: Jhin Balance Feedback!
is it balanced to have a marksman who can have over 700 ad and 100 % crit?
: Jhin Bug Report Thread
Teases a champion for over 2 weeks, can;'t buy him when he finally gets onto the PBE. Classic rito
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: danger pings
Yep, mandrake wards :P{{champion:48}}
: Glowing eyes?
No , their splashes were the same,
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: Newest patch leads to more crashes
I think the source is from Bard and some random corruption in his files that is affecting the game. Also, i played a game as {{champion:106}} jungle (with no Bard on either teams) on the PBE , and noone crashed. Next Game, there was a Bard, and suddenly the crashing begins.
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: [General]- Experiencing substantial Bugsplats
It does have something to do with Bard. I played a game as Volibear to test cinder hulk and Boone was crashing, when the game before I played Annie support and there was a Bard and we were all crashing. Rito plz

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