: Catch the wave and give the chance of change the summoner icon on select screen too
We have the nations top cryptologists working 24/7 to figure out what the fuck you just said.
: PBE Starter Kit
Read the PBE FAQ they have to reset your whole account. You bought the PBE starter twice. Read. the. faq. <3 :c
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: someone got destroyed by blitzcrank
they already nerfed him to being pretty much useless. there's no point in even putting a point into his w now. No one plays him like literally ever I haven't seen him since the nerf once
: I don't know if I should ask for this:
someone got destroyed by blitzcrank
: New updated store
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: How to know the updates
There is none. If you're looking for like a log in your league folder then no that's not a thing. The only reason we know about those updates from surrenderat20 is because the guy that runs it gets the patch notes from riot themselves.
: [Udyr/Xin Zhao]Instant Teleport - Bug (?)
That was definately a fly bug. Idk how to reproduce it but it usually happens when you get pulled into a knockup or something. Like when velkoz es you and then thresh hooks you I think that used to be a bug. It's not a tp glitch really it's probably just a bug wiht tahms Q-W
: Unable to load into a game
: RP Granted
: How to lower ping on PBE?
Read the http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/general-pbe-feedback/G2h6QTbN-useful-information-for-new-pbe-players no point in making a thread about it lol.
: Bug-splat Error
yep pretty sure literally everyone is getting this.
: Bug Splats in Loading Screen
: More of what I am thinking for the new HUD [job at riot now?]
i like this so much more omg... please make like a dcustom hud thing if riot doesnt use this; this is amazing dude o-o
: Could it be a special interaction? Just like Vilemaw's dance when 2 champs are dancing in front of him. The laugh could be the special interaction with Baron, while could the roar be the Drake?
hmm possibly but the laugh is on the drake side :/ or is it anywhere in the river? whooooo knowsssssss but riiiitoooooooos
: HUD scale keeps re-sizing itself.
: Double Smite Start
might be a update? but its probably a bug.
: its kyogre don't worry
: Funny bug
everyone gets it stop making threads about it
: DC'd and can still play
everyones getting this its a normal thing on the pbe for some dumb reason.
: Error Crashing and when trying to recconect but takes me back to home page
: Just happened to me
and this has happened before its kinda a normal thing on pbe
: Game Crashing
Just happened to me
: All the skins
Download MKLOL and use that.
: I really would love , and I think everyone else will agree with me on this : That when you're into game , while you're in the base , you still are able to change your runes and masteries if you forgot to before , also please allow it to change summoner's spells bindings also ingame... because if we forget about it before , it'll suck. EDIT: also I've noticed that my icon doesn't appear near my teammates , but it appears only when I'm dead .
Well you can change the sum spell bindings in the options menu but ya the rest of that would be pretty cool but it might get exploited.
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: [HUD?] Alt+Tab Bug
: welcome to pbe...
the funny thing is that when I got into the pbe I got the email not even a hour after I was chat banned for 40 games like okay lol.
: Gaining Access to the PBE is a Joke
: PBE's down?
: No, Lulu chrashes the game. Next time, please try to search if your problem's been reported already - this forum is crowded as it is :c
: Yea I've seen. So much toxicity when someone doesn't get to play ekko even if they've got to play him multiple times already. They either rage in champ select or dodge. I played him once looked for any noticeable and moved on if I get to play him again I'll gladly do it but I see no point raging cause i don't first pick him or he gets banned away. And now when I'm in draft mode if I'm first pick and he doesn't get banned I try and let someone else play him.
Also just a lot of toxicity in general :/
: Ive seen it where she has two stars in front of her name (**LeBlanc)
: Was there a Lulu in your game? Lulu is known to be breaking games right now. :]
I think there was a ezreal.
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: Timer Bug when Logging in
Everyone knows about this since ekko came out. It's not necissarily a bug it's just major traffic on the server because everyone is dodging because they didn't get Ekko and then relogging and having to wait for the queue. You're about the 100th person to post this lol.
: LeBlanc and Braum Champ Select/In-Game Name Glitch
> [{quoted}](name=That Was Easy,realm=PBE,application-id=A4D2003433C8FCD715185A7264A9CC6FDFAD7FEF,discussion-id=MEBBgUYi,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-05-16T20:27:40.209+0000) > > So in the champion listing it says **leblanc and **braum, in champ select it says the same thing but they&#039;re both first in the list of champs. And then when you go to select a skin they all say leblanc or braum not dragonslayer braum just braum. and then in game they say game_character_displayname_LeBlanc. So just wanted to get this out to riot and to see if other people are getting it? > > http://gyazo.com/85deba11ccc33f123eadcf3d76180910 > http://gyazo.com/784e7fa8e9d91d824f7baf8d58af0ef8 > http://gyazo.com/31b48038da671210e96531436ac4bc45 I would have a picture for braum but I can't start a custom game because I need two people apparently because the servers are like high capacity idk. It says the same thing as leblanc just with braum instead of leblanc.
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: happened to me just now in an aram; same problem, ping goes up; attempting to reconnect; the client is on the main screen
yep this is probably a server bug im hoping and not a client bug because if it is that'll be pretty awful
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: > [{quoted}](name=That Was Easy,realm=PBE,application-id=cMKtzQHY,discussion-id=wLLYJRVu,comment-id=00170000,timestamp=2015-05-16T16:30:49.239+0000) > > lol IT just occured to me the missed opprotunity for a Courage the Cowardly Dog joke in this instance...I'll be over here, extremely salty that I missed it
: So has any Rioter commented on the log in problem yet?
The servers are being flooded just calm down the new champion will die down in a day or so. It's not like rito can do anything about people trying to play a new champ lol.
: I was in a game, both of our teams had a Nasus, and they basically made a pact with each other to just let each other farm. I went up to gank for my Nasus, and he literally just stood there, watches me die, and than says to the other Nasus, "I'm sorry, I told him not to"
That's not being toxic that's just you being bm ;p
: Im new to pbe, still updating it now' havent played a game yet. Are there rly toxic ppl in the pbe?
It's about the same as live league it's just that it doesn't make sense how it's possible to be toxic on the PBE lol.
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: "and not think that it's just a place to goof off and try out new champs to see if you like them before you buy them on your main because that's what I've seen." nothing is wrong with people trying out new champs, and goofing off? this is a video game, playing video games is goofing off. I understand your point is that people are toxic and that's bad, but please don't confuse toxicity for first times or non-meta picks.
That's... Not what I meant, like at all. I'm was just making a statement had nothing to do with being toxic.
: "I joined before everyone else in champ select called top 4 times and Copy pasted it " Sounds like you manage to be incredibly annoying within the first fraction of a second that you interact with people. When I encounter spastic kids that spam chat with what role they want to "call" I usually just go out of my way to irritate them
I legit don't understand why this is so annoying and I'm not spastic I have ADHD and I'm not a child I'm 17 ;)
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