 weeks time
: I did have one game, where I just let it ride after one of the bugs...it actually started the game! I was still in the lobby but I couldn't do anything about it. It saved me another leaverbuster :)
Yeah, I figured out after a few times, that I could still hear the champion select sounds. So I waited it out, and it actually connected. Also, Someone posted in another thread, that they were having same problems with the whole "not going to post game lobby" thing. They said that what they did, was change the in-client setting to close client during game button. They said that fixed their problem with it. I also seen a few comments on that thread that agreed, it had worked for them, allowing them to return to the client, not making them log/relog every game. So I tried it, and it totally worked for me as well. Not sure what it really has to do with with going from in game to post game screen, but it did work for. GLHF. Hope that this works for you as well
: Riot needs to not have queue dodge timer on PBE
Same things happened to me for the last 2 days. Also, having the same post game bug as HBTourSlam, having to exit client after every single game. Brings me to honor screen, doesn't allow me honor the person I want, it just selects whoever it want's then sends me to the ARURF screen, never make it to post game lobby, can't ban, can't view stats, scores, and also in game bug having everyone is killing themselves, and assisting themselves on kills, and nothing appears in death recap.
: Lots of issues with the new client update (June 18, 2018)
All of this happened to me as well, so frustrating having to close client after every single game, and relog taking so long to get to play games, plus long queue timers. I also have gotten 2 leaver busters in the last 2 days, I was so angry having to wait 10 minutes, and then 2nd time had to wait like 15 minutes. We need some fixes for these bugs. So far, I have yet to even see a Rioter make any comments acknowledging any of these bugs. Read the full pbe patch notes for todays update, in hopes there would be some fix in there, but not a mention.
: Game announced bug
Also having this same problem, and it also has been saying that {{champion:266}} assisted {{champion:266}} and {{champion:103}} has slain {{champion:103}} The PBE has been super lagged out the last 2 days, sending constant bug reports, but they are not resolving anything.
: huge client bugs after update / honor a player screen doesnt work properly + blank screen client
Yes, I am having the same problems, I am so fed up with having to close client and relog after every single game, been like this since yesterday sometime. Can't honor the person I want, no matter which champion I am hovering over to honor, it selects whichever champ it feels like, I guess. Then, on top of that, I never make it to post game lobby, can't start a new game, can't report, can't see any stats just basically blank screen. I then have to close and relog. I have been reporting the bug for almost 2 days.Thought they would fix it with the update today, but wasn't fixed, didn't even see a mention of it in the patch notes.
: Menu screen bugs.
Had the same problem. It's quit doing that to me now. Now, after every game, I select continue, I only get to choose one person to honor from my team, even when selecting another person it doesn't let me choose. Then, it never makes it post game lobby. I have had to close the client and relog after every game for the last say 10 hours or so.

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