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: It is not only with minions, I played a few minutes ago and with champions or jungle monsters is the same, between 10-20 first minutes of the game was 90% of times but in late game did not happen anymore
When i was testing it out i had it happen though out the game that i was testing it in. With mine it would do the full damage then do almost nothing.
: Did it happen from the very start of the game or later on?
The whole game from the start till the end for me at least. By the looks of it there is something wrong with jayce thats causing the summoner spells to never be used.
: Bugged Summoner Spells
this was talked about before and by the looks of it it seems to be a bug with jayce him self and not with the summoner spells
: Grayed out summoner spells
that happened to me as jayce but on a aram game like 2 days ago
: yasuo's E+Q dealing 0 damage
It happens with all skins i just tried it out again and what i am seeing is that it will sometimes do the full damage that it should and other times if you E+Q and it hits other minons(the ones that you did not e on to) it will do about 10 damage.
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: Capsules are live.
they still do not let me buy them i cant open a normal champ cap as well
: yeah same happened to me i bought the capsules and no rp was taken from me but this error was popping up all the time so annoying and restarting the client doesnt help {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
i hope they can fix this soon cause i want to buy some of the capsules
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