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: Full Preseason website should be up in a few hours
: [Assassins] Katarina Feedback Thread
Is that Yasuo v2.0. Looks like her skill ceiling will drastically increase
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: PBE Bugs and Feedback Thread: Star Guardian Jinx!
Is it the same person who did Jinx original VO that will do this one?
: Yorick Update Feedback Thread
Hello. I was thinking about a health bar for his W like three days ago. And i think a Zz rot portal health bar in the bottom side would be cool cause that is the only place where the trapped enemy doesnt cover the bar
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: Less burst on squeashies, better damages on tanks.
: Smaller 5.22 Marksmen Changes PBE Feedback Thread
I did not understand Vaynes change though :(
: They do not know. Schedules tend to change and to avoid people getting their hopes up and be disappointed afterwards, they do not give such information. Remember Ao Shin? :>
Im not in Ao Shins time, but i know that they showed him before even analysing his in game kit, so it did not match to the game
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: Majority chooses Syndra, so everyone gets her. The person who does not have Syndra will get her as well. But I believe in One for All all champs are enabled anyway.
Really, do you think that player number 5 will get syndra, knowing that he cannot play with her? o.O
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: Wolf: tell me again little lamb what is mine to take? Lamb: all things dear wolf. Agreed, the original quote provided much more atmosphere.
Indeed, the current one is not the one which inspires what Kindred really is. Just a "clue" : Never one... without the other...
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: Q in my opinion could proc on hit effects. It would be better
: I was listening to their VO and I thought of this. Make a marked target able to hear the echo in Kindred's voice as she walks, but only for move command lines and taunts. That way, it leaves a sense of fear in her target. As in, not the full line of speech, but just the ending echo after they finish talking.
Yeah, i really agree with you Jimminy Bunny, there must be a little of fear in the Mark of Kindred. Just marking it wouldn't make it so fearful, some sounds and voice would synergize really well with the passive
: It's because every single person that has a PBE account want to play Ekko. You'll have to wait maybe a couple of days, maybe log in really early or late, when people go to sleep, basically when they simmer down a bit so the queue isn't as big as it is right now.
I cant wait days, i waited until yesterday, and now its this.... :(
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