: Will the rp and be stack? or will it be reset to 3k rp and 5 be daily? When I say stacking I mean that all remaining rp and be will be added together eg. buying a 975 skin leaving you with 2025 rp will it become 5075 rp?? thanks in advance {{champion:497}} {{champion:498}}
It will set rp to 3000 and be to 5. They will not stack.
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: Client, images, profile
I have same issues. We should wait until tomorow after maintense update.
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: [Up to] Three Roles for New Queue
Why 3 roles, you get your 1st main or 2nd main. There is no need add 3 roles to quene.
: Heimerdinger feels super weak in mid right now.
: Certainly tomorrow, cause the 6.1 maintenance server will be applied in the night of Tuesday to Wednesday. And if the 6.1 cycle is out on live, the 6.2 cycle will be out on PBE tomorrow. Just a theory, but i think it's correct.
: My bad, was to stupid too post it correclty.
Try steps [here](http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/general-pbe-feedback/G2h6QTbN-useful-information-for-new-pbe-players) I had first time problems too. Try the guideline by Riot
: Error while installing/updating PBE Client
I don´t know your problem. I don´t see your screenshot.
: When will Jhin Be On PBE
I think he will be on PBE after reveal.
: How many games does it take before you're guaranteed to get your primary role?
If you pick mid as primary, queue will try find game with your primary, if can´t it will give you support or something else you pick. There is no guaranteed mid, but quene try.
: i noticed this problem two about a couple weeks ago when i tried custom games. i hope this gets fixed soon because i am really looking forward to trying the new champ when he comes out QQ
I have this every game I play, Its annoying
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: Minions just standing
this is one of classic bugs (it happened for me 4x in one game)
: Is this Bug or somethinge?
On PBE you can spectate customs games :)
: [Utility Mastery] - **BADGROUPID: 0 Instead Of Utility
: lol yes forgot about that but... 200 ping is srsly laggy you can hardly play tanks (assassins.mages.fighters.... its too laggy to control them) maby in the middle of the ocean :) so we bouth get a ping of 100 XD
I think PBE server is in Europe and America.
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: Fiora's ULT shows no CD after use
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